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South Carolina Maps
  • Greenville District, South Carolina. Surveyed by George Salmon (improved for Mills’ Atlas, appears to be a copy), 1825, Call no. G3913.G7 1825 .S25
  • Geognostic Map of Greenville District, South Carolina, by Oscar M. Lieber (illustration for Report on the survey of South Carolina), 1859, Call no. QE161 .R47
  • Full descriptive map and sketch of Greenville Co., 1882, Call no. G3913 .G7 1882 .K9
  • [Map of Green]ville, S.C., possibly from Greenville Daily Piedmont, ca. 1912-1916, Call no. G3914.G7 1900z .D34
  • [Map of a portion of downtown Greenville] / [surveyed by] W. D. Neves (Lots behind Greenville Woman’s College), 1923, Call no. G3914.G7 1923 .M36
  • [Map of Greenville Woman's College and surrounding city], 1924, Call no. LD7251.G73 M36 1924
  • South Carolina, Greenville quadrangle / United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey, 1938, Call No. G3910 1938 .G46
  • Dolph's map of Greenville and Greenville County, South Carolina, 1950, Call no. G3914.G7 1950 .D64
  • Final report : redevelopment of a sub-standard area, Greenville, South Carolina / Greenville Housing Authority, May 1952, (Text, Plats, Maps), Call no. HV4046.G73 F56 1952
  • Greenville, S.C. : first home of Southern Seminary, 1859-1877, 1957, Call no. G3914.G7 1957 .O93
18th Century
  • A new map of Carolina, by John Thornton, Robert Morden and by Phillip Lea, Call no. G1035 .T46
  • Carte particuliere de la Caroline: dresse sur les memories le plus nouveaux, Call no. G1035 .C37
  • This represents the Charecke Nation : by Col. Herberts map & my own observations with the path to Charles Town, its course & (distance measured by my watch) the names of ye branches, rivers & creeks, as given them by ye traders along that nation / certified by me, George Hunter, 1730, Call No. G3860 1730 .H8 1877
  • Approximate Location of Baptist Churches, 1690-1783, Call no. BR555 .S6 A66
  • Carolina (Black and white map), by H. Moll, Geographer, 1722 or 1732, Call no. G3910 1722 .M6
  • Carolina Colored map), by H. Moll, Geographer, 1732, Call no. G3910 1732 .M6
  • The Town and Harbour of Charles Town in South Carolina, 1752, Call no. G3910 1752 .B68
  • South Carolina, 1775, Call no. G3910 1775 .S68
  • A New and Accurate Map of the Province of South Carolina in North America. Possibly from “The Universal Magazine” in 1779, Vol 64., 1779, Call no. G3910 1779 .N4
  • The State of South Carolina : from the best Authorities, by Samuel Lewis, 1759, Call no. G3910 1796 .L48
19th Century
  • Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of South Carolina (map with separate appendix), 1822, Call no. G3910 1822 .W55
  • Atlas of the state of South Carolina : . . . with a geographical, statistical and historical map of the state , by Robert Mills, 1825, Call no. G3910 1825 .M54
  • Pendleton District, South Carolina. Surveyed by Scribling, 1820 (improved for Mills’ Atlas), 1825, Call no. G3913.A6 1820 .M5
  • Georgetown District, South Carolina. Surveyed by William Hemingway, 1820 (improved for Mills’ Atlas), 1825, Call no. G3913.G4 1825 G4
  • Map of Marion County, South Carolina : A complete map…Original survey made by Harllee about 1815. Enlarged and improved May 1882 by P.Y. Bethea; (reverse) Marion District, South Carolina. Survey by Thos. Harlee, 1818. Improved for Mills’ Atlas, 1825, Call no. G3913.M3 1825 B4
  • The tourist's pocket map of South Carolina : exhibiting its internal improvements, roads, distances & c. / by J.H. Young ; engraved by F. Dankworth, 1835, Call no. G1305 .M57 1835
  • South Carolina. 1843, Call No. G3910 1843 .M67
  • Historical Map of Laurens County, South Carolina, 1845, Call no. G3913 .L3 1900z .H57
  • Coltons' South Carolina, 1855, Call no. G1305 .S68 1855b
  • South Carolina ; 1855, Call no. G1305 .S68 1855
  • Geognostic Map of Pickens District, South Carolina, by Oscar M. Lieber (illustration for Report on the survey of South Carolina), 1859, Call no. QE161 .R47
