Stained glass window
Mary Bridges Barr
Photograph of Mary "Mamie" Bridges Barr.

Annie “Ziah” R. married Frank E. Bridges, and they had two daughters, Alice and Mary “Mamie” Bridges. She kept a regular correspondence with her Aunt Clara and her close friend, Miss Sherwell. Annie died when her daughters were still young. Frank Bridges later married Sallie and had a daughter named Annie. Alice and Mamie attended Greenville Female College (GFC) once they moved from Hendersonville, SC to Greenville. They became friends with Bessie and Annie Barr, whom they met at GFC. Bessie and Annie were sisters to George T. Barr, Mamie’s future husband. George and Mamie had at least four children. Their daughter, Marjorie, would become wife to William T. O’Steen and mother to Marjorie O’Steen. Mary “Mamie” Bridges Barr died in December 1898 of tuberculosis.