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United States Maps
16th Century
  • Poster featuring copy of Map of Florida from Le Moyne, Brevis narratio, 1591. Poster for "Florida Centennial 1845-1945" exhibition from the Library of Congress, 1945. Call No. G3930 1591 .L4 1945
18th Century
  • The English empire in America, Newfound-land, Canada, Hudsons Bay, &c. in plano, Call No. G3320 1713 .M6
  • George Hunter's map of the Cherokee country and the path thereto in 1730, Call No. F266 .S48 no.4
  • A map of the British American plantations : extending from Boston in New England to Georgia ; including all the back settlements in the respective provinces, as far as the Mississippi, Possibly from the Gentleman’s Magazine, July 1754, Call No. G3321.J1 1754 .B6
  • Cultural activity, religious congregations, 1775-1776, Call No. G3709.31.E4 1776 .C6 1976
  • George Roger Clark’s March from Kaskaskia to Vincennes (Illinois area), 1779, Call No. PZ8.3.C195 Bo 1972
19th Century
  • Southern Provinces of the United States: Drawn and engraved for Thomson’s New General Atlas, Features an image entitled “Characteristic Scenery of the Hudson River”, 1817, Call No. G3860 1817 .T56
  • Notes on a journey in America, from the coast of Virginia to the territory of Illinois, March 2, 1818, Call No. F516 .B63 1818
  • Map of Florida by H.S. Tanner, 1827, Call No. G3930 1827 .T36
  • Diamond railroad map of the northern states, 1865-1866?, Call No. G3711 .P3 1865 .D5
20th Century
  • Map of the United States, “Atlas of the World [U.S. Acquisitions],” 1900, Call No. G3700 .A74 1900
  • Rand McNally official 1922 auto trails map. District number 20, southern Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Southern Maryland, southern Delaware, North Carolina, northern South Carolina, northern Georgia, E. Tennessee, E. Kentucky, 1922, Call No. G3860 1921 .R36
  • Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia. National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C., 1925, Call No. G3840 1925 .N3
  • Louisiana. National Geographic Society, 1930, Call No. G4010 1930 .N32
  • The White Mountains of New Hampshire. National Geographic Society, 1937, Call No. G3742.W52 1937 .N3
  • Travel Map of Baptist Historical Sites, 1975, Call No. G3701.E423 1975 .T7
  • Polk County, North Carolina, Call No. G3903.P8 2005 P6
  • Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridoinalis, Call No. G3290 1732 .H6 1970
  • Virginiae Item et Floridae, Call No. G3870 1606.H6 1970
  • Captain John Smith’s Map of Virginia, Call No. G3880 1624.S62 1972
  • Carte de la campagne en Virginie du Major Général Mis. de la Fayette ou se trouvent le campe et marches ainsy que ceux du Lieutent. Général Lord Cornwallis en 1781, (2 parts), Call No. G3881.S3 1781 .C3 1961
  • Indian Reservations West of the Mississippi River, Call No. G4051.G6 1919 .G4
  • A Map of the States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia… (copy) Compiled from late surveys & observations by Joseph Purcell, Call No. G3870 1792.P87 1968
  • [Carte de la nouvelle France : où se voit le cours des grandes rivieres de S. Laurens & de Mississipi aujour d'hui S. Louis ... de la Floride, de la Louisiane, de la Virginie, de la Marie-lande, de la Pensilvanie, du Nouveau Jersay, de la Nouvelle Yorck, de la Nouv. Angleterre, de l'Acadie, du Canada.] French map of east coast of America and Canada, (pre-American Revolution), Call No. G3300 1719 .C5 1970
  • 100 Years in the Region of the Great Lakes : Oglebay, Norton & Company from 1854, Call No. G3711 .A5 1954 .G7
  • A Map of the sources of the Colorado & Big Salt Lake, Platte, Yellow-Stone, Muscle-Shell, Missouri & Salmon & Snake rivers, Call No. G4340 1914 .M3
  • A map of the original allotments of land and the ancient topography of Watertown (proper), MA, Call No. G3764.W3 1855 .B6
United States Maps from the Winston C. Babb Collection

Please note that the following maps are not in the university catalog.

  • "The United States of America," 1946, National Geographic
  • “Historical Map of the United States,” 1953, National Geographic
  • “A Pictorial Map of Life in Colonial America,” 1957, Esso gas stations
  • "Southeastern United States," 1958
  • "Map of Historic Routes" (United States), ca. 1960, Esso gas stations
  • John Smith’s map of Virginia, 1612 (facsimile, Rand McNally, ca. 1960)
  • "United States: Washington to Boston," 1962