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Travel Literature: Spain
Sun and Shadow in Spain
Sun and Shadow in Spain
Maude Howe, 1908

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I. Manuscript and Archival
II. Books and Published Materials
  • A year in Spain, by a young American, Alexander Slidell Mackenzie, 1831
  • Spain revisited, A. Slidell Mackenzie, 1836
  • The Zincali; or, An account of the Gypsies of Spain. With an original collection of their songs and poetry, George Borrow, 1843
  • The Spaniards and their country, Richard Ford, 1855
  • The lands of the Saracens, or, Pictures of Palestine, Asia Minor, Sicily and Spain, Bayard Taylor, 1855
  • The attaché in Madrid : or, Sketches of the court of Isabella II, Madame Calderón de la Barca (Frances Erskine Inglis), 1856
  • Wanderings in Spain, Augustus J.C. Hare, 1873
  • The lands of the Saracens, or Pictures of Palestine, Asia Minor, Sicily and Spain, Bayard Taylor, 1883
  • Rambles in sunny Spain, Fred A. Ober, 1889
  • Spanish papers, Washington Irving, 1895
  • Castilian days, John Hay; with illustrations by Joseph Pennell, 1903
  • Sun and shadow in Spain, Maud Howe Elliot, 1908
  • Four months afoot in Spain, Harry A. Franck, 1911
  • The soul of Spain, Havelock Ellis, 1926
  • Spanish raggle-taggle; adventures with a fiddle in north Spain, Walter Starkie, frontispiece and title-page design by Arthur Rackham, 1935
  • Spring in Spain, MacKinley Helm, 1952, General Collection
  • Exploring the Jewish heritage in Spain, Samuel and Tamar Grand, 1979
  • "Forward into the Past: 'Digging' the Balearic Islands," Jacqueline Waldren, 2009. In Great Expectations: Imagination and Anticipation in Tourism, edited by Jonathan Skinner and Dimitros Theodossopoulos, 2011.
III. Artifacts
  • Robert Tucker Coin Collection: four (4) 5-peseta coins, 1957 and 1975; six (6) 1-peseta coins, 1966 and 1975.
IV. Reference and Other Materials
19th century
  • Las cosas de España, Richard Ford (1796-1858); traducción de Enrique de Mesa; prólogo de Gerald Brenan, 1988, General Collection
  • Between history and romance: travel writing on Spain in the early nineteenth-century United States, Pere Gifra-Adroher, 2000, General Collection
  • Italy: with sketches of Spain and Portugal, William Beckford, 1834, Microform
  • Paisajes del alma, Miguel de Unamuno (1864-1936), 1997, General Collection
20th century
  • Andalusia, sketches and impressions, W. Somerset Maugham, 1920, General Collection
  • The Bible in Spain: or, The journeys, adventures and imprisonments of an Englishman in an attempt to circulate The Scriptures in the peninsula, George Borrow; with the notes and glossary of Ulick Ralph Burke, 1930, General Collection
  • South to Cadiz, H.M. Tomlinson, 1934, General Collection
  • The dangerous summer, Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961); introduction, James A. Michener, 1985, General Collection
  • Spain, Sacheverell Sitwell, 1950, General Collection
  • La España del Sur: Illustrada con cien heliograbados, Jean Sermet, 1956, General Collection
  • Portrait of Spain; British and American accounts of Spain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Thomas F. McGann, 1963, General Collection
  • De Roncesvalles a Compostela, José Antonio Vizcaíno, 1965, General Collection
  • España clara, Azorín, Foto: Nicolás Muller, 1966, General Collection
  • Iberia; Spanish travels and reflections, James A. Michener, Photos by Robert Vavra, 1968, General Collection
  • Old Spain and new Spain : the travel narratives of Camilo José Cela, David Henn, 2004, General Collection
  • Spain, Graham J. Shields, 1985, Reference Collection
  • Historical dictionary of modern Spain, 1700-1988, Robert W. Kern, editor-in-chief, Meredith D. Dodge, associate editor, 1990, Reference Collection
  • Enciclopedia hispánica, Encyclopedia Brittanica Publishers, 1991-1992, Reference Collection
  • Historical dictionary of the Spanish Empire, 1402-1975, James S. Olson, editor-in-chief; Sam L. Slick, senior editor; Samuel Freeman [et al.], associate editors, 1992, Reference Collection
  • Encyclopedia of contemporary Spanish culture, edited by Eamonn Rodgers, honorary assistant editor, Valerie Rodgers, 1999, Reference Collection
  • Medieval Iberia: an encyclopedia, E. Michael Gerli, editor; associate editors, Samuel G. Armistead [et al.], 2003, Reference Collection
  • Spain, Candy Lee LaBalle, 2007, Reference Collection
V. Online Resources at Furman
VI. Web Sites