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Index to South Caroliniana- Secondary Documents

South Caroliniana is a collection of secondary sources consisting of newspapers, periodicals and other types of articles that relate to important subjects in South Carolina. This can include individuals, events, policies and organizations that pertain to the State. The listings here reflect topic folders in South Caroliniana, which may contain multiple articles.

Art – Greenville
Art – South Carolina
Art Museum
Artisphere – Greenville
Auditorium – Greenville

Bagnal, Mallard R, Jr. – Biography
Barnes, Frank – Biography
Batson’s Grocery Store
Batson, James Elliot and Family – Pictures
Batson Mill – Greenville
Batson, Nathan – Pictures
Bellamann, Henry
Bicentennial, Greenville – Greenville
Bicentennial, United States – Greenville
Blake, Eugene H. – Biography
Bob Jones University – Greenville
Branyon, Ernie B. - Biography
Bridges, Covered – Greenville
Brown, Kathryn T. – Biography
Brown, Mary Elizabeth Marchbanks – Pictures
Bruner Home for Children
Buildings – Greenville
Burdett Mill – Greenville
Businesses – Greenville
Business Schools – Greenville

Campbell Covered Bridge – Greenville
Cane Break, Battle
Cemeteries – Greenville
Census Information – 1819, 1829-1830
"The Carter Family of Northeast Georgia" – Biography
Chamber of Commerce – Greenville
Charleston – South Carolina including Slave Mart
Chick Springs Resort – Greenville
Chicora College- Greenville
Churches – Non-Baptist – Greenville
Churches – South
Cities, Counties, and Towns – South Carolina
Citizens – A-L – Greenville + Upcountry
Citizens – M-Z – Greenville + Upcountry
Note: No valuable information. However, pictures provide some information regarding life back then.
Citizens – South Carolina
City Hall – Greenville
City Hospital – Greenville
City Park – Greenville
Civil War – Greenville
Club of Thirty-Nine – Greenville
Clubs – Religious and Secret Orders – Greenville
Clubs – Service – Miscellaneous – Greenville
Clubs – Social – Miscellaneous – Greenville
Clubs – Women – Miscellaneous – Greenville
Colleges – South Carolina
“Colored Workers,” Hotel Eutaw, Rosa Bogar
Cothen, Grady – Biography
Curb Market – Greenville

Dave the Potter
Dark Corner, The
Davis, Jonathan R. (1816-1883)
Davis, Nathan H. (1820-1901)
Department of Archives and History/State Archives
Dill Family
Donaldson Air Force Base – Greenville
Donaldson, T.Q., Sr. (1834-1912)
Duncan's Chapel Church
Duncan Chapel School
Duncan, Perry Emory Family
Duncan, Thomas

Earle, Willie - Lynching
Edwards Mill - Greenville
Edgefield Pottery
Entertainment – Greenville
Environment – Greenville
Explosion - 1947 - Greenville
F.W. Poe Mill - Greenville

Finlay, James F. – Biography
Fire Department – Greenville
Floods – Greenville
Folger, Walter W. and family – Biography
Fort Sumter – South Carolina

Gallagher, Mike
Glassy Mountain
Goodlett, Marye H. – Biography
Greenville County Confederate Veterans
Greenville County Council for Community Development
Greenville County Jail
Greenville County Museum/Art
Greenville Cultural Exchange Center
Greenville General Hospital - Greenville
Greenville Military Works (Confederate Armory)
Greenville – Miscellaneous – Greenville
Greenville Historical Society – Greenville
Greenville History - General
Greenville Report 1985
Greenville Symphony – Greenville
Greenville Technological Institute – Greenville
Greenville Textile Heritage Society- Greenville
Greenville Woman’s Club – Greenville
Gridley, Mary Putnam

Hamburg – South Carolina
Hester, John B. Family
Historical Columbia Foundation
Historical Commissions and Associations – South Foundation
Historical Landmarks - Pendleton
Historic Landmarks – Miscellaneous – Greenville
Historic Landmarks – Miscellaneous – South Carolina
History – Literary – Greenville
History – Miscellaneous – Greenville
History – Reprints of Documents and Records – Greenville
Holland Family – Biography
Holmes Bible College – Greenville
Homes – Greenville
Hospitals - Greenville
Hotels and Resorts – Greenville

Indians – Greenville
Industry – Greenville
Industry – South Carolina

Jackson, Dorothea M. – Biography
Jonas, E.S. – Biography
Jones, Katharine M. – Biography

