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Henry Bacon McKoy Scrapbook Collection

A native of Wilmington, NC, Henry Bacon McKoy was born on September 21, 1893. He attended George Washington University and then served with the U.S. Army 105th Engineers in France in WWI. McKoy began his career as an engineer and marble inspector on the construction of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. He was a partner in the Morris-McKoy Company that built Furman University’s Sirrine Stadium in 1936. The Henry B. McKoy Construction Company and the McKoy-Helgerson Company constructed many buildings over the South. McKoy was interested in North and South Carolina history and wrote many books about local history and his family's genealogy. McKoy died in 1991.

This collection contains 9 scrapbooks that document the history, the people and the places of Greenville, SC through newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, maps, and brochures.

Book 1: “Records, Facts, Clippings, History,” (items date 1916-1960), Index

Book 2: “Greenville, SC. Records, Facts, Clippings, History, Pictures,” (items date 1867-1970), Index

Book 3: Clippings from the Tricentennial edition of the Greenville News, October 26, 1970 (dates covered 1785-1970), Index

Book 4: Clippings from the Greenville News, June 26, 1962 (dates covered 1768-1963), Index

Book 5: Clippings from the 100th Anniversary Edition of the Greenville News, February 26, 1974 (dates covered 1797-1920), Index

Book 6: "Greenville, SC." Clippings from the Greenville News, maps, brochures, correspondence, photographs (items date 1907-1975), Index

Book 7: "Greenville, SC." Clippings from the Greenville News, '46-'79; (dates covered 1824-1979), Index

Book 8: "Greenville, SC." Clippings from the Greenville News, '57, '70, '76, '78-'79 primarily covering historical buildings. Transcript of Henry B. McKoy diary, June 2 - July 7, 1919.

Book 9: “Greenville County Historical Society.” Correspondence, meeting notices, newspaper clippings, membership lists, newsletters (dates covered 1961-1978). Includes “Register of Historical Records in the Greenville, SC Area” compiled by the Greenville Historical Records Committee, October 15, 1961.