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Richard D. Sawyer Historical Postcard Collection: Inventory

1. Anderson, SC: Panorama of Court House Square (Panoramic)

2. Army Division Postcards: 81st Division, 30th Division

3. Asheville, NC: Battery Park Hotel and Grounds (Panoramic)

4. Augusta, GA: Nicholson Buick Co.

5. Boazman, W. M.: The Last of the Confederacy

6. Brevard, NC: Conestee Falls

7. Caesar’s Head, SC: Caesar’s Head, Hotel, Lodge, The Swimming Pool, Raven Cliff Falls

8. Charleston, SC: Carolina Savings Bank, Barber-Colman Co.

9. Chicago, IL: R.D.F. News

10. Chick Springs, SC: Chick Springs Hotel, Lake, The Springs, The Song of Chick Springs, Watermelon Party, Ball Room.

11. Cleveland, SC: Greetings from Cleveland

12. Clinton, SC: Lydia Cotton Mills

13. Columbia, SC, Camp Jackson: Company Street, Infantry Barracks, Artillery Barracks, Major General Bailey and Staff, Regimental Street, Afternoon Sports, Army Truckers Headquarters, Officer Giving the Boys Guard Manual, Camp Jackson (Panoramic)

14. Columbus, GA: Swift Manufacturing Co.

15. Easley, SC: North Main Street, Easley Mill, Easley Graded School

16. Fountain Inn, SC: High School, Going South, Main Street, Presbyterian Church, Baptist Church, Methodist Church, Home and Study of Robert Quillen, Monument to Eve at the Home of Robert Quillen, Cannon’s Memorial Park, Plant of Julius Kayser and Co.

17. Greenville, Aerial Scenes: Bird’s Eye View (Panoramic), Airplane View of Business Section, Air View of Greenville

18. Greenville, Bob Jones University: Dixon-McKenzie Dining Common, Mack Memorial Library, Rodeheaver Auditorium, Administration Building, University Student Center, Alumni Building, Radio Station W. M. U. U., BJU Museum and Gallery, Nell Sunday Hall and Margaret Mack Hall, Fine Arts Building, Aerial Views, Gymnasium, Howell Memorial Science Building, Bob Jones University

19. Greenville, Camp Sevier: How I Feel When I Get No Mail, My Present Address is Camp Sevier, Camp Sevier Greenville, On Guard In The Sunny South, If This is Paris I Hope I Never See London, Guard Mount, Gay Paris, Greetings from Camp Sevier, Instructing Company, U.S. National Guard, Song of Camp Sevier, Camp Sevier’s Plank Affair, Mess Halls, Turning the Mess Hall into Sleeping Quarters, Pals in Camp, A Busy Street Scene, Celebration 30th Division, Troops of the 30th Division Trained at Camp Sevier, A Message from Camp Sevier, Machine Gun Squad Drilling, Company Orchestra, Range Pits, Loading Rifles, Squad Drill, Signaling, Practice March, The Beauty Shop, Setting Up Exercise, Company Inspection, Guard Mount, Awkward Squad, Horse Exercise, Eating Their Rations, Encampment Street, Row of Mess Halls, Drill Grounds, Quarters of Tenn. Troops, Quarters of S.C. Troops, 117th Inf. Quarters, Football Team of 117th Inf., 55th Depot Brigade, Post Office, Camp Library, Division Headquarters, Town of “Paris” at Sevier, Officer’s Quarters, A Quiet Hour

20. Greenville, Chicora College: Chicora College, Panoramic

21. Greenville, Churches, Baptist: First Baptist, Pendleton Street Baptist, Central Baptist, White Oak Baptist, Tabernacle Baptist

22. Greenville, Churches, Catholic: St. Mary’s, Monastery of St. Clare

23. Greenville, Churches, Episcopalian: Christ Church, Christ Church Cemetery

24. Greenville, Churches, General: Lutheran Church, St. James Memorial Church, Tremont Avenue Church of God

25. Greenville, Churches, Methodist: Buncombe Street, St. Paul M.E. Church, Pendleton Street

26. Greenville, Churches, Presbyterian: First Presbyterian, Second Presbyterian, Mitchell Road Presbyterian

27. Greenville, City Parks: Scenes in City Park, Lake at Cemetery Park, A Scene in McPherson Park, Springtime Scene in Cleveland Park, Beautiful Scenes in Cleveland Park, Municipal Swimming Pool in Cleveland Park, Pools in Beautiful McPherson Park, Woodlawn Memorial Park

