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The Mary Bridges Barr Family Collection: Inventory

Booklet: “Barr Family Letters 1863-1898: The Letters of Annie Bridges and Mamie Barr,” Transcribed by Mary and Laurie Copans, Brattleboro, Vermont, 1991
Folder 1: Ziah to Auntie, Barhamville Institute (January – April 1864)
Folder 2: To Cassie from Clara (February 24, 1866)
Folder 3: Letters from Annie to Aunt Clara (1863-1867)
Folder 4: Letters from Annie R. Bridges to Miss Sherwell (1865-1868) – includes a child’s glove
Folder 5: Letter from C. E. Williams to Alice and Mary on their grandfather’s death (May24, 1879)
Folder 6: Letters from F. E. Bridges to daughters Alice and Mary (1881-1884)
Folder 7: Letters from Annie Bridges (daughter of Frank and Sallie Bridges) to sisters Alice and Mary about F. E. Bridges health and death (1885)
Folder 8: “Love Letter” from George T. Barr to Mary (“Mamie”) Bridges (1886)
Folder 9: Letter to Miss Clara Barr from Anna Triggs Bryan (Sept. 13, 1888)
Folder 10: From Clara to Mamie just after marriage (1889)
Folder 11: Letters between Clara and Grandmother (c. 1894)
Folder 12: To Alice and Mamie on death of Aunt Annie (December 9, 1896)
Folder 13: To George from Mary (1889, 1898)
Folder 14: Sympathy for Evander’s death (1898)
Folder 15: Letter to George from Daylight (September 14, 1898)
Folder 16: Letters to Mary while she was sick (1898)
Folder 17: Van to George and John – loss of crops (October 1898, Whitehall)
Folder 18: Sympathy to George Barr at Mary’s death (1898)
Folder 19: Letter from Miss Sherwell to Clara Speights (July 28, 18--)
Folder 20: Letters from F. E. Bridges and Sallie to Cousin Clara (undated)
Folder 21: To Mary Bridges Barr at the birth of Mamie (undated)
Folder 22: Letter to Mary Bridges Barr from Ophelia Lovelace (undated)
Folder 23: Empty Envelopes
Folder 24: Family Memorabilia (1863-1898)
Folder 25: The Bridges and Barr Family Tree