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Women's Studies Resources: Twentieth Century
Greenville Woman's College Daisy Chain March
Sophomore women of the Greenville Woman's College
Annual Daisy Chain March, ca. Spring 1945

Please note that items in bold are described in the Library’s online catalog and you will need to review the catalog to obtain the call number of each item. All other items are described in guides in Special Collections and Archives.

I. Manuscript and Archival Materials
  • Greenville Woman's College
  • Alumnae Collections including scrapbooks
  • Administrative Records
  • Alumni materials
  • Catalogues, digital and microfilm versions
  • Publications including social guidance brochures
  • Textbook Collection
  • Charles Hallette Judson Papers, 1853-1907, Furman Professor, President Greenville Woman's College
  • Reedy River Baptist Association minutes - comments re: role of women, 1880 to 1930
  • Thursday Club 1889-2008
  • Thursday Afternoon Club 1895-1994
  • Popular Sheet Music Collections, 20th century and Women
  • Rotary Book Club, discussion of books, places and current events, 1901 to present
  • Furman University Archives
  • Women's Dorm Council contains scrapbooks, 1920s, 1950s, and 1960s, RG 42
  • Furman Link/Campus Club Records--women's organization 1958 to present
  • Feminist Initiative
  • Laura Ebaugh Collection - Furman Sociology Professor 1935-1963, community activities and consultant for social welfare agencies
  • Olivia Futch Collection - Furman Education Professor 1938, Dean Woman's College 1950
  • Marjorie Barr O'Steen Family Collection: O'Steen wrote a column entitled "Of This and That" for the Greenville News from 1936-1963. Copies of her columns, letters, and memorabilia are included in the collection.
  • South Carolina Poetry Archives
  • Claire Bateman
  • Phebe Davidson
  • Marjory Wentworth, SC Poet Laureate
  • Watson Cook Book Collection - 20th century
  • Women's Popular Magazine Collection, 20th century
  • Scrapbook Collection, 20th century
II. Books and Published Materials
  • Chicora Clarion, 1901, published by the students of Chicora College. (Years 1901, 1902, 1904, 1912-14 available online in SC Digital Library.)
  • Chicora Clarion, 1902, published by the students of Chicora College
  • The history of human marriage, Edward Westermarck, 1903
  • Evelina: or, the history of a young lady's entrance into the world, Fanny Burney; with an introduction by Austin Dobson, 1904
  • Chicora College Catalogue, 1908-1909
  • American beauties, Harrison Fisher; decorations by E. Stetson Crawford, 1909
  • Pictorial Review, December 1912
  • Shelter and Clothing: A Textbook of the Household Arts, Helen Kinne and Anna M. Cooley, B.S., 1914
  • The Florence Crittenton home and training school of South Carolina, 1916
  • The Sexual Question: A scientific, psychological, hygienic, and sociological study, August Forel, 1924
  • The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism, Bernard Shaw, 1928
  • Good Housekeeping, August 1930
  • McCall's, September 1931
  • Pictorial Review, April 1933
  • McCall's, September 1933
  • Cosmopolitan, July 1934
  • Your carriage, madam! A guide to good posture, Janet Lane; drawings by Howard Butler, 1934
  • Ladies' Home Journal, June 1936
  • Pictorial Review combined with Delineator, June 1938
  • Greenville Hosts and Hostesses, Junior Charities, 1945
  • The American Household Encyclopedia, N.H. and S.K. Mager, 1951
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine, August 1964
  • South Carolina Women Writers, ed. James B. Meriwether, 1979
  • A history of popular women's magazines in the United States, 1792-1995 Mary Ellen Zuckerman, 1998
  • The Past in the Present, Women's Higher Education in the Twentieth-Century American South Amy Thompson McCandless, 1999
  • Academy and College: The history of the woman's college of Furman University, Judith T. Bainbridge, 2001
  • The Fan: Fashion and Femininity Unfolded, Valerie Steele, 2002
  • Her Past Around Us, Interpreting Sites for Women's History , Editor Polly Welts Kaufman, 2003
  • Southern Baptist Sisters: In search of status, 1845-2000 David T. Morgan, 2003
  • Women Writing Home, 1700-1920 Klaus Stierstorfer, 2006, 6 volume collection of women's letters from across the former British strongpire includes Africa, India, USA, Canada and others
  • Sex Goes to School; Girls and Sex Education before the 1960s, Susan K. Frestrongan, 2008 Furman Collection
  • Women Adventurers, 1750-1900: A Biographical Dictionary Mary F. McVicker, 2008
  • South Carolina Women: Their Lives and Times, volume 2, Edited by Marjorie Julian Spruill, Valinda W. Littlefield, and Joan Marie Johnson, 2009
  • South Carolina Women: Their Lives and Times, volume 3, Edited by Marjorie Julian Spruill, Valinda W. Littlefield, and Joan Marie Johnson, 2009
  • McCall's
  • Well-read lives : How Books Inspired a Generation of American Women, Barbara Sicherman, 2010
  • Encyclopedia of world dress and fashion, 10 volumes, international collection beginning with pre-history extending to present, 2010
III. Reference and Other Materials in the Main Library
  • Writing Home: American women abroad, 1830-1920 Mary Suzanne Schriber, 1997
  • Women and the Politics of Travel, 1870-1914 Monica Anderson, 2006
IV. Online Resources at Furman
V. Web Sites