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Travel Literature: England, Scotland, and Wales
A Map of Central London
A Map of Central London

Please note that items in bold are described in the Library's online catalog and you will need to review the catalog to obtain the call number of each item. Other items are described in guides in Special Collections and Archives.

I. Manuscript and Archival
  • Marjorie Barr O'Steen Family Collection: from June to July of 1959 O'Steen took a trip to Europe where she visited England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Switzerland, Italy, and France. The collection contains correspondence and memorabilia from those travels.
  • John L. Plyer, Jr. Postcard Collection: contains mid-twentieth century postcards from England, Scotland, and Wales.
  • Diane Hopkins-Hughs Collection: contains National Geographic magazines from 1961 through 1983 describing various aspects of British politics, cultures, and geography.
  • Robert Tucker Collection: guidebooks, travel pamphlets, maps, postcards, and a handwritten travelogue from Robert Tucker's 1970 travels in England and Scotland.
II. Books and Published Materials
18th Century
  • A journey to the Western islands of Scotland, Samuel Johnson, 1775
19th Century
  • The History of England, Vol. I, Thomas Babington Macauley, 1800
  • The History of England, Vol. II, Thomas Babington Macauley, 1800
  • The History of England, Vol. III, Thomas Babington Macauley, 1800
  • The picture of London, for 1804: being a correct guide to all the curiosities, amusements, exhibitions, public establishments, and remarkable objects, in and near London: with a collection of appropriate tables, two large maps, and several views, John Feltham, 1804; owned by James C. Furman
  • The beauties of Wiltshire : displayed in statistical, historical, and descriptive sketches ; interspersed with anecdotes of the arts, John Britton, 1801-1825
  • The women of England : their social duties and domestic habits, Sarah Stickney Ellis, 1844
  • Black's picturesque tourist and road and railway guide book through England and Wales. With a general traveling map; charts of roads, railroads, and interesting localities; engraved views of picturesque scenery; and a comprehensive general index, embracing a list of hotels and inns, Adam and Charles Black, 1851
  • Walks and talks of an American farmer in England, Frederick Law Olmsted, 1852; owned by James C. Furman
  • The life and public services of James Buchanan. Late minister to England and formerly minister to Russia, senator and representative in Congress, and secretary of state, R.G. Horton, 1856
  • The old court suburb; or, Memorials of Kensington, regal, critical, and anecdotal, Leigh Hunt, 1860?
  • History of Scotland, Margaret MacArthur, 1874
  • A school atlas of English history, Samuel Rawson Gardiner, 1891
  • Shakespeare's England, William Winter, 1893
20th Century
  • Pictorial map of Central London ; Map of Central Paris, 1924?
  • The British Isles and the Baltic States, Frank G. Carpenter, 1926
  • So you're going to England!: and if I were going with you, these are the things I'd invite you to do, Clara E. Laughlin, 1928
  • The natural history of Selborne, Gilbert White, 1929
  • Inventory of the historical monuments in London, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, 1924-1930
  • London and its environs, edited by Findlay Muirhead and L. Russell Muirhead, 1935
  • The Story Map of England, Egbert G. Jacobson, 1936?
  • Guide & atlas to London and suburbs, "Geographia," between 1936 and 1943
  • The Cathedrals of England, Harry Batsford and Charles Fry with a foreward by Hugh Walpole, 1944
  • Flight to Everywhere: A Picture Journey over 32,000 miles of Air Transport Command Routes through jungle, desert and arctic, Ivan Dmitri, 1944
  • Cambridgeshire, Ernest Clegg, 1947
  • Devonshire, Ernest Clegg, 1947
  • Hampshire, Ernest Clegg, 1947
  • Oxfordshire, Ernest Clegg, 1947
  • Stirling Castle, J.S. Richardson, 1948
  • North Wales and the Marches, William John Gruffydd, 1951
  • West Country: with a portrait, Geoffrey Grigson, 1951
  • Wales, edited by L.Russell Muirhead, 1953
  • Kenilworth Castle, 1958
  • The pictorial history of Ely Cathedral, C.P. Hankey, 1958
  • Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire: Ministry of Works Official Guide-book, 1959
  • Lavenham Church, 196?
