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Susan Meyers Collection: 2010 Accessions

Folder 1: Articles
Folder 2: Awards
Folder 3: Capital Bookfest
Folder 4: Charleston County School of the Arts
Folder 5: Coastal Carolina OLLI Brochures
Folder 6: Correspondence
Folder 7: Invitations
Folder 8: Legal and Financial Forms
Folder 9: Lowcountry Women Authors Holiday Book Signing
Folder 10: The North Carolina Poetry Society
Folder 11: North Carolina Writers Conference
Folder 12: Photographs
Folder 13: Poems by Susan Meyers
Folder 14: Poetry Announcements and Reviews
Folder 15: The Poetry Society of South Carolina
Folder 16: Poetry Workshops
Folder 17: Reviews by Susan Meyers
Folder 18: SC Book Festival
Folder 19: Various Events

Folder 1: "The 2009 Palmetto Bookcase," University of South Carolina Press
Folder 2: "Award Winning Poems," North Carolina Poetry Society
Folder 3: "Beyond the Red Barn: Poems Celebrating the Art of Farming in South Carolina," Ed. by Carrie Young
Folder 4: "Cave Wall"
Folder 5: "Emry's Journal"
Folder 6: "Pinesong Awards"
Folder 7: "The Poetry Society of South Carolina"
Folder 8: "Queens: The Magazine of Queens University Charlotte"
Folder 9: "Sam Ragan: The Man, His Words"
Folder 10: "The South Carolina Review, Clemson University"
Folder 11: "Tar River Poetry"
Folder 12: "Undefined"
Folder 13: "USC Printing Press- Spring & Summer 2009"
Folder 14: "Yemassee"

  • Review Revue
  • SC Book Festival Programs