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Travel Literature: Central and Eastern Europe
Holy Trinity Column
Holy Trinity Column
Olomouc, Czech Republic
Photo courtesy of Michael Svec

For the purposes of this web page, included in "Central and Eastern Europe" are the following: Germany, Austria,Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and western Russia.

Please note that items in bold are described in the Library's online catalog and you will need to review the catalog to obtain the call number of each item. Other items are described in guides in Special Collections and Archives.

I. Manuscript and Archival Materials
  • The Joseph M. Greer Collection of Thomas Wolfe: contains issues of The New Republic, in which the three installments of Wolfe's short story "I Have a Thing to Tell You" are published. The story is an account of the persecution of German Jews Wolfe witnessed during his time abroad in Germany in 1936; the German government responded to the story's publication by banning Wolfe's books and barring him from the country.
  • The Marjorie Barr O'Steen Family Collection: from June to July of 1959 O'Steen took a trip to Europe where she visited England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Switzerland, Italy, and France. The collection contains correspondence and memorabilia from those travels.
  • The Robert Tucker Collection: contains slides from Tucker's trip through central Europe in 1976. Locations pictured include Austria, Switzerland, and West Germany.
  • The John L. Plyer, Jr. Postcard Collection: contains postcards from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Russia, and Switzerland.
  • The Max Heller Collection: Heller's time on the South Carolina State Development Board, from 1980-1983, involved several trips to Germany. The collection contains photographs, correpondence, and business cards exchanged by Heller and various German business interests. The collection also includes several oral histories of Max and his wife Trude recalling their experiences of persecution in, and subsequent escape from, Nazi-occupied Vienna during the 1930s.
  • The World Coin Collection: contains examples of 18th century coins minted in Saxony and Brandenberg, which are currrently federal states in Germany.
II. Books and Published Materials
  • Russia. Tr. from the French of the Marquis de Custine, Marquis de Custine, 1854
  • An illustrated description of the Russian empire, embracing its geographical features, political divisions, principal cities and towns...manners and customs, historic summary, etc..., Robert Sears, 1855
  • Russian coronation, 1896, the letters of Kate Koon (Bovey) from the last Russian coronation, Kate Koon Bovey, 1942
  • Russia, Alfred Rambaud; translated by Leonora B. Lang; with a supplementary chapter of recent events by Edgar Saltus, 1898
  • The new Russia : from the White Sea to the Siberian steppe, Alan Lethbridge; with 95 illustrations from photographs by the author and 3 maps, 1915
  • Russia today & yesterday, Emile Joseph Dillon, 1929
  • Impressions of Soviet Russia and the revolutionary world,, John Dewey, 1929
  • I visit the Soviets; the provincial lady looks at Russia, by E. M. Delafield [pseud.] Drawings by Leo Manso, 1937
  • Shooting the Russian War, written and photographed by Margaret Bourke-White, Margaret Bourke-White, 1942
  • An American churchman in the Soviet Union, Rev. Louie D. Newton; [with an introd. by Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam], 1947
  • Russia and the Russians, Edward Crankshaw, 1948
  • American in Russia, Harrison E. Salisbury, 1955
  • Rainbow over Russia, James Pickett Wesberry, 1963
  • Russian journal : during the August coup of '91, Joe M. King, 1992
  • Flight to Everywhere: A Picture Journey over 32,000 miles of Air Transport Command Routes through jungle, desert and arctic, Ivan Dmitri, 1944
  • Observations and reflections: made in the course of a journey through France, Italy, and Germany, Hester Lynch Piozzi (1741-1821); edited by Herbert Barrows, 1967
  • De l'Allemagne par madame de Staël, Madame (Anne-Louise-Germaine) de Staël, ca. 1835
  • De l'Allemagne, Madame (Anne-Louise-Germaine) de Staël, 1835
  • Rambles in Germany and Italy in 1840, 1842, and 1843. By Mrs. Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, 1844
  • Rural letters and other records of thought at leisure, written in the intervals of more hurried literary labor, Nathaniel Parker Willis, 1849
  • An art-student in Munich, Anna Mary Howitt, 1854
  • De l'Allemagne, Madame (Anne-Louise-Germaine) de Staël, 1857
  • A handbook for travellers on the continent : being a guide to Holland, Belgium, Prussia, northern Germany, and the Rhine from Holland to Switzerland, John Murray, 1860
