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Travel Literature: Africa, Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
Color photograph of old stone arches and modern skyline in Pretoria, South Africa
Taken by Kim Jackson, Furman '06
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Please note that items in bold are described in the Library's online catalog and you will need to review the catalog to obtain the call number of each item. Other items are described in guides in Special Collections and Archives.

I. Manuscript and Archival
  • John L. Plyler, Jr. Postcard Collection: contains mid-20th century postcards from Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, and Tunisia.
  • Diane Hopkins-Hughs Collection: contains National Geographic magazines from 1960 through 1990 describing various aspects of African politics, life, and cultures.
II. Books and Published Materials
  • “Africa- Study Topic April, 1907," Our Home Field, pg. 29-30 (April 1907), Baptist Newspaper and Periodical Collection
  • Flight to Everywhere: A Picture Journey over 32,000 miles of Air Transport Command Routes through jungle, desert and arctic, Ivan Dmitri, 1944
  • Safari for souls: With Billy Graham in Africa, Tom McMahan, 1960
  • New drums over Africa, Milton E. Cunningham, Jr., 1971
  • Stories of Africa: Ruth Walden shares memories of her missionary years in Nigeria, Ruth Walden, 1990
  • The crisis in Africa, Religion in Life Series, Willis Logan, 1994, cassette tape
  • Understanding Contemporary Africa, ed. April & Donald Gordon, 1996
  • The African Adventurers: A Return to the Silent Places, Peter H. Capstick, 1997
  • A Glimpse of Eden, Evelyn Ames, 2012
III. Materials Covering Multiple Categories
  • Literature of travel and exploration: an Encyclopedia, Jennifer Speake, editor, bibliographies and historiographies
  • The Norton book of travel, editor Paul Fussell, 1987 travel writing of notable authors
  • Return passages: great American travel writing, 1780-1910 Larzer Ziff
  • The Mind of the Traveler : From Gilgamesh to global tourism, Eric J. Leed
  • Women Writing Home, 1700-1920 Klaus Stierstorfer, 2006, 6 volume collection of women's letters from across the former British Empire includes Africa and others
  • "On Difference, Desire and the Aesthetics of the Unexpected: The White Masai in Kenyan Tourism," George Paul Meiu, 2010. In Great Expectations: Imagination and Anticipation in Tourism, edited by Jonathan Skinner and Dimitros Theodossopoulos, 2011.
  • The Working Christian/The Baptist Courier 1869 to present
IV. Microfilm in General Collection
  • Photographic documentation of vegetational changes in Africa over a third of a century H. L. Shantz , 1958
V. Artifacts
  • International Mission Board Collection, 20th century
    • Fulani circular woven mats (2)
    • Kenyan soapstone candlesticks
    • Nigerian shawl
    • Benin wood-carved combs (2)
    • Nigerian comb
    • Kenyan landscape on cloth (2)
    • West African bird carved from the horn of a local animal (3)
    • Togo carved gourd (3)
    • Nigerian wall mask
    • Ghana replica of a chief's stool (3)
  • World Coin Collection - a coin minted in Zanzibar
  • Photographic print of Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, South Africa
VI. Reference and Other Materials in the Main Library
  • The African adventurers: a return to the silent places, Peter Hathaway Capstick, 1992, General Collection
  • Victorian Women Travel Writers in Africa, Catherine Barnes Stevenson, 1982, General Collection
  • Great Women Travel Writers: from 1750 to the present, editor Alba Amoia and Bettina L. Knapp, 2005, General Collection
  • Encyclopedia of Exploration, 4 volumes, 4th volume 1850-1940, editor John Raymond Howgego, 2003-2008, Reference Collection
  • Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing, editor, Kelly Boyd, D14 .E53 1999, Reference Collection
  • The Cambridge encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa executive editor, Trevor Mostyn, 1988, Reference Collection
  • International historical statistics : Africa, Asia & Oceania, 1750-2000 B.R. Mitchell, 2003 Reference Collection
  • Africana : the encyclopedia of the African and African American experience editors, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Henry Louis Gates, Jr, 2005 Reference Collection
  • Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East & North Africa, Phillip Mattar, editor in Chief
  • Fodor’s exploring South Africa, Melissa Shales
  • The peoples of Africa: an ethnohistorical dictionary, James S. Olson
  • Black Africa: a comparative handbook, Donald George Morrison, Robert Cameron Mitchell, John Naber
  • Cultural atlas of Africa, edited by Jocelyn Murray
  • The atlas of Africa, Régine Van Chi-Bonnardel
  • Encyclopedia of Southern Africa, Eric Rosenthal
  • The African experience, edited by John N. Paden and Edward W. Soja
  • The Cambridge world history of food, editors, Kenneth F. Kiple, Kriemhild Coneč Ornelas
  • Journey without maps, Graham Greene, 1965, General Collection
  • The lost world of the Kalahari, Laurens van der Post, 1958, General Collection