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South Carolina Postcards

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Entrance "Buena Vista" Park (July 19, 1906)

Historic Brattonsville. "Hightower Hall"

Fort Sumter (Nov. 11, 1908)
St. Michael's Church (Mar. 20, 1909)
Walk in Magnolia Gardens

Capitol Building
Columbia College
Governor's Mansion (May 17, 1906)
The Campus, South Carolina College (1903)
Trinity Church (May 7, 1907)
University of South Carolina College grounds (May 8, 1907)
View in Grounds of College for Women (May 7, 1907)

Camp Sevier (1917-1918)

Advancing by Squads
Airing the Cots in the Company Street
Cavalry on Scout Duty
Daddy’s Last Goodbye
Division Headquarters
Down Toward Officer’s Row
Eating their Rations in the Company Street
General Camp View
In a Practice Trench
Officer Demonstrating Squad Movements by Use of Stones
Officer’s Quarters
On a Hike
Post Office
Route Marching
Route Marching
Row of Mess Halls


Central Baptist Church/Pendleton St. Baptist Church
Christ Church/Buncombe St. M.E. Church
Citadel Square Baptist Church (1856)
Episcopal Church, Church Street (1905-1910)
First Baptist Church (1905-1910)
First Baptist Church
First Presbyterian Church
M.E. Church (1915-1920)


A Modern Home. Washington Road (August 11, 1908)
A Typical Southern Home
The Old Cox Residence, North Main St. (January 24, 1908)
Where Theodosia Burr Once Resided (1905-1910)


Cotton Mill of F.W. Poe Mfg. Co.
Mill Dam (1905-1910)
Mill Dam (October 11, 1915)
Poe Mill (November 26, 1908)
Saluda Dam, Saluda Power Co.
The Camperdown Cotton Mills
The Old Mill and the New
The Old Mill at Sunset
The old Mill at Sunset (March 10, 1908)
Woodside Cotton Mills
Woodside Cotton Mill, Largest Cotton Mill Under One Roof (1905-1910)
Woodside Cotton Mills, "Largest Cotton Mills Under One Roof in the South." (1905-1910)


A Glimpse of Greenville
A Glimpse of Greenville (1908)
Caesar’s Head, The Mouth near Caesar’s Head Hotel (August 12, 1908)
Caesar’s Head, The Lion’s Head near Caesar’s Head Hotel
Caesar’s Head, Raven Cliff Falls near Caesar’s Head Hotel (September 26, 1908)
City Reservoir and Table Rock Mountain
Cotton Field/Paris Mountain Reservoir
Falls at Reedy River
Falls at Reedy River (1908)
Lake in Cemetery Park
Reedy River Falls (Aug. 18, 1911)
Saluda Lake
Saluda River Lake (1908)
Saluda River By Night, etc. (December 12, 1917)
Shoals near Greenville, S.C. (1908)
View Along Reedy River
View Near Chick Springs (Aug. 23, 1909)


Table Rock (swimming)
Cleveland park (swimming)


Illustrated Greenville South Carolina
Views of Greenville, S.C.
Confederate Monument
Confederate Monument (September 10, 1907)
Confederate Monument
The Last of the Confederacy
Greenville County Courthouse
Monument to the Confederate Dead
Poinsett Club (1905-1910)
Post Office
Post Office and Masonic Temple
Sans Souci Country Club (1905-1910)
Sans Souci Country Club (1908)
Sans Souci Country Club (1915-1920)
Sans Souci Country Club (1915-1920)
Sans Souci, Home of the Country Club
Southern Railway Yards (1905-1910)
Southern RR Depot
Southern RR Yards and Coal Chute (October 27, 1908)
Textile Hall
The Ottaray Hotel (8x)


Chicora College
Chicora College (1908)
Park School/Oaklawn School

Streets and Roads

Bird’s Eye View of Main Street, from Masonic Temple (1915-1920)
Broadus Avenue (1905-1910)
Broadus Avenue (1915-1920)
East Coffee Street, looking West (June 11, 1912)
Good Roads of Greenville County (1915-1920)
Main Street
Main Street ariel view
Main Street at night
Main Street ("At Rest" c. 1908)
Main Street (February 22, 1907)
Main St. Looking North, Showing Viaduct (1915-1920)
Main Street, Looking South
Main Street, Looking South (1908)
Main Street Looking South (January 3, 1908)
Main St. Looking South (1915-1920)
Main St. Viaduct (1905-1910)
North Main Street
North Main Street, a Residence Section (1905-1910)
Pendleton Street (1905-1910)
Reedy River from Main Street Viaduct (1905-1910)
Scene on Broadas Avenue (November 16, 1908)
Snow Scene, North Main St.
Upper Main Street
Upper Main Street (1908)
West Washington Street, looking East (1905-1910)

Courthouse (August 2, 1906)
Greenwood Cotton Mill (October 7, 1907)

Newberry College - Campus and Buildings (September 8, 190?)