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Holiday Postcard Collection
Thanksgiving Day postcard
"Thanksgiving Greetings," (T.F. 607), H.W. Taggart, 1909

Presidents Day/Washington's and Lincoln's Birthdays
  • "Here's to the Birthday We Now Celebrate" (Washington's Birthday), copyright S. Garre, 1908
  • "It's all very well, George..." (Washington's Birthday), L & E (no. 2242), 1910
  • "A Life without a stain; a fame without a flaw" (Washington's Birthday), (no. 2161), undated
  • "Lincoln's Address at Gettysburg," Raphael Tuck and Sons (series no. 155), undated
  • "Emancipation," Raphael Tuck and Sons (series no. 155), undated

Columbus Day
  • "Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria on the Washington Waterfront," Capsco Wholesalers Inc., undated
  • "Christopher Columbus meets King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella..." (scene from the American Heritage Wax Museum), Petley Studios, undated

  • “A Peaceful Thanksgiving,” copyright John Winsch, 1910
  • “Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving,” (no. 613), undated
  • “Hearty Thanksgiving,” copyright H. Wessler, 1910 (No. 684)
  • “Thanksgiving Day Greetings,” (No. 1119), undated
  • “Thanksgiving Day Greetings to You,” (Lillian Vernon Corp), undated
  • “Thanksgiving Greetings,” H.W. Taggart, NY. (T.F. 607) 1909
  • “Thanksgiving Greetings,” (450/22 No. 3941) copyright John Winsch, 1914
  • “Thanksgiving Greetings,” (Series 204 C) undated
  • “Thanksgiving Greetings,” undated
  • “Thanksgiving Greetings,” (Series 1533 A), undated
  • “Thanksgiving Greetings,” (Series 204 E), undated.
  • “Thanksgiving Greetings,” (Series 113 D) undated (ca. 1905)
  • “2. Thanksgiving Morning in the South,” (A-31689), ca. 1920