  • The Lake District in Colour, J.A. Brooks, 1960
  • Shakespeare's England, Lisa Biganzoli, 1964
  • The Pictoral History of Westminster Abbey, Canon Adam Fox, 1970
  • Maritime Greenwich, Frank G.G. Carr, 1974
  • Cambridge: the city and the colleges, Olwen Hedley, 1975
  • The palace of Holyroodhouse: official guide, text by Richard Fawcett, 1988
  • Westminster Abbey: Official Guide, 1988
  • Lavenham Guildhall, National Trust, 1992
  • A picture guide to Shetland, Shetland Times, 1992
  • St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Margaret Statham, 1993
  • In and around Stratford-upon-Avon, Tricia Simmonds, 1994
  • Scotland, Juliet Clough, 1999
III. Reference and Other Materials
  • Thrums and the Barrie Country, John Kennedy, 1930, General Collection
  • Skye High : the Record of a Tour Through Scotland in the Wake of Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, Hesketh Pearson and Hugh Kingsmill, 1938, General Collection
  • Travel and Roads in England, Virginia LaMar, 1960, General Collection
  • The Reader's digest complete atlas of the British Isles, Reader's Digest Association (Great Britain), 1965, Reference Collection
  • The Reverend Samuel Davies Abroad; the Diary of a Journey to England and Scotland, 1753-55, Samuel Davies, edited with an introduction, by George William Pilcher, 1967, General Collection
  • A Companion to Scottish culture, David Daiches, 1982, Reference Collection
  • A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, Samuel Johnson, 1985, General Collection
  • An atlas of Roman Britain, Barri Jones and David Mattingly, 1990, Reference Collection
  • Let's go. The budget guide to Britain and Ireland, Harvard Student Agencies, Inc, 1994, Reference Collection
  • A Wider Range : Travel Writing By Women in Victorian England, Maria H. Frawley, 1994, General Collection
  • Recollections of a Tour Made in Scotland, Dorothy Wordsworth ; introduction, notes, and photographs by Carol Kyros Walker, 1997, General Collection
  • English castles : a guide by counties, Adrian Pettifer, 1995, Reference Collection
  • Frommer's 2000 London, Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince, 2000, Reference Collection
  • The Rough Guide to Edinburgh, Donald Reid, 2002, Reference Collection
  • Atlas of the medieval world, Rosamond McKitterick, 2004, Reference Collection
  • People and places : a 2001 census atlas of the UK, Daniel Dorling and Bethan Thomas, 2004, Reference Collection
  • London, Sean McLachlan, 2007, Reference Collection
  • Barnabę itinerarium: or, Barnabee's Journal, Richard Brathwaite, 1818, Microform
  • The Genius of the English Nation : Travel Writing and National Identity in Early Modern England, Anna Suranyi, 2008, General Collection
  • Literature and Domestic Travel in Early Modern England, Andrew McRae, 2009, General Collection
  • English hours, Henry James; with illustrations by Joseph Pennell, 1905, General Collection
  • H. V. Morton's London : being The heart of London, The spell of London and The nights of London ; with an introductions, The battle of London in one volume, H. V. Morton, 1941, General Collection
  • Winslow Homer in London : a New York Artist Abroad, David Tatham, 2010, General Collection
  • Notes from a small island, Bill Bryson, 1995, General Collection
IV. Online Resources at Furman
V. Web Sites
  • The Gough Map, high-resolution, searchable, Google-Maps style version of a fourteenth-century road map of England.
  • The Description of Wales, or Descriptio Cambriae, by Gerald of Wales, a twelfth-century traveller through Wales while working as a recruiter for the Third Crusade. Online transcription of the original text.
  • A Vision of Britain Through Time, online exhibition of historical British travel literature, including searchable full-text works.
  • The National Archives, homepage of the British National Archives, including extensive online exhibitions and materials.
  • National Archives of Scotland, homepage of the Scottish National Archives.
  • Historic Scotland Archive Project, from the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland; includes online collections and resourcs on Scottish "buildings, archaeology, and industry."
  • The British Library, homepage of the world's largest library, with extensive online exhibitions, collections, and materials.