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Thursday Club Collection: Organization Development
Thursday Club, 1950
"Thursday Club, 1950"
Thursday Club Collection, Box 8, Folder 10

The Thursday Club was organized in the autumn of 1889 as a women's literary club. The founder was Mrs. Mary Putnam Gridley. Members of the club met every two weeks and presented papers on assigned subjects. For many years the club met in private homes, then, from 1918-1919 at the YMCA, at the Civic Art Gallery on Main Street during World War II, at Sears Shelter, and finally at the Greenville Woman's Club where it currently meets.

The Thursday Club joined other clubs in the Greenville area to federate as charter clubs of South Carolina Federated Women’s Club (SCFWC) in Seneca, SC, on June 16, 1898. The first convention of SCFWC was held in 1899 at Chester, South Carolina. The SCFWC become a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) on July 29, 1899. The South Carolina Federation of Women’s Clubs changed its name to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of South Carolina (GFWC-SC) in 1990.

According to Mrs. Mary P. Gridley, founder and president of the club from 1891- 1927, the ideals of the Thursday Club are:

"To look below the surface of things, and search for the truth;
To believe always that the good outweighs the evil;
To learn that all humanity is one;
To realize that personality is a tremondous power,
that it is the outgoing of the Spirit,
and has more influence than words or even actions;
And, having learned these things,
to go outside our own homes, and put our hands to the work
we will find everywhere waiting for us."