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Resources on Christianity
Page of the New Testament translated into Mongolian
by Edward Stallybrass and William Swan, 1846
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*For resources on the Baptist denomination, please see the South Carolina Baptist Historical Collection.

*For resources prior to the 18th century, please see the Protestant Reformation research by subject guide.

I. Manuscript and Archival
  • Gutenberg Bible, one leaf, Facsimile Leaf Examples Collection.
  • Poteat Family Collection, contains the essays "Mexico and the Catholic Church" by Joseph Lewis and "Roman Catholic in Legislation," by an unknown author. Both were written in the early- to mid-20th century.
  • Ollin Jackson Owens Collection, contains the academic paper "The Catholic Tradition," written in the early-to-mid 20th century.
  • L. D. Johnson Collection, contains drafts of books, Sunday School lessons, and newspaper columns on aspects of Christianity, written by the Furman University chaplain from 1967-1981.
  • Historical Records of Furman University, contains materials from the Lutheran Club at Furman University.
  • Postcard Collections, contain images of various church buildings across South Carolina in the early 20th century.
  • Religion in Life Lecture Series, contains a cassette recording of a lecture by Oscar Burnett and Glenn Igleheart, made on March 27, 1985, titled "Christ, His Church, and Us: A Protestant - Catholic Dialogue"
  • Glen Clayton Collection, contains the essay "Concerning My Decision to Become a Roman Catholic” by Joe M. King, ca. 1990, and The Book of Common Prayer, the Standard of Doctrine, Discipline, and Worship of the Protestant Episcopal Church, A Sermon, by the Rev. Cameron McRoe, 1849.
  • Capturing the spirit of St. Francis, CD recording of a Catholic Campus Ministry service held on February 1, 2012, by Fr. Dominic Monti, in Daniel Chapel.
II. Books and Published Materials

