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Appleton's Illustrated Hand-Book of American Travel

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I. Manuscript and Archival

  • John L. Plyler, Jr. Postcard Collection: postcards from 41 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Diane Hopkins-Hughs Collection: contains National Geographic magazines from 1960 through 1991 describing various aspects of American history and geography.
  • Robert Tucker Collection: slides of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Texas from 1975-1981; slides of Alaska from 1986; postcards from 1970-1984 from Hawaii, Jackson, Wyoming, and Dulles International Airport; and handwritten travelogues from Alaska, Hawaii, and the western United States.
I. Books and Published Materials

  • The Norse Discovery of America, Paul H. Chapman, 1981
  • New travels in the United States of America, performed in 1788, J.P. Brissot de Warville, 1792
  • Early western travels, 1748-1846; a series of annotated reprints of some of the best and rarest contemporary volumes of travel .... during the period of early American settlement, Reuben Gold Thwaites, 1904
  • A view of the soil and climate of the United States of America: with supplementary remarks upon Florida; on the French colonies on the Mississippi and Ohio, and in Canada; and on the aborigial tribes of America; with maps and plates, C.F. Volney, 1804
  • Travels through Canada, and the United States of North America, in the years 1806, 1807, & 1808: to which are added biographical notices and anecdotes of some of the leading characters in the United States, John Lambert, 1814
  • Notes on a journey in America, from the coast of Virginia to the territory of Illinois, Morris Birkbeck, 1818
  • A year's residence in the United States of America, William Cobbett, 1819
  • Remarks made during a tour through the United States of America, in the years 1817, 1818, and 1819, William Tell Harris, in a series of letters to friends in England, 1821
  • Travels in North America, in the years 1827 and 1828, Captain Basil Hall, 1830
  • Impressions of America during the years 1833, 1834, and 1835, Tyrone Power, 1836
  • The poetry of travelling in the United States, Caroline Gilman. With additional sketches, by a few friends; and a week among autographs by Rev. S. Gilman, 1838
  • Retrospect of western travel, Harriet Martineau, 1838
  • Society, manners and politics in the United States: being a series of letters on North America, Michael Chevalier, 1839
  • Travels in North America during the years 1834, 1835 & 1836, including a summer residence with the Pawnee tribe of Indians in the remote prairies of the Missouri and a visit to Cuba and the Azore Islands, 1839
  • America, historical, statistic, and descriptive, J.S. Buckingham, 1841
  • Travels in North America, in the years 1841-2: with geological observations on the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia, Charles Lyell, 1845
  • America and the American people, Frederick von Raumer, 1849
  • The western world; or, Travels in the United States in 1846-47: exhibiting them in their latest development, social, political and industrial, including a chapter on California, Alex. Mackay, 1849
  • Letters of a traveller: or, Notes of things seen in Europe and America, William Cullen Bryant, 1850
  • Hurry-graphs: or, Sketches of scenery, celebrities and society, taken from life, N. Parke Willis, 1851
  • Travels in the United States, etc.: during 1849 and 1850, Lady Emmeline Stuart Wortley, 1851
  • The homes of the New world: impressions of America, Fredrika Bremer; translated by Mary Howitt, 1853
  • American scenery: illustrated, T. Addison Richards, 1854
  • Fifty years in both hemispheres: or, Reminiscences of the life of a former merchant, Vincent Nolte, 1856
  • Men and times of the Revolution; or, Memoirs of Elkanah Watson, including journals of travels in Europe and America, from 1777 to 1842, with his correspondence with public men and reminiscences and incidents of the Revolution, edited by his son, Winslow C. Watson, 1856
  • Rachel and the New World: A Trip to the United States and Cuba, Leon Beauvallet, 1856
  • Ten years residence in the United States, D. W. Mitchell, 1862
  • North America, Anthony Trollope, 1862
  • The republican court: or, American society in the days of Washington, Rufus Wilmot Griswold, 1868
  • A tour of Reconstruction: travel letters of 1875, Anna Dickinson, edited by J. Matthew Gallman, 2011
  • Our New Possessions: A Graphic Account, Descriptive and Historical, of the Tropic Islands of the Sea which have fallen under our sway, their cities, peoples, and commerce, natural resources and the opportunities they offer to Americans, Trumbull White, 1898 [the Philippine Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Hawaiian Islands]
  • Audubon's western journal: 1849-1850; being the ms. record of a trip from New York to Texas, and an overland journey through Mexico and Arizona to the gold fields of California, by John W. Audubon, with biographical memoir by his daughter, Maria R. Audubon; introduction, notes, and index by Frank Heywood Hodder with folded map, portrait, and original drawings, 1906
  • What to see in America, Clifton Johnson, 1919
  • The Travels of William Bartram, William Bartram, ed. Mark Van Doren, 1928
  • The States through Irish eyes, E. . Somerville ... illustrated by the author, 1930
  • My American friends, L.P. Jacks, 1933
  • Pilgrim father: being the adventures of an English family in America through the great depression, 1934
  • America after sixty years; the travel diaries of two generations of Englishmen, M. Philips Price, 1936
  • Say, is this the U.S.A., Erskine Caldwell and Margaret Bourke-White, 1941
  • John Muir's Wild America, by Tom Melham, Photographed by Farrell Grehan, 1976
