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Mill Resources
Postcard, "The Old Mill and the New, Greenville, SC"

Please note that items in bold are described in the Library's online catalog and you will need to review the catalog to obtain the call number of each item. Other items are described in guides in Special Collections and Archives. Also, please note that the term "American" includes South, Central, and North America.

I. Manuscript and Archival Materials
  • Bennet Eugene Geer Collection (1873-1964):
    A Furman alumnus, professor, trustee, and president, Geer also spent much of his life working with the textile industry in the upcountry. In 1911 he began work in the cotton mill industry and in 1913 he became the President and Treasurer of Judson Mills. Geer served as President of American Cotton Manufacturers Association from 1930-31 in addition to helping to found the Cotton Textile Institute. This collection consists mainly of correspondence and financial records from 1933-1938.
  • Rev. William Marion Whiteside Collection (1911-1961):
    After growing up on a North Carolina farm, Whiteside was ordained in 1899 and moved to Spartanburg where he served as minister of the Green Street Baptist Church and focused his ministry on missions to mill towns and efficiency in fund raising. The collection includes correspondence, sermons, and articles by Rev. Whiteside from 1908-1961.
  • South Caroliniana:
    - Batson Mill-Greenville; Burdett Mill-Greenville; Edwards Mill-Greenville; Mills-Greenville; Pelham Mill and Office-Greenville; Slater Mill; Textile Hall-Greenville; Textile, History; Postcard Collection
    - "Sudden Deluge Destroys Southern Cotton-Mills, costly factories swept away at Clifton and Pacolet, S.C., by a river swollen by a cloudburst," Leslie's Weekly, front page June 25, 1903, two photographs.
    - "Ruins of the Flood in South Carolina," unknown publication, page 1065, ca. June 1903, two photographs.
  • South Caroliniana Primary Collection: Upstate Business and Industry, C.H. Workman Mill in Cashville, SC (Box #9)
  • Pelham Mill Collection
  • Marjorie Barr O'Steen Family Collection:
    includes 3 drafts of O'Steen's unpublished book titled "Unto These Hills" set in an upcountry mill town between 1910 and 1930
II. Books and Published
  • Mill and town in South Carolina, 1880-1920, David L. Carlton, c.1982
  • Report on the cotton production of the state of South Carolina: with a discussion of general agricultural features of the state, Harry Hammond, 1884
  • Olympia Pacific: the way it was, 1895-1970, Alvin W. Byars, 1981
  • The cotton mills of South Carolina, 1907: letters written to the News and Courier, August Kohn, 1907
  • Woodside Baptist Church 1909-2009: 100 years of ministry, John R. Hall, 2009
  • Some educational and legislative needs of South Carolina mill villages, Thomas F. Parker, 1911
  • History of Mills Mill Baptist Church, 1913-1989, c.1989
  • The South Carolina cotton mill village: a manufacturer's view, Thomas F. Parker, 1910s
  • Textile mill families: a study of relationships betweeen home factors and conformity and non-conformity behavior to local mores in a Southern textile mill community, Everette Ozell Edwards, 1940
  • Wildflowers among the cotton seeds: childhood memories of growing up on the farms and in cotton mill villages in Greenville and Pickens Counties, South Carolina, 1941-1959, Doyle R. Porter, 2006
  • Eureka Mill, Ron Rash, 1998
  • Textile Town: Spartanburg County, South Carolina, ed. by Betsy Wakfield Teter, 2002
  • From muddy streets to green pastures, Geraldine Batson Jones, 2007
  • Linthead stomp: the creation of country music in the Piedmont South, Patrick Huber, 2008
  • Mill Village to Morotai: Some Memories of Harry Coggins' Life in the Woodside Mill Village ... and as a four engine bomber pilot, Harry Coggins, 2011
III. Microfilm in General Collection
  • New Deal labor pollicy and the Southern cotton textile industry, 1933-1941, James A. Hodges, 1976
IV. Reference
  • Textile leaders of the south, edited by L.P. Walker, 1963, J.R. Young, Reference Collection
V. Web Sites