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Spanish American War Resources
"Gallant Charge of American Troops at San Juan"
from Reminiscences and Thrilling Stories of the War by Returned Heroes
James Rankin Young and J. Hampton Moore, 1898

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I.Manuscript and Archival Materials
  • Admiral George Dewey manuscripts, from the South Caroliniana Primary Collection. Contains correspondence and other articles dating from 1897-1898, related to the admiral responsible for the U.S. victory in the Battle of Manila Bay.
  • Henry Bacon McKoy Scrapbook Collection, Scrapbook Three, pages 17 and 52
II. Books and Published Materials
  • Reminiscences and thrilling stories of the war by returned heroes: containing vivid accounts of personal experiences by officers and men, James Rankin Young in collaboration with J. Hampton Moore, 1898
  • The story of the Spanish-American war and the revolt in the Philippines W. Nephew King; O. O. Howard (for the army); Robley D. Evans (for the navy), 1898
  • Historical roster and itinerary of South Carolina volunteer troops who served in the late war between the United States and Spain, 1898, coupled with brief sketches of their movements from the beginning to the ending of the conflict, compiled and published by J. W. Floyd, 1901
III.Reference and Other Materials in the Main Library
  • History of the Spanish-American war: embracing a complete review of our relations with Spain, Henry Watterson, 1898, General Collection
  • Admiral Dewey at Manila and the complete story of the Philippines: life and glorious deeds of Admiral George Dewey, including a thrilling account of our conflicts with the Spaniards and Filipinos in the Orient, Joseph L. Stickney, 1899, General Collection
  • History up to date: a concise account of the war of 1898 between the United States and Spain, its causes and the treaty of Paris, William A. Johnston, 1899 (1908 printing), General Collection
  • The relations of the United States and Spain: the Spanish-American War, French Ensor Chadwick, 1911, General Collection
  • The martial spirit; a study of our war with Spain, Walter Millis, 1931, General Collection
  • The splendid little war, Frank Burt Freidel, 1958, General Collection
  • America's road to empire; the war with Spain and overseas expansion, H. Wayne Morgan, 1965, General Collection
  • The Spanish-American War, R.A. Alger, 1971, General Collection
  • 1898 [i.e. Mil ochocientos noventa y ocho], Fernando Díaz Plaja, 1976, General Collection
  • Response to imperialism: the United States and the Philippine-American War, 1899-1902, Richard E. Welch, Jr, 1979, General Collection
  • The war with Spain in 1898, David F. Trask, 1891, General Collection
  • The Spanish-American War and President McKinley, Lewis L. Gould, 1982, General Collection
  • Crucible of empire: the Spanish-American War & its aftermath, edited by James C. Bradford, 1993, General Collection
  • Teddy Roosevelt at San Juan: the making of a president, Peggy Samuels and Harold Samuels, 1997, General Collection
  • First great triumph : how five Americans made their country a world power, Warren Zimmermann, 2002, General Collection
  • Uncle Sam's War of 1898 and the origins of globalization, Thomas Schoonover; foreword by Walter LaFeber, 2003, General Collection
  • War and genocide in Cuba, 1895-1898, John Lawrence Tone, 2006, General Collection
  • Power and progress: American national identity, the War of 1898, and the rise of American imperialism, Paul T. McCartney, 2006, General Collection
  • Inside the Spanish-American War: a history based on first-person accounts, James M. McCaffrey, 2009, General Collection
  • Historical dictionary of the Spanish American War, Donald H. Dyal; with the editorial assistance of Brian B. Carpenter and Mark A. Thomas; advisory editor, James S. Olson, 1996, Reference Collection
  • Encyclopedia of the Spanish-American & Philippine-American wars, Jerry Keenan, 2001, Reference Collection
IV. Online Resources at Furman
V. Web Sites