  • The American South: Towns & Cities, William A. Bake and James J. Kilpatrick, 1982
  • Traveling women : Narrative visions of early America, Susan Clair Imbarrato, 2006
  • Women & children first: nineteenth-century sea narratives & American identity, Robin Miskolcze, 2007
  • The lily and the totem, or, The Huguenots in Florida: a series of sketches, picturesque and historical, of the colonies of Coligni in North America, 1562-1570, William Gilmore Simms, 1850
  • The Virginia comedians: or, Old days in the Old Dominion, John Esten Cooke, 1854
  • Richard Hurdis, a tale of Alabama, William Gilmore Simms, 1855
  • Charlemont, or, The pride of the village: a tale of Kentucky, William Gilmore Simms, 1856
  • Border beagles, a tale of Mississippi, William Gilmore Simms, 1882
  • The prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains, Charles Egbert Craddock (pseudonym of Mary Noailles Murfree), 1885
  • The story of Keedon bluffs, Charles Egbert Craddock (pseudonym of Mary Noailles Murfree), 1888
  • Colonel Carter of Cartersville, F. Hopkinson Smith, with illustrations by E. W. Kemble and the author, 1891
  • In Buncombe county, Maria Louise Pool, 1896
  • Appalachian shepherd; a story of religion in the southern Appalachians, Garland A. Hendricks. Foreword by W. D. Weatherford, 1965
II. Materials Covering Multiple Categories
  • Historic Textbook Collections, 19th century and 20th century
  • Nineteenth-Century Travels, Explorations and Empires: Writings from the Era of Imperial Consolidation, 1835-1910, Vol. 2 North America , Edited Susan Schoenbauer, 2003
  • Literature of travel and exploration: an Encyclopedia, Jennifer Speake, editor, bibliographies and historiographies
  • The Norton book of travel, editor Paul Fussell, 1987 travel writing of notable authors
  • Return passages: great American travel writing, 1780-1910 Larzer Ziff
  • The Mind of the Traveler : From Gilgamesh to global tourism, Eric J. Leed
  • Women Writing Home, 1700-1920 Klaus Stierstorfer, 2006, 6 volume collection of women's letters from across the former British Empire includes Africa, India, USA, Canada and others
  • Women Adventurers, 1750-1900: A Biographical Dictionary Mary F. McVicker, 2008
  • The Working Christian/The Baptist Courier 1869 to present
  • "The paradox of Gaze and Resistance in Native American Cultural Tourism: An Alaskan Case Study," Alexis Celeste Bunten, 2008. In Great Expectations: Imagination and Anticipation in Tourism, edited by Jonathan Skinner and Dimitros Theodossopoulos, 2011.
III. Reference and Other Materials in the Main Library
  • Abroad In America: Visitors to the New Nation, 1776-1914, Ed. Marc Pachter, 1976
  • American Notes, 1842, Charles Dickens, 1970
  • American Notes and Pictures From Italy, Charles Dickens, 1974
  • The Americans In Their Moral, Social and Political Relations, Robert F. Berkhofer, Jr., 1968.
  • The Eyes of Discovery; The Pageant of North American As Seen By the First Explorers, 1961
  • Henry Wansey and His American Journal, 1794, Ed. David John Jeremy, 1970
  • Journal de Mon Voyage d'Amerique, Louis Philippe,1977
  • Journey to America, Alexis de Tocqueville, tr. George Lawrence, 1960
  • Luigi Castiglioni's Viaggio = Travels in the United States of North America, 1785-87, 1983
  • Men and Manners in America, Thomas Hamilton, 1968 reprint
  • The New Democracy in America; Travels of Francisco de Miranda in the United States, 1783-84, tr. Judson P. Wood, 1963
  • Society in America, Harriet Martineau, 1966
  • Tocqueville in America, George Wilson Pierson, 1969
  • A Tour in the United States of America, John Ferdinand Smyth Stuart, 1968 reprint
  • Travels in the Confederation, 1783-1784, Johann David Schoepf, 1968
  • The Western World; Or, Travels in the United States in 1846-47, Alexander Mackay, 1968 reprint
  • America and the American Church, Henry Caswall, 1969 reprint
  • The First Japanese Mission to America (1860)[Being a diary kept by a member of the embassy], 1860
  • An Irishman in Dixie: Thomas Conolly's Diary of the Fall of the Confederacy, ed. Nelson D. Lankford, 1988
  • Mathew Brady's Portrait of an Era, Roy Meredith, 1982
  • Spectator of America, Edward Dicey, 1971
  • Travels Between the Hudson and The Mississippi, 1851-1852, Moritz Busch, tr. Norman H. Binger, 1971
  • Travels in America, 1851-1855: Based On Resa Till Amerika, Rosalie Roos, tr. Carl L. Anderson, 1982
  • From Scotland to Silverado, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edited by James D. Hart, 19606, General Collection
  • Across the plains: with other memories and essays, by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1892, Microform
  • Pandita Ramabai's American encounter : the peoples of the United States (1889), Pandita Ramabai, translated and edited by Meera Kosambi, 2000, General Collection
  • The American scene, Henry James, Introd. and notes by Leon Edel, 1968, General Collection
  • Great Women Travel Writers: from 1750 to the present, editor Alba Amoia and Bettina L. Knapp, 2005, General Collection
  • Encyclopedia of Exploration, 4 volumes, 4th volume 1850-1940, editor John Raymond Howgego, 2003-2008, Reference Collection
  • Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing, editor, Kelly Boyd, Reference Collection
  • The mapping of North America : a list of printed maps Philip D. Burden, Reference Collection
  • The log from the Sea of Cortez; the narrative portion of the book, Sea of Cortez, by John Steinbeck and E. F. Ricketts, 1941, here reissued with a profile, "About Ed Ricketts", John Steinbeck, 1951, General Collection
  • Travels with Charley; in search of America, John Steinbeck, 1962, General Collection
  • Traveling Women: narrative visions of early America, Susan Clair Imbarrato, 2006
IV. Online Resources at Furman