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Plan of Charles Town, 1704, by Edward Crisp
In Narratives of Early Carolina, 1650-1708

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I. Manuscript and Archival
  • The Richard Furman Collection: contains correspondence, sermons, address, and written works by Richard Furman dating from 1777 to 1825, as well as biographical information and artifacts.
  • The Oliver Hart Collection: the majority of the collected papers of Oliver Hart are photocopies of diaries, correspondences, and engagement lists from his time as pastor of the Charleston Baptist Church, dating from 1754 to 1809.
  • The Edmund Botsford Family Collection: contains Botsford's personal diary from the years 1769-1770.
  • South Carolina Historical Baptist Church Records: includes microfilmed records of Baptist churches founded between 1751 and 1775.
  • The South Carolina Map Collection: contains maps of the Carolinas from throughout the 18th century.
  • The United States Map Collection: contains maps of the American colonies from throughout the 18th century.
II. Books and Published Materials
The Carolinas
  • The Land Called Chicora: the Carolinas Under Spanish Rule with French Intrusions, 1520-1670 Paul Quattlebaum, 1956
  • Records of the Secretary of the Province and the Register of the Province of South Carolina, 1671-1675, ed. A.S. Salley, 1944
  • Journal of the Commons House of Assembly of South Carolina, November 2, 1695-November 28, 1695, ed. A.S. Salley, 1943
  • Narratives of Early Carolina, 1650-1708, ed. A.S. Salley, 1911
  • History of South Carolina Under the Proprietary Government, 1670-1719, Edward McCrady, 1897
  • The southern frontier, 1670-1732, Verner W. Crane, 1928
  • South Carolina Silversmiths, 1690-1860, E. Milby Burton, 1968
  • Charleston Furniture, 1700-1825, E. Milby Burton, 1970
  • Lawson's History of North Carolina, John Lawson (1674-1711), ed. Frances Latham Harriss, 1937
  • A Narrative of the Proceedings of the People of South Carolina in the Year 1719: and of the true causes and motives that induced them to renounce their obedience to the Lords Proprietors, as their governors, and to put themselves under the immediate government of the crown, 1726
  • History of South Carolina Under the Royal Government, 1719-1776, Edward McCrady, 1899
  • Letters and Recollections of George Washington: Being letters to Tobias Lear and others between 1790 and 1799, showing the first American In the Management of his estate and domestic affairs. With a diary of Washington's last days, kept by Mr. Lear, 1932
  • Journal of the Commons House of Assembly of South Carolina, June 2, 1724-June 16, 1724, ed. A.S. Salley, 1944
  • The South Carolina gazette, 1732-1775, Helen Hennig Kohn, 1953
  • Death Notices in the South-Carolina Gazette, 1732-1775, ed. A.S. Salley, 1917
  • An Essay on Currency, printed and sold by Lewis Timothe, 1734; facsimile compiled by A.S. Salley
  • The Letterbook of Eliza Lucas Pinckney, 1739-1762, ed. Elise Pinckney, 1972
  • A chapter on the colonial history of the Carolinas, William J. Rivers, 1885
  • The land and the people: an American heritage, Margaret Green Devereux, in collaboration with Halcott Pride Green, Jr., 1974
  • The Life of Henry Laurens, David Duncan Wallace, 1915
  • Plantations of the Carolina Low Country, Samuel Gaillard Stoney, 1939
  • The early ironwork of Charleston, Alston Deas; illustrated by Richard J. Bryan; introduction by Albert Simons, F.A.I.A, 1941
  • A history of the College of Charleston, J.H. Easterby, 1935
  • The South Carolina Regulators, Richard Maxwell Brown, 1963
Other Colonies
  • The Whole & True Discouerye of Terra Florida, Jean Ribaut (1520-1565), ed. Jeannette Thurber Conner, 1927
  • Colonial Records of Spanish Florida: Volume I 1550-1557, Jeannette Thurber Connor, 1925
  • The Spanish Settlements Within the Present Limits of the United States, volume 1: 1513-1561, Woodbury Lowery, 1901
  • The Spanish Settlements Within the Present Limits of the United States, volume 2: Florida, 1562-1574, Woodbury Lowery, 1905