28. Greenville, Commercial Businesses: Station W.B.F.C., The Greenville Steam Laundry, Purina Chick Feed, Barber-Colman Co.’s Repair Shop, The Wilson Co., Battery and Electric Co., Inc., The Sanitary Café, National Starch Company, Liberty Theater, Raylass Department Store, Gulf Service Station, Raysor Floral Co., Claude Casey and the Sagedusters, The Peddler Steak House, Pontiac Motors, Como’s Deli, Hobart Sales and Service, Ye Olde Fireplace, Vince Perone’s Delicatessen, Greenville Floral Co., Waldrep Bros., Seven Oaks Restaurant, Wonda Weave Carpets, Liberty Life Insurance Co., Fairway Ford, Texize Chemicals Inc., The Southern Home and Garden Show, Greenville Little Theatre-Show Boat, Greenville Co. Museum of Art, Hill Skills, Howard Johnson’s (Panoramic), Freedom Weekend Aloft, The Zentrum at BMW

29. Greenville, Donaldson Air Force Base: NCO Club, Greetings From Army Air Base, B-25 in Flight, Chapel, Retreat, I’m Do’n Ok, How Are You?, Planes at DAFB

1. Greenville, Downtown, Confederate Monument: Confederate Monument, Monument Place, Main Street Looking South (from Monument)

2. Greenville, Downtown, County Court House: Greenville Court House, Court House and Poinsett Hotel, Court House at Night

3. Greenville, Downtown, General: Interior of Carpenter Bros. Drug Store, Two SC Carolina Products, Cigar Factory, Exceptional Scene, Southeastern Life Building, The First National Bank Building, Auto, Fire Engine, and Crew, Sloan’s Drug Store, Realty Brokerage Co., News Building, Liberty Building, Davenport Apartment, The Mackey Mortuary, Springwood Cemetery, Toastee Restaurant, Vaughn’s Jewelry Store, Glendale Shop, Ivey’s of Greenville, First Federal Savings and Loan Association, Fidelity Federal Savings and Loan, Thomas MacAfee Funeral Home, Central Restaurant, Carpenter Bros. Store

4. Greenville, Downtown, High Rise Buildings: Woodside Building, Chamber of Commerce, Liberty Life Building, The South Carolina National Bank Building, Panoramic View of Main Street Showing the Tall Woodside Building, Calhoun Towers, Daniel Building

5. Greenville, Downtown, The Imperial Hotel: Imperial Hotel, Hotel Imperial, Greenville Hotel

6. Greenville, Downtown, Main Street: Mainstreet, Mainstreet (Panoramic), Snow Scene, Main Street Bridge, Bird’s Eye View of Main Street from Masonic Temple, Main Street Viaduct, Main Street from McBee Avenue, View on South Main Street, North Main Street, Panoramic View of Main Street, Main Street at Night, Main Street Looking East, Main Street Statue of Joel Poinsett

7. Greenville, Downtown, Main Street, “Looking North”: Main Street Looking North, Main Street Looking North Showing Viaduct

8. Greenville, Downtown, Main Street, “Looking South”: Main Street Looking South, Main Street at Coffee Looking South, South Main Street Looking South/North Main Street Looking South

9. Greenville, Downtown, Masonic Temple: Masonic Temple, Masonic Temple and Post Office, Post Office, Masonic Temple, and Greenville County Court House

10. Greenville, Downtown, Ottaray Hotel: The Ottaray Hotel, Hotel Ottaray, The Ottaray-M. Quin Prop, Ottaray Hotel, Confederate Monument, and Main Street, College Street from Ottaray Hotel

11. Greenville, Downtown, Poinsett Hotel: Lobby of Poinsett Hotel, The Poinsett Hotel, County Court House and Poinsett Hotel, The Poinsett Hotel Receipt of Favor, Hotel Poinsett, The Dining Room