*For a list of Bibles owned by Special Collections, please see the Subject Heading "Bible" in the library's online catalog.
  • An Original History of the Religous Demoniations at present existing in the United States, I. Daniel Rupp, 1844
  • The Gospel of St. John: a series of discourses, Frederick Denison Maurice, 1886
  • Writings of the Rev. Dr. Thomas Cranmer, Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556), 1860s
  • The clergyman and people's remembrancer; or, An essay upon the importance of the ministerial character, as connected with a pure and evangelical style of preaching, agreeable to the doctrines and articles of our Episcopal Church, William Percy, 1808-1809
  • The works of Laurence Sterne, A.M., in eight volumes, Laurence Sterne, 1795
  • The coming Catholic Church: how the faithful are shaping a new American Catholicism, David Gibson, 2004
  • Church music in Charleston, South Carolina before 1860, Lanny R. McManus, 1989
  • Summons to witness to Christ in today's world: a report on the Baptist-Roman Catholic international conversations, 1984-1988, Sponsored by the Commission on Baptist Doctrine and Interchurch Cooperation of the Baptist World Alliance and the Vatican Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, 1988
  • Sermones Ratherii Episcopi Veronensis, edited by Benny R. Reece, 1969
  • The time and place of baptism; a historical synopsis and a commentary, Walter J. Conway, 1954
  • The Liber usualis, with introduction and rubrics in English, edited by the Benedictines of Solesmes, 1952
  • The Catholic doctrine in one hundred sentences: a guide in the oral instruction of adults of limited time and education, Peter Geiermann, 1910
  • Organic Christianity: or, The church of God with its officers and government and its divisions and variations both in ancient medieval and modern times embracing a thorough exposition and defence of church democracy, Leicester A. Sawyer, 1854
  • The Catholic almanac for 1847, 1847
  • Letters concerning the Roman Chancery, Richard Fuller and John England, 1840
  • The Roman Catholic claims a question not of religious liberty, but of political expediency: an address to the Protestant dissenters of Great Britain, assigning reasons why, (in reference to that subject), they should maintain the most strict neutrality; with an appendix containing the letter of the Pope to the Arch-priest Blackwell, against the oath of allegiance in 1607, the protestation of the English Roman Catholics in 1790, copied from the original in the British Museum; and proceedings of the "British and Foreign Unitarian Association," May 28, 1828, Joseph Ivimey, 1828, Microfilm
  • Corpus juris canonici emendatum et notis illustratum. Gregorii XIII. pontif. max. jussu editum. Indicibus titulorum & canonum omnium novâ methodo concinnatis, et appendice Pauli Lancellotti perusini adauctum ... Accesserunt novissimè loci communes uberrimi, 1696
  • The works of the Rev. Daniel M'Calla, to which is prefixed a funeral discourse, containing a sketch of the life and character of the author, Rev. William Hollinshead, ca. 1810
  • A history of Trinity Lutheran Church, Greenville, South Carolina, Ellen Geiger Vassy Walker, 1960
  • History of the German settlements and of the Lutheran church in North and South Carolina: from the earliest period of the colonization of the Dutch, German, and Swiss settlers to the close of the first half of the present century, G.D. Bernheim, 1872
  • History of the American Lutheran Church, from its commencement in the year of our Lord 1685, to the year 1842, Ernest L. Hazelius, 1846
  • Corpus doctrinae, das ist die Summa, Form und fürbilde der reinen Christlichen Lehre, aus der heiligen Göttlichen Schrifft der Propheten und Aposteln zusammen gezogen: Darinn folgende Schrifften begriffen: Die Drey Hauptsymbola, Apostolicum, Nicaenum, und Athanasianum, Die Augspürgische Confession, 1576
  • The history of John Wesley United Methodist Church, compiled and researched by Fred W. Bostic, 2006
  • United Methodist ministers in South Carolina, Morgan David Arant, Jr. and Nancy McCracken Arant, co-editors; including A history of South Carolina United Methodism by Archie Vernon Huff, Jr.; illustrated by Bruce Arthur Sayre, 1985
  • Tried by fire: Washington Street United Methodist Church, Columbia, South Carolina, Archie Vernon Huff, Jr, 1975
  • A comparasion of the preparation for counseling of Baptist ministers with that of Methodist ministers, Norman Roscoe Lewis, 1966
  • The doctrines and discipline of the Southern Methodist Church 1962, 1962
  • The southern negro in the Methodist Episcopal church, Frank Kenneth Pool, 1939
  • Life and labors of Mrs. Maggie Newton Van Cott: the first lady licensed to preach in the Methodist Episcopal church in the United States, Rev. John O. Foster; with an introduction by Rev. Gilbert Haven and Rev. David Sherman, 1872
  • Life of William Capers, D. D., one of the bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South; including an autobiography, William M. Wightman, 1859
  • A discussion on Methodist Episcopacy, between Rev. E. J. Hamill and Samuel Henderson; published at the mutual request of Baptists and Methodists, E. J. Hamill and Samuel Henderson, 1856