  • The Rhine from Rotterdam to Constance; handbook for travellers, Karl Baedeker, 1903
  • Berlin diary; the journal of a foreign correspondent, 1934-1941, William L. Shirer, 1941
  • The realm of the Habsburgs, Sidney Whitman, 1893
  • The journey of William of Rubruck to the eastern parts of the world 1253-55, as narrated by himself, with two accounts of the earlier journey of John of Pian de Carpine, Willem van Ruysbroeck, 1900
  • Austria, including Hungary, Transylvania, Dalmatia, and Bosnia; handbook for travellers, Karl Baedeker, 1900
  • Bulgaria, Frank Fox, 1915
  • The British Isles and the Baltic states; England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Irish Free State, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Russia, Esthonia, and Finland, Frank G. Carpenter and Dudley Harmon, with 96 illustrations from original photographs, 1926
  • Come with me through Budapest, Grace Humphrey, 1933
  • Flight to Everywhere: A Picture Journey over 32,000 miles of Air Transport Command Routes through jungle, desert and arctic, Ivan Dmitri, 1944
  • Black lamb and grey falcon: a journey through Yugoslavia, Rebecca West, 1945
  • Europe, whither bound?: a symposium telling of Southern Baptist missionary work in Italy, Spain, and the Balkan States--Hungary and Yugoslavia, [compiled by] Nan F. Weeks, 1951
III. Reference and Other Materials in the Main Library
  • Ibn Fadlan's journey to Russia : a tenth-century traveler from Baghad to the Volga River, translated with commentary by Richard N. Frye, 2005, General Collection
  • Notes upon Russia, being a translation of the earliest account of that country, entitled Rerum Moscoviticarum commentarii, Sigmund Freiherr von Herberstein (1486-1566), translated and edited, with notes and an introd., by R.H. Major, 1963, General Collection
  • Of the Russe Commonwealth, Giles Fletcher (1549?-1611), 1966, General Collection
  • Rude & barbarous kingdom; Russia in the accounts of sixteenth-century English voyagers, edited by Lloyd E. Berry and Robert O. Crummey, 1968, General Collection
  • Russia under Western eyes, 1517-1825, edited with an introd. by Anthony Cross, 1971, General Collection
  • The travels of Olearius in seventeenth-century Russia, translated and edited by Samuel H. Baron, 1967, General Collection
  • Seven Britons in Imperial Russia, 1698-1812, edited by Peter Putnam, 1952, General Collection
  • A journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Radishchev (1749-1802), translation by Leo Wiener, edited with an introd. and notes by Roderick Page Thaler, 1958, General Collection
  • Journey through Russia and Siberia, 1787-1788: the journals and selected letters, edited with an introd. by Stephen D. Watrous, 1966, General Collection
  • Impressions of Russia, Georg Morris Cohen Brandes (1842-1927), with an introd. by Richard Pipes, [Translation by Samuel C. Eastman], 1966, General Collection
  • Ding goes to Russia, Jay N. Darling, 1932, General Collection
  • Russia reported, Walter Duranty; selected and arranged by Gustavus Tuckerman, 1934, General Collection
  • I search for truth in Russia, Walter Citrine, 1937, General Collection
  • A Russian journal; with pictures by Robert Capa, John Steinbeck, 1948, General Collection
  • Soviet Russia, the land and its people, Nicholas Mikhailov, in collaboration with Vadim Pokshishevsky, [Tr. from the Russian by George H. Hanna], 1948, General Collection
  • In anger and pity, a report on Russia, Robert Magidoff, 1949, General Collection
  • Dancing with the bear; a capitalist's impression of Soviet Russia, R.S. Hecht, 1954, General Collection
  • An American family in Moscow, Leona and Jerrold Schecter, 1975, General Collection
  • Moscow and Leningrad observed, Georges Bortoli; translated by Amanda and Edward Thomson, 1975, General Collection
  • Black earth : a journey through Russia after the fall, Andrew Meier, 2003, General Collection
  • The making of John Ledyard: empire and ambition in the life of an early American traveler, Edward G. Gray, 2007, General Collection
  • Molotov's magic lantern: travels in Russian history, Rachel Polonsky, 2011, General Collection
  • Flight to Everywhere: A Picture Journey over 32,000 miles of Air Transport Command Routes through jungle, desert and arctic, Ivan Dmitri, 1944
  • Boswell on the grand tour: Germany and Switzerland, 1764, James Boswell, edited by Frederick A. Pottle, 1953, General Collection
  • Sophiens Reise von Memel nach Sachsen: ausgewählte Teile aus der Erstausgabe von 1770-72, Johann Timotheus Hermes, hrsg. von Fritz Brüggemann, 1967, General Collection
  • Observations and reflections: made in the course of a journey through France, Italy, and Germany, Hester Lynch Piozzi (1741-1821); edited by Herbert Barrows, 1967, General Collection