12. Greenville, Downtown, Post Office: U.S. Court House, Post Office and Confederate Monument, Post Office, US Court House and Post Office, Court House and Post Office, Post Office and Masonic Temple, Government Building and Post Office, Main St. at Broad looking North, United States Post Office, U.S. Post Office Woodside Building to the Right

13. Greenville, Downtown, Public Buildings, General: The Record Building, Y.M.C.A., Public Library, Memorial Auditorium, Coliseum and Exhibit Hall Complex, Greenville County Library, Bi-Lo Center, Heritage Green, The Peace Center

14. Greenville, Downtown, Street Scenes/Cityscapes: Greenville “At Rest”, Corner of Lawrence and Buncombe Streets/ Macabee Street Looking East, Washington Street Looking West, Bird’s Eye View from Masonic Temple, Bird’s Eye view of Greenville from Furman University, Greenville, Downtown Greenville, Exciting Skyline

15. Greenville, Furman University, Men’s Old Campus: Judson-Alumni Hall, Alumni Hall, Main Building and Library, Furman College (Panoramic), Main Building and Carnegie Library, Drive –Furman University Campus, Carnegie Library, Furman University and Carnegie Library, Refectory, Science Hall, Richard Furman Hall and Library, John M. Geer Hall, Geer Hall, Chas S. Webb Memorial Infirmary, Gymnasium, Sirrine Stadium, Campus Scene, Main Building and Bell Tower

16. Greenville, Furman University, New Campus: Gate House, Looking Across Lake at Furman University, James Buchanan Duke Library, Panoramic View of Furman University, McAlister Auditorium, Judson Hall Girl’s Dormitory, Bell Tower, Classroom Building, Dining Hall from the Rose Garden, Administration Building, Bell Tower and Swimming Area, Aerial of Furman University

17. Greenville, Grade Schools: Graded School, Park School, Sacred Heart Academy, Greenville High School, Odd Fellows Orphan Home, Woodside School and Community Building, South Side School, Donaldson School, Central High School, Ursuline Academy of the Sacred Heart, Hayne School, Senior High School, Parker District High School

18. Greenville, Greenville-Spartanburg Airport: New Air Terminal, Municipal Airport, Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, Terminal Building, Aerial View of Greenville-Spartanburg Airport

19. Greenville, Greenville Technical College: Greenville Technical College, Greenville Tech

20. Greenville, Greenville Woman’s College: Greenville Female College, G.F.C., Greenville Female College (Panoramic), Greenville Female College Annex, Greenville Female College Class Day, Women’s College, Field Day at Female Baptist College, Greenville Women’s College, Fine Arts Building, Administration Building, Campus Scene at Greenville Women’s College

21. Greenville, Greeting Cards/Novelty Cards: Greetings From Greenville, Views of Greenville, Reproduction Reedy River Falls, I’ll Whisper I Love You In Greenville, SC, Greenville, Some Cornfed Chickens in Greenville, So Carolina, The Girls are Very Stingy in Greenville, SC, Wish You Were in Greenville, Py Gollys! How I Vish You Vas Back In Greenville Der One Best Town On Dis Map, County of Greenville SC, Greetings from Greenville, SC, I Saw A Lonely Chair at Sunday School Cause You Weren’t There

1. Greenville, Historic Homes: The Margaret House, Mountain Home, A Typical Southern Home, Elk’s Club/Poinsett Club, The Home of Theodosia Burr, Where Theodosia Burr Once Resided, Lowndes Hill, Residence of John T. Woodside and Fourth Presbyterian Church, Elks Home, Wilocres Residence of Chester M. Goodyear, A Modern Home Washington Street, Winter in the Lap of Spring, Country Club, An Old Colonial Home, Greenville Country Club, Beautiful Residences in Alta Vista, Gates Apartments, Sarah Simpson Gossett Home, The Carter Guest House, Mrs. Morgan’s Tourist Home, Whitehall, Kilgore-Lewis House, The Beattie Home

2. Greenville, Holmes Bible College: Holmes Bible College and Church, Holmes Memorial Church and Bible Institute, Holmes Memorial Church and Bible College