  • Constitution and discipline of the Methodist Protestant Church, 1839
  • The life of Rev. John Wesley, A.M.: sometime Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, founder of the Methodist Societies, Richard Watson, 1831
  • The church of our dreams: the first fifty years of John Knox Presbyterian Church, E. Grantland Burns, 2006
  • History of the Presbyterian Church in South Carolina since 1850, edited by F. D. Jones, D. D. and W. H. Mills, D. D., 1926
  • A short story of Presbyterian Church life in Greenville: its organizations and beginnings: seventy-fifth anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church, 1848-1923, A.G. Gower, 1923
  • Complete works of Rev. Thomas Smyth, D. D., Edited by Prof. J. Wm. Flinn ... New ed. with brief notes and prefaces. Biographical sketch in last volume, 1908-1912
  • History of the Presbyterian Church in South Carolina, George Howe. Prepared by order of the Synod of South Carolina, 1870-1883
  • History of Williamsburg church. A discourse delivered on occasion of the 120th anniversary of the organization of the Williamsburg church, July 4th, 1856. Kingstree, S.C. With notes and an appendix, Rev. James A. Wallace, 1856
  • Seeking the kingdom of God. A missionary sermon, to the synod of South-Carolina, Rev. P. E. Bishop, 1852
  • Southern Presbyterian review, vols. 3-5; 7, 1847-
  • The Westminster assemblys Shorter catechism explained, by way of question and answer. By several ministers of the gospel, James Fisher et al., 1840
  • Manual for the use of the members of the Second Presbyterian Church, Charleston, S.C., prepared under the direction of the Church by the Rev. Thomas Smyth, pastor, 1838
  • A history of the Presbyterian and general Baptist churches in the west of England: with memoirs of some of their pastors, Jerom Murch, 1835, Microfilm
  • A debate on Christian baptism: between the Rev. W. L. MacCalla, a Presbyterian teacher, and Alexander Campbell, held at Washington, Ky. commencing on the 15th and terminating on the 21st Oct. 1823, in the presence of a very numerous and respectable congregation; in which are interspersed and to which are added animadversions on different treaties on the same subject, written by Dr. J. Mason, Dr. S. Ralston, Rev. E. Pond, Rev. J. P. Campbell, Rector Armstrong, and the Rev. J. Walker, Alexander Campbell, 1824
  • A Discussion upon the question, whether the papal church is a Christian church; or, The Apolyptical anti-Christ, Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of harlots and abominations of the earth, 1836
  • The Romish Controversy: being a series of essays and letters on some of the leading doctrines of the Church of Rome. To which is added, a sermon on the encouragements to the propagation of the gospel, preached at Surrey Chapel, London, Alexander Carson, 1854
  • The controversy between Senator Brooks and "+John," archbishop of New York: growing out of the speech of Senator Brooks on the Church property bill: in the N.Y. State Senate, March 6, 1855, arranged for publication, with an introductory preface, by W.S. Tisdale, 1855
  • Baptist facts against Methodist fictions, A.C. Dayton, 1859
  • The Catholic controversy in the New Testament light, Rev. J.H. Boldridge, 1922
III. Microfilm
  • Early Quaker records [1750-1815], Quaker Churches, South Carolina, [compiled by Thomas W. Marshall]
IV. Reference and Other Materials in the General Collection
  • The encyclopedia of Christianity, editors, Erwin Fahlbusch et al; translator and English-language editor, Geoffrey W. Bromiley; statistical editor, David B. Barrett; foreword, Jaroslav Pelikan, 1999-2008, Reference Collection
  • Encyclopedia of women and religion in North America, edited by Rosemary Skinner Keller and Rosemary Radford Ruether; associate editor, Marie Cantlon, 2006, Reference Collection
  • The Oxford dictionary of the Christian Church, edited by F.L. Cross, 2005, Reference Collection
  • Handbook of denominations in the United States, Frank S. Mead, 1995, Reference Collection

  • Encyclopedia of Catholic social thought, social science, and social policy, edited by Michael L. Coulter et al., 2007, Reference Collection
  • The American Catholic Bible in the nineteenth century: a catalog of English language editions, Sidney K. Ohlhausen, 2006, Reference Collection
  • Encyclopedia of Catholic literature, edited by Mary R. Reichardt, 2004, Reference Collection
  • Historical dictionary of Catholicism, William J. Collinge, 1997, Reference Collection
  • Handbook of Catholic theology, edited by Wolfgang Beinert, Francis Schüssler Fiorenza, 1995

  • The A to Z of Lutheranism, Günther Gassmann; in cooperation with Duane H. Larson and Mark W. Oldenburg, 2007, Reference Collection
  • Historical dictionary of Lutheranism, Günther Gassmann; in cooperation with Duane H. Larson and Mark W. Oldenburg, 2001, Reference Collection

  • Historical dictionary of Methodism, edited by Charles Yrigoyen, Jr. and Susan E. Warrick, 2005, Reference Collection

  • Encyclopedia of the Reformed faith, Donald K. McKim, editor; David F. Wright, consulting editor, 1992, Reference Collection
V. Online Resources at Furman
VI. Web Sites