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Travel Literature: Central America
From Incidents of travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan by John L. Stevens
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Please note that items in bold are described in the Library's online catalog and you will need to review the catalog to obtain the call number of each item. Other items are described in guides in Special Collections and Archives.

I. Manuscript and Archival

  • John L. Plyler, Jr. Postcard Collection: contains postcards from Guatemala and Puerto Rico.
  • Diane Hopkins-Hughs Collection: contains National Geographic magazines from 1962 through 1985 describing various aspects of Central American politics, cultures, and geography.
  • Robert Tucker Collection: slides from Robert Tucker's 1988 travels along the Panama Canal.
I. Books and Published Materials

19th Century
  • Travels, explorations, and empires: writings from the era of imperial expansion, 1770-1835, general editors Tim Fulford and Peter J. Kitson
  • Incidents of travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan, John L. Stevens, 1841
  • The History of the Discovery and Settlement of America, With An Account Of His Life And Writings, To Which Are Added Questions For The Examination Of Students, By John Frost … William Robertson, 1855
  • The History of the Discovery and Settlement of America, William Robertson, 1857
  • Nicaragua: Past, Present, and Future; A Description of Its Inhabitants, Customs, Mines, Minerals, Early History, Modern Fillibusterism, Proposed Inter-Oceanic Canal and Manifest Destiny, Peter F. Stout, 1859
  • Nineteenth-century travels, explorations, and empires: writings from the era of imperial consolidation, 1835-1910, general editor Peter J. Kitson
20th Century
  • Selected Letters of Anna Heyward Taylor, South Carolina Artist and World Traveler, by Edmund R. Taylor and Alexander Moore: Anna Heyward Taylor (1879–1956) traveled extensively during her lifetime, studying art in Europe and exploring the art and cultures of British Guiana (Guyana), Mexico, the Virgin Islands, and Japan. She moved to Charleston in 1929, where she became a significant contributor to the Charleston Renaissance through her watercolors and wood block prints.
  • What’s next, Pizarro? Discovering Mexico, Central and South America by Volkswagen, by Raymond and Kenneth Dyches, Kenneth Dyches, 1968
  • Broadcasting the Civil War in El Salvador: A Memoir of Guerila Radio, by Carlos Henríquez Consalvi ("Santiago"), translated by Charles Leo Nagle V and A.L. (Bill) Prince, 2010
II. Materials Covering Multiple Categories
  • "Emberá Indigenous Tourism and the World of Expectations," Dimitros Theodossopoulos, 2005-2011. In Great Expectations: Imagination and Anticipation in Tourism, edited by Jonathan Skinner and Dimitros Theodossopoulos, 2011.
  • "Entertained By Angels," Angel Cruz, Jottings, Vol. IV, 2008-2009
III. Reference and Other Materials in the Main Library
17th Century

Please note that the materials listed here represent travels during the 19th century, although the publication dates may be later.
  • Tratado verdadero del viaje y navegación, por Fray Antonio Vázquez de Espinosa; edició crítica por Sara L. Lehman
19th Century

Please note that the materials listed here represent travels during the 19th century, although the publication dates may be later.
  • The Romance and Rise of the American Tropics, Samuel Crowther, 1929
  • Journeys in Time, from the halls of Montezuma to Patagonia’s plains; a treasury, garnered from four centuries of writers (1519-1942), with comments, profiles, and personal experiences, Blair Nile, 1946
  • The Caribbean as Columbus Saw It, Samuel Eliot Morison, 1964
  • A New Voyage Round the World, with an introduction by Sir Albert Gray, and a new introduction by Percy G. Adams, William Dampier, 1968
  • Viceroyalties of the West; the Spanish Empire in Latin America, Roderick William Cameron, 1968
  • A concise history of Spanish America, compiled by John Campbell, with a new introduction by D. H. Simpson, John Campbell, 1972
  • Latin America in the Nineteenth Century; a selected bibliography of books of travel and description published in English, A. Curtis Wilgus, 1973
20th century
  • Lands Of The Caribbean: The Canal Zone, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Santo Domingo, Porto Rico, and The Virgin Islands, Frank G. Carpenter, 1926
  • The Arcturus adventure; an account of the New York Zoological Society's first oceanographic expedition, William Beebe, 1926
  • Guatemala, Erna Fergusson, 1937
  • Guatemala profile, written and illustrated by Addison Burbank, 1939
  • Inside Latin America, John Gunter, 1941
  • To the South, in collaboration with Lenore Sorsby, Kurt Severin, 1944
  • Geography of Latin America: A Regional Analysis, Kempton Evans Webb, 1972
  • Beggars on Golden Stools: Report on Latin America, Peter Schmid, 1975
  • Windows on Latin America: Understanding Society through Photographs, 1987
  • The jaguar smile: a Nicaraguan journey, Salman Rushdie, 1987
  • Images of History: Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Latin American Photographs as Documents, Robert M Levine, 1989
  • Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation, Mary Louise Pratt, 1992
  • Transatlantic Topographies: Islands, Highlands, and Jungles, Ileana Rodriguez, 2004
IV. Online Resources at Furman
V. Web Sites