3. Greenville, Hospitals: The Corbett Home for Nervous Diseases and Addictions, Dr. Jervey’s Private Hospital, , City Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, Greenville General Hospital -Sims Memorial Building in Foreground, Drs. Banyon and Banyon Clinic, Entrance to St. Francis Hospital, Aerial View of Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, Aerial View of Greenville General Hospital, Shrine Hospital

4. Greenville, Mills, General: Huguenot Mill, Judson Mills, Hanna Cotton Mills, The Camperdown Cotton Mills, Union Bleachery, Dunean Mills, American Spinning Co.’s Mill, Judson Mills Store, Camperdown Mills and Reedy River Falls, Westervelt Mills, Southern Power Co’s Steam Emergency Plant, Weave Room in One of the Textile Milles in Greenville, Mills Mill

5. Greenville, Mills, Monaghan: Monigan Mills, Monaghan Cotton Mill, Monghan Mill, The Monaghan Mills

6. Greenville, Mills, The Old Mill: The Old Mill and the New, Old Mill and Falls, Old Stone Mill and Falls, The Old Mill at Sunset, Mill Scene Showing the Old and the New

7. Greenville, Mills, Poe: Poe Mill, F.W. Poe Co’s Cotton Mills, Cotton Mill of F.W. Poe, Poes Mills

8. Greenville, Mills, Woodside: Woodside Cotton Mills, Woodside Cotton Mills-Largest Cotton Mills Under One Roof

9. Greenville, Motels, Hotels, and Motor Courts: Catalina Hotel Court, Colonial Court Hotel, Collins Motor Court, Spanish Motor Court, Wade Hampton Motel, Auto Hotel Court, Cabana Inn, King’s Court (Panoramic), Best Western, Holiday Inn, TraveLodge, Town House Motel, University Park Motel, Sunset Tourist Court, Hill Top Inn, Collins Tourist Court, Traveleze Motel, Downtowner Motor Inn, Orvin Court, Orvin Inn, Hyatt Regency

10. Greenville, Paris Mountain: Bath House at Paris Mountain State Park, One of the Lakes at Paris Mountain State Park, Paris Mountain (Union Bleachery in Foreground), A Moonlight View of Paris Mountain, Swimming Pool at Paris Mountain State Park

11. Greenville, Personal Photograph Cards: 2 cards

12. Greenville, Railroads: Southern R.R. Depot, Southern Ry. Yards and Coal Chute, Southern Depot, Southern Railway Passenger Station, C & C.W. Depot, Southern Railway Station, Piedmont and Northern Terminal, Southern Railway Roundhouse, Interurban Electric Railway, Southern Railways Yards, P. and N. Train at Chick Springs, Greenville and Northern Railway Train, Piedmont and Northern Points of Interest

13. Greenville, Reedy River/Falls: Falls, Reedy River Falls, The Falls, Falls at Reedy River, A Glimpse of Greenville, Reedy River and Falls, View Along Reedy River, Reedy River in Winter, Looking Up Reedy River, Reedy River from Main Street Viaduct, Looking Up Reedy River from Main Street, Mill and Dam, Mill Dam, Falls at Greenville, Reedy River Falls Historic Park

14. Greenville, Residential Street Scenes: Broadus Avenue- A Residence Section, North Street looking West, Broadus Avenue, East Coffee Street looking West, North Main Street-A Residence Section, West Washington Street Looking West, College Street Looking West/Main Street Looking North, Views on Washington Street, Buncombe Street West, North Main Street, Pendleton Street

15. Greenville, Rural Scenes: Horse Show, Shoals Near Greenville, City Fish Pond, Cotton Field, The Lake-Greenville, Park Scene-Greenville, Hauling Cotton, “Moonshine Still” in the Heart of the Mountains Near Greenville, A Lake in Springwood, Super Highway Entering Greenville, A Greenville County Road, Three Mile View of the Geer Scenic Highway, Good Roads of Greenville County, The Mountain Highway Near Conestee Falls Between Asheville and Greenville, One of the Beautiful Highways Approaching Greenville, Greetings from Scenic Greenville, Greetings from Greenville

16. Greenville, Saluda River: Saluda River Dam, Saluda Dam & Power House, Saluda River, Lake Saluda Dam, The Saluda Lake, Saluda Power Plant, Saluda Rider by Night, Bridge Scene-Saluda River, Saluda River-Showing Dam