Keith, Gladys – Biography
Kenan, William R, Jr. – Biography
King, Charles N. – Biography

Langston Family – Biography
Law Enforcement – Greenville
Lawrence, J.B. – Biography
Lawton Family – Biography
Lewis, Don – Fireflies
Library – Greenville
Libraries – South Carolina
Lynching–South Carolina

Main Street–Greenville
Maps – Greenville
Maps – South Carolina
Marchbanks Family
Marney, Dr. Carlyle – Biography
Marsh, Blanche – Biography
McLaurin Family – Biography
Mills – Greenville
Miscellanea – Greenville
Miscellanea – South Carolina
Music – South Carolina

Name Origins – Greenville
Nazareth Presbyterian Church – South Carolina
Newspapers – Greenville

1968 Orangeburg Massacre
1968 Orangeburg Massacre (Rosa Bogar materials)
Orr, James L. (1852-1905) - Biography
"Our Southern Heritage" - Agricultural Society of South Carolina – South Carolina
Owens, Dr. John J. - Biography

Peace, Charlie (1903-1958) - Biography
Pearis, Richard – Biography
Pelham Mill and Office – Greenville
Perry, Benjamin F. – Biography
Pinckneyville – South Carolina
The Pinson Quarterly – Biography
Poinsett Bridge – Greenville
Poinsett Club – Greenville
Poinsett, Joel R. – Biography
Porgy and Bess – South Carolina
Postage Stamps (various)
Prince Family – Biography
Proceedings on Land-Use Planning for Greenville County – Greenville
Pumpkintown – South Carolina

"The Racial Composition of South Carolina" – South Carolina
Radio and Television – Greenville
Railroad Accidents – Greenville
Rash, Ron – Biography
Recreation – Greenville
Redcliffe Plantation state Park – Visitor’s Guide
Reedy River – Greenville
Revolutionary War – Greenville
Reynolds, Lalla – Biography
Rhett, Robert Barnwell – Biography
Roads – Greenville
Roper, John A. – Biography
Rotary Club – Greenville
Rounds, J. B. – Biography

Saint Francis Hospital – Greenville
Schools, Public – Greenville
Schools, Public – South Carolina
Sevier, Camp – Greenville
Shaw, Joshua
Shriners’ Hospital – Greenville
Shull, Clifford G.
Shurden, Walter B. – Biography
Slater Mill
Smith, Hezekiah – Biography
The South Carolina Baptist
“South Carolina Blacks” in New York (Rosa Bogar materials)
South Carolina Independent Colleges Physical Facilities Study – South Carolina
South Carolina Humanities Festival – Greenville
Spanish-American War – Greenville
Spivak, Charlie – Biography
Springwood Cemetery
State Houses – South Carolina
Stokes, Jeremiah – Biography
Summary Report on the Future of the Independent Accredited Higher Education Institutions in South Carolina – South Carolina

Table Rock
Textile Hall – Greenville
Textile, History
Throwgood Family – Biography
The Thursday Club – Greenville
Tour, Driving – Greenville
Tram/Trillium – Greenville
Transportation – Greenville
Travelers Rest - History
Tricentennial, South Carolina – Greenville
Tricentennial, South Carolina – South Carolina

Unusual Films – Greenville
Upcountry History Museum of South Carolina

Wallace vs. Simpson, 1868
Water Supply – Greenville
Watson Family – Biography
Weather and Climate – Greenville
Welfare – Greenville
Wells, Stanley W. – Biography
Wells, Zan – Biography
Welter, Mrs. Jessie – Biography
Westmoreland Family – Biography
Wilbanks, Samuel E. Family
Wilkins, Harry R. – Biography
Williams, Margaret R. – Biography
WWI Casualties and Veterans
WWII Casualties and Veterans

Year of Altruism
Y.M.C.A. - Greenville
Youmans Family - Genealogy
Young Family - Biography
Y.W.C.A. - Greenville


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  • “The President at the Charleston Exposition,” Harper’s Weekly, Ca. April 1902; with photograph caption, "Negro Tea-pickers Singing Pickaninny Songs to the President."
  • "Ruins of the Flood in South Carolina," unknown publication, page 1065, ca. June 1903, two photographs.
  • Charleston “City For All Seasons,” insert to The News and Courier/Charleston Evening Post, ca. 1972