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The materials listed on this page are specifically related to the U.S. Civil War, 1861-1865; for the period of Reconstruction (1865-1877) following the Civil War, please visit this page: Reconstruction Resources.

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I. Manuscript and Archival
II. Books and Published Materials
19th Century
  • Four years in Secession : adventures within and beyond the Union lines ; embracing a great variety of facts, incidents, and romance ... Junius Henri Browne, special war correspondent of the New York Tribune
  • An inquiry into the accordancy of war with the principles of Christianity, Jonathan Dymond. With a dedication to Sunday school teachers and scholars, and notes, by Thomas Smith Grimké, 1834
  • Rifle and light infantry tactics: for the exercise and manoeuvres of troops when acting as light infantry or riflemen prepared under the direction of the War Department, W.J. Hardee, 1856; taken from a Union soldier on the battlefield at Stonebridge by John T. Donaldson (see inscription)
  • Infantry tactics: or, Rules for the exercise and manœuvres of the United States' Infantry, Major-General Scott, 1858; taken from a Union soldier on the battlefield at Stonebridge by John T. Donaldson (see inscription)
  • The Connecticut Courant newspaper, May 12, 1860. Article, “The Seceders Convention” – describes the attendees and events of the 1860 Democratic Presidential convention held in Charleston, SC.
  • The Connecticut Courant newspaper, May 12, 1860. Article, “Speculations” – Discusses the Democratic Presidential candidate Stephen A. Douglas, and the affect of Southern voters on the Democratic party.
  • Charleston Daily Courier newspaper, May 17, 1860. “Letter from Howell Cobb”- Congressman and Secessionist Howell Cobb’s opinions on the Union.
  • New-York Tribune newspaper, February 19, 1862. Article, “Light on the Slavery Question. The Negroes in South Carolina. Report of a Government Agent” – Report written on the liberated Sea Island slaves of South Carolina and their treatment from the Union Army by Edward L. Pierce.
  • New-York Tribune newspaper, February 19, 1862. Article, “The Negroes at Port Royal” – References the report by Edward L. Pierce and provides some details on the Sea Island slaves.
  • New-York Tribune newspaper, February 19, 1862. Article, “Slavery Agitation –Shall it be stopped!” – Article arguing against reconciliation with the Confederacy before victory, because the institution of slavery led to agitation and social disruption.
  • New-York Tribune newspaper, February 19, 1862. Article, “The Latest War News” – Victory at Fort Donelson and rumors of Confederate movements.
  • New-York Tribune newspaper, February 19, 1862. Article, “The Sinews of War” – The House of Representatives voting on funding for the Union military.
  • New-York Tribune newspaper, February 19, 1862. Article, “West Virginia” – Western Virginia wanting to separate and join the union.
  • New-York Tribune newspaper, February 19, 1862. “The War For the Union”, “The Donelson Victory”, “The Union Flag in Arkansas”.
  • New-York Tribune newspaper, February 19, 1862. Article “From Fortress Monroe”- reporting on Fort Monroe in Virginia and the surrender of Savannah.
  • New-York Tribune newspaper, February 19, 1862. Article “Army and Navy”
  • The Ordnance manual for the use of the officers of the Confederate States Army, prepared under the direction of Col. J. Gorgas, 1863
  • The Prisoner of State, D.A. Mahony, 1863, Mahony was the Democratic editor of the Dubuque, Iowa Herald arrested w/o explanation by the U.S. War Department in 1862. Mahony describes the persecution of Lincoln's dissenters and conditions of political prisoners.
  • Prisoner of State [Union Prisoner of War], D.A. Mahony, 1863
  • Three months in the Southern States, Arthur J.L. Fremantle, British citizen traveling in the South, April-June 1863
  • The Confederate Baptist re: prisons and prisoners July and Dec. 1863; April, June, and Dec. 1864
  • Reports of the Committee on the Conduct of the War: Fort Pillow Massacre; Returned Prisoners, House of Representatives, 1864
  • The Rebellion Record: a diary of American events, with documents, narratives, illustrative incidents, poetry editor by Frank Moore, 1861-1865
  • The early life, campaigns, and public services of Robert E. Lee, by a distinguished southern journalist J. H. Hummel, 1870
  • A Life of Gen. Robert E. Lee, John Esten Cooke, 1871
  • A tour of Reconstruction: travel letters of 1875, Philadelphia orator Anna Dickinson's tour of the Reconstruction South, edited by J. Matthew Gallman, 2011
  • Confederate view of the treatment of prisoners, Rev. J. William Jones, D. D., secretary Southern Historical Society 1876
  • Advance and retreat. Personal experiences in the United States and Confederate States armies, J. B. Hood Published for the Hood Orphan Memorial Fund [by] G. T. Beauregard, 1880
  • Reminiscences of the War, C. J. Wood, 1880
  • American Bastile: A History of the Illegal Arrests and Imprisonment of American Citizens in the Northern and Border States on Account of Their Political Opinions During the Late Civil War (2 volumes), John A. Marshall and John A. O'Neill,1883(reprinted)
  • The Palmetto Riflemen, James A. Hoyt, 1885
  • France and the Confederate Navy, John Bigelow, 1888
  • The Defense of Charleston Harbor, John Johnson, 1890
