Stained glass window
Susan Meyers Collection: 2008 Accessions

Folder 1: Articles
Folder 2: Education
Folder 3: Personal Correspondence
Folder 4: Professional Correspondence
Folder 5: Biographical Information
Folder 6: Articles written by Susan Meyers
Folder 7: Photos
Folder 8: Publications
Folder 9: Awards
Folder 10: Reviews by Susan Meyers
Folder 11: Keep and Give Away Reviews
Folder 12: Keep and Give Away Promotions
Folder 13: Keep and Give Away Awards

Folder 1: South Carolina Book Festival
Folder 2: Newsletters
Folder 3: Pure Poetry
Folder 4: Tea and Poetry Series
Folder 5: South Carolina Poetry Initiative
Folder 6: Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming
Folder 7: Poetry Society of South Carolina
Folder 8: Piccolo Spoleto Festival
Folder 9: North Carolina Poetry
Folder 10: From Painting to Poem: Making the Connection
Folder 11: Young People’s Poetry Contest
Folder 12: Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA)
Folder 13: The Southern Review
Folder 14: Gibbes Museum of Art
Folder 15: “The Best of Both” Exhibit
Folder 16: “A Millennial Sampler of South Carolina Poetry”
Folder 17: Single-Poem Contest
Folder 18: Poetry at Noon
Folder 19: Low-Residency MFA Program at Queens
Folder 20: “The Hat Man Speaks”
Folder 21: National Poetry Month readings
Folder 22: Earth Day: Poetry for the Planet
Folder 23: Stories for Life Festival
Folder 24: Poetry GSO
Folder 25: Charleston County School of Arts
Folder 26: Monday Night Blues
Folder 27: Poetrio
Folder 28: Charleston County Public Library
Folder 29: Events
Folder 30: Royalties
Folder 31: Poetry for Special Occasions
Folder 32: The Fortner Writers’ Forum St. Andrews Presbyterian College