  • Map of South Carolina, showing the proportion of slaves in each county; 1861, Call no. E445 .S7 M3 1861
  • J.H. Colton's Topographical map of North and South Carolina, a large portion of Georgia & part of adjoining states, 1966, Call No. G3900 1861 .C6 1966 [reprint of J.H. Colton map of 1861]
  • Map of the Defences of Charleston City and Harbor, Showing also the Works Erected by the U.S. Forces in 1863 and 1864, Call no. G3914 .C4 1865 U6
  • Gray’s Atlas Map of South Carolina; (reverse) Gray’s Atlas Map of Georgia; 1874, Call no. G3920 1874 .G7
  • South Carolina, 1886, Call no. G1305 .S68 1886
  • Baptist churches in South Carolina prior to 1805, 1920?, Call no. BR555.S6 B36 1920
  • A Baptist map of the state of South Carolina : showing the location of all white Baptist churches in the state : together with the date of their organization, the number of their members & c.(1 copy and 1 template), 1895, Call no. BR555.S6 B365 1895
  • South Carolina, 1895, Call no. G1305.S68 1895
  • Western part of North and South Carolina, 1895, Call No. G3910 1895 .C72
  • North & South Carolina, 1898, Call No. G3910 1898 .N67
20th Century
  • North Carolina and South Carolina, 1901, Call no. G1305.S68 1901
  • South Carolina from the Latest Federal, State, and Transportation Surveys, 1905, Call no. G1305.S68 1905
  • South Carolina map from World Atlas and Gazetteer, with list of counties, principles cities, and towns of South Carolina, 1906, Call no. G1305.S68 1906
  • Soil map, South Carolina : Anderson County sheet, 1909, Call no. G3913.A6 1909 .S64
  • The Rand McNally new commercial atlas map of South Carolina, 1913, Call no. G1305.R36 1913
  • Rand McNally official 1922 auto trails map. District number 20 (West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama), 1922, Call no. G3860 1921 .R36
  • Rand McNally standard Map of South Carolina, 1923, Call no. G1305.R36 1923
  • Post route map of the state of South Carolina showing post offices with the intermediate distances on mail routes in operation on the 1st of February, 1923, published by the Postmaster General, Call no. G3911.P8 1923 .P67
  • The Geographical Publishing Company's premier map of South Carolina, 1936, Call no. G1305.G46 1936
  • South Carolina minor civil divisions, townships and school districts, 1940, Call No. G3911 1940 .S68
  • Rand McNally Standard Map of South Carolina, 1943, Call no. G1305.S68 1943
  • The Baptist Map of South Carolina, 1683-1947, SC Baptist Convention, (5 copies), Call no. BR555.S6 S67 1947
  • Highway map of North Carolina, South Carolina, 1951, Call no. G3910 1951
  • Rand McNally standard map of South Carolina, 1953, Call No. G1305 .R36 1953
  • General highway map : Lexington County, South Carolina, SC State Highway Department, 1958, Call no. G3913.L3 1958
  • General Highway map : Richland County, South Carolina ,SC State Highway Department, 1963, Call no. G3913.R5 1963
  • A map of the province of South Carolina with all the rivers, creeks, bays, inletts, islands, inland navigation, soundings, time of high water on the sea coast, roads, marshes, ferrys, bridges, swamps, parishes, churches, towns, townships, county, parish, district, and provincial lines. Humbly inscribed to the Honble. Lawlins Lowndes, Esgr. ... by their most obedt. & faithful servt. Jams. Cook. Thos. Bowen, sculpt, 1968 (reprinted from 1773 original), Call No. G1035.C66
  • South Carolina, 1900s, Call no. G1305.C2 S6 1900z
  • A history of the Bethel Baptist Association, (map of South Carolina, including rivers and counties), Call No. BX6248.S6 W37
  • Map of approaches to Charleston, S. C. / prepared from Maps of the U.S. Coast Survey. Naval War Records and Army War Records, Call No. G3914.C4 1922z .M36
  • SC Map tracking routes of William Henry Dayton, William Tennet III, and Oliver Hart (2 maps, 1 with rivers)
  • SC Map tracking routes of Dayton, Tennet, and Hart—cardboard backed with attached notes