  • The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer isles: with the names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from their first beginning, Ano: 1584, to this present 1624. With the Proceedings of those Severall Colonies and the Accidents that befell them in all their Journyes and Discoveries. Also the Maps and Descriptions of all those Countryes, their Commodities, people, Government, Customes, and Religion yet knowne. Divided into sixe Bookes. By Captaine Iohn Smith sometymes Governour in those Countryes & Admirall of New England, John Smith, 1624
  • The English empire in America, Newfound-land, Canada, Hudsons Bay, &c. in plano, Herman Moll, 1713 (Map)
  • History of the colonization of the United States, vols. 2 and 3, George Bancroft, 1838-1857
  • Dames and daughters of colonial days, Geraldine Brooks, 1900
  • An appeal from the judgments of Great Britain respecting the United States of America. Part first, containing an historical outline of their merits and wrongs as colonies; and strictures upon the calumnies of the British writer, Robert Walsh Jr., 1819
  • A History of the South: the complete story from Jamestown settlement to the present, Francis Butler Simkins, 1953
  • Over Their Dead Bodies: Yankee Epitaphs & History, Thomas C. Mann and Janet Greene, 1962
  • History and fiction: the presence of imaginative discourse in some historical narratives of colonial Spanish America, David Herbert Bost, 1982
  • The Dutchman's fireside: a tale, James Kirke Paulding, 1831
  • The rangers; or, The Tory's daughter. A tale, illustrative of the revolutionary history of Vermont, and the northern campaign of 1777, Daniel P. Thompson, 1851
  • The partisan: a romance of the Revolution, William Gilmore Simms, 1853
  • The forayers; or, The raid of the dog-days, William Gilmore Simms, 1855
  • The cassique of Kiawah: a colonial romance, William Gilmore Simms, 1859
  • Vasconselos: a romance of the New world, William Gilmore Simms, 1888
  • The Carolinians: an old-fashioned love story of stirring times in the early colony of Carolina, Annie L. Sloan, 1904
  • Hugh Wynne, free Quaker: sometime brevet lieutenant-colonel on the staff of His Excellency, General Washington, S. Weir Mitchell; with illustrations by Howard Pyle, 1909
  • Colonial spy, M.C. Beckham, 2005
III. Microfilm in General Collection
  • Ill newes from New England, or, A narative [sic] of New-Englands persecution: wherein is declared that while old England is becouming new, New-England is become old ; also four proposals to the honoured Parliament and Councel of State, touching the way to propagate the gospel of Christ (with small charge and great safety) both in old England and New ; also four conclusions touching the faith and order of the gospel of Christ out of his last will and testament, confirmed and justified, John Clark, 1652
IV. Reference and Other Materials in the Main Library
  • The American colonies and the British Empire, 1607-1783, editor, Steven Sarson; consulting editor, Jack P. Greene; 2010-2011, Reference Collection
  • Books on early American history and culture, 1961-1970: an annotated bibliograph, Raymond D. Irwin, 2007, Reference Collection
  • Historical atlas of the United States: with original maps, Derek Hayes, 2007, Reference Collection
  • Encyclopedia of women and religion in North America, edited by Rosemary Skinner Keller and Rosemary Radford Ruether; associate editor, Marie Cantlon, 2006, Reference Collection
  • Colonial America: an encyclopedia of social, political, cultural, and economic history, edited by James Ciment, 2006, Reference Collection
  • Architecture and town planning in colonial North America, James D. Kornwolf, with the assistance of Georgiana W. Kornwolf, 2002, Reference Collection
  • American military leaders: from colonial times to the present, John C. Fredriksen, 1999, Reference Collection
  • Colonial America to 1763, Thomas L. Purvis, 1999, Reference Collection
  • The Encyclopedia of colonial and revolutionary America, general editor, John Mack Faragher, 1990, Reference Collection
  • Church and state in America: a bibliographical guide, edited by John F. Wilson, 1987, Reference Collection
V. Online Resources at Furman
VI. Web Sites