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Travel Literature: Africa, Nineteenth Century
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I. Books and Published Materials

Please note that the materials listed here represent travels during the 19th century, although the publication dates may be later.
  • Travels in various countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Part the second. Greece, Egypt, and the Holy Land, Edward Daniel Clarke, 1813
  • Incidents of travel in Egypt, Arabia Petrĉa, and the Holy Land by an American, with a map and engravings John Lloyd Stephens, 1839
  • A Pilgrimmage to Egypt, J. V. C. Smith, 1852
  • Adventures of an African slaver: being a true account of the life of Captain Theodore Canot, trader in gold, ivory & slaves on the coast of Guinea, Theodore Canot (1804-1860), edited with an introduction by Malcolm Cowley, 1928
  • Central Africa, Adventures and missionary labors in several countries in the interior of Africa, from 1849 to 1856 T.J. Bowen, 1969
  • Missionary travels and researches in South Africa, including a sketch of sixteen years’ residence in the interior of Africa, and a journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the west coast; thence across the continent, down the river Zambesi, to the eastern ocean David Livingstone, 1858
  • Travels and discoveries in North and Central Africa, Being a journal of an expedition undertaken under the auspices of H.B.M.’s government, in the years 1849-1855 Henrich Barth, 1857-1859
  • A popular account of missionary travels and researches in South Africa, David Livingstone, 1861
  • Journal of the discovery of the source of the Nile, (with map and portraits), John Hanning Speke, 1864
  • Through the Dark Continent; or, The sources of the Nile around the great lakes of equatorial Africa, and down the Livingstone river to the Atlantic ocean Henry M. Stanley, 1878
  • Egypt and Iceland in the year 1874, Bayard Taylor, 1883
  • In Darkest Africa; or, The quest, rescue, and retreat of Emin, governor of Equtoria Henry M. Stanley, 1890
  • Mentone, Cairo and Corfu, Constance Fenimore Woolson, 1896
  • Travels in upper and lower Egypt during the campaigns of General Bonaparte translated from the French, Vivant Denon, to which is prefixed An historical account of the invasion of Egypt by the French by E.A. Kendal, 1986
  • Imperialism; a study, J.A. Hobson, 1902
  • Women & children first: nineteenth-century sea narratives & American identity, Robin Miskolcze, 2007
II. Materials Covering Multiple Categories
  • Travels in Greece, Palestine, Egypt and Barbary: during the years 1806 and 1807, F.A. de Chateaubriand; translated from the French by Frederic Shoberl, 1816
  • Historic Textbook Collection, 19th century
  • Nineteenth-Century Travels, Explorations and Empires: Writings from the Era of Imperial Consolidation, 1835-1910, Volume 7 Africa Edited Susan Schoenbauer, 2003
  • The Commission or Southern Baptist Missionary Magazine, September 1856; June 1857
  • Literature of travel and exploration: an Encyclopedia, Jennifer Speake, editor, bibliographies and historiographies
  • The Norton book of travel, editor Paul Fussell, 1987 travel writing of notable authors
  • Return passages: great American travel writing, 1780-1910 Larzer Ziff
  • The Mind of the Traveler : From Gilgamesh to global tourism, Eric J. Leed
  • Women Writing Home, 1700-1920 Klaus Stierstorfer, 2006, 6 volume collection of women's letters from across the former British Empire includes Africa and others
  • Following the Equator : A journey around the world, Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens), 1897, South Africa
  • The Working Christian/The Baptist Courier 1869 to present
  • Women Adventurers, 1750-1900: A Biographical Dictionary Mary F. McVicker, 2008
III. Reference and Other Materials in the Main Library
  • Victorian Women Travel Writers in Africa, Catherine Barnes Stevenson, 1982, General Collection
  • Great Women Travel Writers: from 1750 to the present, editor Alba Amoia and Bettina L. Knapp, 2005, General Collection
  • Encyclopedia of Exploration, 4 volumes, 4th volume 1850-1940, editor John Raymond Howgego, 2003-2008, Reference Collection
  • Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing, editor, Kelly Boyd, D14 .E53 1999, Reference Collection
  • The Cambridge encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa executive editor, Trevor Mostyn, 1988, Reference Collection
  • Encyclopedia of precolonial Africa : archaeology, history, languages, cultures, and environments editor, Joseph O. Vogel, 1997, Reference Collection
  • Historical atlas of Africa general editors, J.F. Ade Ajayi & Michael Crowder, 1985, Reference Collection
  • International historical statistics : Africa, Asia & Oceania, 1750-2000 B.R. Mitchell, 2003 Reference Collection
  • Africana : the encyclopedia of the African and African American experience editors, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Henry Louis Gates, Jr, 2005 Reference Collection