  • A visit to Germany, Italy, and Malta, 1840-1841 : A poet's bazaar I-II, Hans Christian Andersen; translated from the Danish with an introduction and notes by Grace Thornton, 1985, General Collection
  • Journey to Germany, autumn 1858, Thomas Carlyle, edited by Richard Albert Brooks, with an introduction, notes and commentaries, 1940, General Collection
  • Vagabonding through changing Germany, Harry A. Franck, illustrated with photographs by the author, 1920, General Collection
  • Deutschland von heute und gestern, ein lesebuch der deutschen volkskunde, O. S. Fleissner and E. M. Fleissner, 1930, General Collection
  • Travels in the Reich, 1933-1945: foreign authors report from Germany, edited by Oliver Lubrich; translated by Kenneth Northcott, Sonia Wichmann, and Dean Krouk, 2010, General Collection
  • Kultur-geographie von Deutschland, Emil L. Jordan, pictorial maps by William P. Hudson, 1935, General Collection
  • Berlin und die Mark : Land zwischen Harz und Oder, Zusammenstellung von Harald Busch; Einleitung von Paul Fechter; Erläuterungen von Helmut Domke, 1957, General Collection
  • Deutschland und die Staaten Mitteleuropas, Dietmar Aichele, 1963, General Collection
  • Berlin, David Clay Large, 2000, General Collection
  • De Paris à Cythère, Gérard de Nerval (1808-1855), introduction et notes de Henri Clouard, avec un portrait gravé sur bois par Achille Ouvré, 1920, General Collection
  • Like a sponge thrown into water: Francis Lieber's European travel journal of 1844-1845, by one of the nineteenth-century's most influential minds, Francis Lieber, edited by Charles R. Mack and Ilona S. Mack, 2002, General Collection
  • The Alps, the Danube and the Near East; Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Frank G. Carpenter, with 115 illustrations from original photographs, 1924, General Collection
  • Black lamb and grey falcon: a journey through Yugoslavia, Rebecca West, 1943, General Collection
  • Flight to Everywhere: A Picture Journey over 32,000 miles of Air Transport Command Routes through jungle, desert and arctic, Ivan Dmitri, 1944
  • Austria in color, Kurt Peter Karfeld, text by Gordon Shepherd, 1957, General Collection
  • Barockreisen in Österreich: an der Donau entlang, Herbert Schindler; mit Zeichnungen des Verfassers, 1968, General Collection
  • Österreich, ein landeskundliches Lesebuch, Jürgen Koppensteiner, 1983, General Collection
  • Exit into history: a journey through the new Eastern Europe, Eva Hoffman, 1993, General Collection
  • Nessebur, Velizar Velkov; [translated by R. Delcheva], 1995, General Collection
  • Aspects of the cultural heritage of Bulgaria, Stefan Ganev, Alexander Vulchev, 1995, General Collection
  • Prague: a traveler's literary companion, edited by Paul Wilson, 1995, General Collection
  • Prague pictures: portraits of a city, John Banville, 2004, General Collection
  • Time's magpie: a walk in Prague, Myla Goldberg; illustrations by Ken Nash, 2004, General Collection
  • A time of gifts: on foot to Constantinople: from the Hook of Holland to the Middle Danube, Patrick Leigh Fermor; introduction by Jan Morris, 2005, General Collection
  • Dracula is dead: how Romanians survived Communism, ended it, and emerged since 1989 as the new Italy, Sheilah Kast, Jim Rosapepe, 2009, General Collection

  • Mrs. Adams in winter: a journey in the last days of Napoleon, Michael O'Brien, 2010, General Collection
  • Inventing Eastern Europe: the map of civilization on the mind of the enlightenment, Larry Wolff, 1994, General Collection
  • Before Knossos--: Arthur Evans's travels in the Balkans and Crete, Ann Brown, 1993, General Collection
  • Great Women Travel Writers: from 1750 to the present, editor Alba Amoia and Bettina L. Knapp, 2005, General Collection
  • Encyclopedia of Eastern Europe: from the Congress of Vienna to the fall of communism, edited by Richard Frucht, 2000, Reference Collection
  • A concise historical atlas of Eastern Europe, Dennis P. Hupchick and Harold E. Cox, 1996, Reference Collection
  • Dictionary of East European history since 1945, Joseph Held, 1994, Reference Collection
  • Chronology of 20th-century eastern European history, Gregory C. Ference, editor; foreword by Charles Jelavich and Barbara Jelavich, 1994, Reference Collection
  • Historical atlas of East Central Europe Paul Robert Magocsi; cartographic design by Geoffrey J. Matthews, 1993, Reference Collection
  • Who's who in the socialist countries of Europe: a biographical encyclopedia of more than 12,600 leading personalities in Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, edited by Juliusz Stroynowski, 1989, General Collection
IV. Online Resources at Furman
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