  • Letters Acknowledging Receipt of Gov. Benjamin Franklin Perry’s “Letters to his Wife", Mrs. B. F. Perry, 1891
  • The Confederate soldier in the Civil War, 1861-1865 prefaced by a eulogy by Major-General Fitzhugh Lee ; edited by Ben LaBree, c.1894
20th Century
  • Destruction and reconstruction: personal experiences of the late war, by Richard Taylor, 1900
  • Poems of Henry Timrod, 1901
  • Sketches and Reminiscences, Joshua Hilary Hudson, 1903
  • Recollections and Letters of General Lee, R.E. Lee, 1904
  • Butler and His Cavalry in the War of Secession, 1861-1865, U.R. Brooks, 1909
  • Reminiscences of a Private, Frank M. Mixson, 1910
  • Memoirs of the War of Secession, Johnson Hagood, 1910
  • Echoes and Etchings, E.M. Wilkes, 1910
  • The Photographic History of the Civil War, Vol. 1, 1911 - DLL office
  • South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service, vols. 1-3, A.S. Salley, 1930
  • The last parade; an editorial by Douglas S. Freeman from "Richmond news leader" of Friday, June twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and thirty-two, the last day of the forty-second annual reunion of the United confederate veterans,, Douglas S. Freeman, 1932
  • Columbia, 1786-1936, ed. Helen Kohn Hennig, 1936
  • Robert E. Lee, the West Pointer, by Charles Dudley Rhodes ... including Stratford hall, by Mrs. Robert Scott Spilman, and the lineage and career of Robert E. Lee by George S. Wallace; illustrations by J.F. De Young, 1937
  • The Last Years of Henry Timrod: 1864-1867, Jay B. Hubbell, 1941
  • Benjamin F. Perry: South Carolina Unionist, Lillian Adele Kibler, 1946
  • The Private Journal of Henry William Ravenel, 1859-1887, ed. Arney Robinson Childs, 1947
  • Lee in the Mountains and Other Poems, Donald Davidson, 1949
  • Belvidere, A Plantation Memory, Anne Sinkler Fishburne, 1949
  • South Carolina Goes to War, 1860-1865, Charles Edward Cauthen, 1950
  • The Confederacy: based on music of the South during the years 1861-65, Richard Bales; produced by Goddard Lieberson; with essays by Bruce Catton and Clifford Dowdey, 1950
  • The history of a brigade of South Carolinians, known first as "Gregg's" and subsequently as "McGowan's brigade" J.F.J. Caldwell, 1951
  • A Confederate surgeon's letters to his wife Spencer Glasgow Welch, 1954
  • Fourteen Hundred and 91 Days in the Confederate Army, W.W. Heartsill, ed. Bell Irvin Wiley, 1951
  • The Road to Appomattox, Bell Irvin Wiley, 1956
  • The Cokers of Carolina, a Social Biography of a Family, George Lee Simpson, 1956
  • Remembrances of the Civil War: the notebook of John F. Lanneau, Captain, Brooks Troop, Hampton Legion, South Carolina, June 1861- June 1862, compiled by the late Donald H. Sage, 1960
  • Sherman's March: a Review, ed. William Light Kinney, Jr., 1960
  • Department of the South: Hilton Head Island in the Civil War, Robert Carse, 1961
  • Over Their Dead Bodies: Yankee Epitaphs & History, Thomas C. Mann and Janet Greene, 1962
  • Henry Timrod, Edd Winfield Parks, 1964
  • The Collected Poems of Henry Timrod, Edd Winfield Parks, 1965
  • The Verse of Floride Clemson, ed. Harriet R. Holman, 1965
  • The Siege of Charleston, 1861-1865, E. Milby Burton, 1970
  • The Land and the People: An American Heritage, Margaret Green Devereaux, 1974
  • Mary Boykin Chesnut's South: an Anthology, University of South Carolina Southern Studies Program, 1977
  • James L. Orr and the Sectional Conflict, Roger P. Leemhuis, 1979
  • The Writings of Benjamin F. Perry, Stephen Meats and Edwin T. Arnold, 1980
  • Southern bronze: Capt. Garden's (S.C.) Artillery Company during the War between the States, Glenn Dedmondt, 1993
  • Photographic atlas of civil war injuries: photographs of surgical cases and specimens, Otis Historical Archives, edited by Bradley P. Bengtson & Julian E. Kuz; foreword by Michael Rhode, 1996
  • South Carolina's African American Confederate pensioners, 1923-1925, Alexia Jones Helsley, 1998
21st Century
  • Abstracts of Extant Greenville, South Carolina, Newspapers Concerning Black People, Free and Slave, 1826-1865, Anne K. McCuen, 2000
  • A Fire-Eater Remembers: The Confederate Memoir of Robert Barnwell Rhett, edited William C. Davis, 2000
  • Furman University students of Confederate age, [compiled by] Robert K. Krick, 2001
  • A History of the 15th South Carolina Infantry, 1861-1865, James B. Clary, 2007
  • Confederate Soldier's Eloquent War, A, Annotation by Mickey Beckham, 2008
  • Bold Cautious True: Walt Whitman and American Art of the Civil War Era, Kevin Sharp, 2009
  • South Carolina Women: Their Lives and Times, volume 2, Edited by Marjorie Julian Spruill, Valinda W. Littlefield, and Joan Marie Johnson, 2009
  • Knights of the Quill: Confederate Correspondents and their Civil War Reporting, Patricia G. McNeely, Debra Reddin van Tuyll, and Henry H. Schulte, 2010
  • Among the pines: or, South in secession-time, Edmund Kirke (pseudonym of James R. Gilmore), 1862
  • Miss Ravenel's conversion from secession to loyalty, J. W. De Forest, 1867
  • Manassas: a novel of the war, Upton Sinclair, 1923
  • Recasting : "Gone with the wind" in American culture, edited by Darden Asbury Pyron, 1983
  • Royston: a historical novel, Helen Bryant, 1986
  • Under two flags, Helen Barry, 1991
  • Southern daughter: the life of Margaret Mitchell, Darden Asbury Pyron, 1991
  • Voices over water, Ann Herlong-Bodman, 2004
III. Microfilm in General Collection
  • James Dawkins papers, 1785-1843; 1861-1862
IV. Online Resources at Furman
V. Web Sites