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Reference Materials
  • Microfilm: Wallace Stevens: the application of his theory of poetry to his poems, Daniel J. Schneider , 1957
  • Poetic Closure: A Study of How Poems End, Barbara Herrnstein Smith
  • Worlds Into Words: Understanding Modern Poems, Diane Wood Middlebrook, 1978
  • Conversations with South Carolina poets by Gayle R. Swanson and William B. Thesing ; with a foreword by James Dickey, 1986 [Gilbert Allen, Alice Cabaniss, Stephen Corey, Susan Ludvigson, Bernard Meredith, Ennis Rees, Bennie Lee Sinclair, Tommy Scott Young]
  • The Cure of Poetry in an Age of Prose: Moral Essays on the Poet's Calling, Mary Kinzie, 1993
  • A Poetry Handbook, Mary Oliver, 1994
  • Lights, Camera, Poetry!: American Movie Poems, the First Hundred Years, edited by Jason Shincer, 1996
  • Movement and Modernism: Yeats, Eliot, Lawrence, Williams, and Early Twentieth-Century Dance, Terri A. Mester, 1997
  • Women and Poetry: Truth, Autobiography, and the Shape of the Self, Carol Muske, 1997
  • The heart as a drum : continuance and resistance in American Indian poetry, Robin Riley Fast, 1999
  • The Demon and the Angel: Searching for the Source of Artistic Inspiration, Edward HIrsch, 2003