17. Greenville, San Souci/The Poinsett Club: Country Club, Poinsett Club, Sans Souci Country Club, Sans Souci Club

18. Greenville, Souvenir Folders: Souvenir Folder-Greenville, S.C., Souvenir Mail Card, Souvenir Folder of Greenville, Greetings from Greenville

19. Greenville, Textile Hall: Textile Hall, Aerial View of Textile Hall

20. Greenville, U.S. Postal Cards: 3 cards

1. Greenville County: Tiny Town Motor Court and Grill

2. Greenville County, Symmes Memorial Chapel, (“Pretty Place”): A View of the Mountains As Seen from Symmes Memorial Chapel

3. Greer, SC: Skyline Motor Court

4. Holiday Postcards: My Dear Little Friends (leather)

5. Honea Path, SC: The McCullough Farm

6. Knoxville, TN: United States Postal Card

7. Landrum, SC: Landrum, Main Street

8. Morristown, TN: United States of America Postal Card

9. Nashville, TN: J. H. Wilkes & Co. Commission Grain and Hay

10. Parris Island, SC: The Colors Pass in Review

11. Pelzer, SC: Cottage on Adger Street, Dam and Power House/Cotton Mill No. 4/Weave Room Mill No. 4, Aerial View, Cottage-Lebby Street, Upper Mill, Grade School

12. Piedmont, SC: Mill 1, 2, 3 and 4, Piedmont Inn and Oak Hill Park, Main St. Looking West, Stores and Opera House, Presbyterian Church, Y.M.C.A. Building, Piedmont High School, Piedmont Mills, Office of the Piedmont Meeting Co.

13. Rock Hill, SC: Anderson Motor Company

14. Seneca, SC: The Palmetto House

15. Simpsonville, SC: Simpsonville Drug Company Building, Simpsonville Methodist Church

16. Spartanburg, SC: American Red Cross Building-Camp Croft, The Spartan Inn

17. Spartanburg, SC, Camp Wadsworth: Bridge Over Gully, Snow in Camp Wadsworth, Cleaning Parade Grounds, On a Hike, Inspection, Division Headquarters, Setting Up Camp, Artillery Drill, Both Arms of the Service, Street Grading, Field Bakery, U.S. Post Office, Our Soldiers Building the Vanderbilt Highway, Y.M.C.A. The Soldiers’ Home Away From Home, Song of Camp Wadsworth, Auto Truck Co. No. 17, Times Square Broadway and 42d Street, Mess Halls at N.G. Encampment, Camp Scene, Street Scene, Company Street, Ward Building, A View in Camp Wadsworth, The “Guardhouse”, Officers Line, Ward Section, Regimental Street from Officers Row, Lecturing and Class Instruction in the Open, Blasting Tree Stumps, Typical Trenches, We Are On Our Way, Field Artillery In Action, Setting-Up Exercises, Soldier’s Dispatch (Panoramic)

18. Table Rock, SC: Table Rock, Table Rock Club and Mountain, City Reservoir and Table Rock, Night-Time Scene of City Reservoir and Table Rock Mountain, Beach at Table Rock State Park, Foothills Tranquility Scene

19. Taylors, SC: Buttonwood Manor Motor Court, First Baptist Church, Rimer Trailer Sales

20. Tigerville, SC, North Greenville Schools: Boy’s Home N.G.B.A., North Greenville High School, North Greenville College, Turner Auditorium-North Greenville Junior College, Campus-North Greenville Junior College, Aerial View-North Greenville Junior College, Men’s Dormitory-North Greenville Junior College

21. Travelers Rest, SC: Greetings and Best Wishes from Travelers Rest, I’ve Just Visited Joe’s Gift Shop, Nicoll’s Garage, Holly Farms Motel, Mark’s Motel, Guy’s Restaurant, Travelers Motel, Skyway Mobile Homes, Rainbow Mobile Home Estates

22. Twentynine Palms, CA: Hawk Ground to Air Missile

23. U.S.S. South Carolina: U.S.S. South Carolina, U.S. Battleship “South Carolina”

24. Waterloo, SC: Aerial View