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Gilbert Allen Collection: Biography
Born in New York, Gilbert Allen moved to the Foothills of South Carolina in 1977 with his wife, Barbara, where he has lived since. Allen attended Cornell University where he received his BA, MFA, and PhD. Allen currently teaches at Furman University where he is the Bennette E. Geer Professor of Literature. Allen's poetry collections include In Everything, Second Chances, Commandments at Eleven, and Driving to Distraction. His works have appeared in numerous anthologies and he has even participated in publishing anthologies including The Ninety Six Sampler of South Carolina Poetry, which has been used as a textbook in many schools across the state, and A Millennial Sampler of South Carolina Poetry, published in 2005. In May 1999, Allen was elected an honorary member of South Carolina’s Gamma Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa in recognition of his achievements. He was the 2002-03 recipient of the South Carolina Literary Arts Fellowship from the South Carolina Arts Commission. He also hosted a symposium at Furman titled "The Great Grassy World from Both Sides": Poets as Editors, Editors as Poets. In 2007, his series of poems "The Assistant" received the Robert Penn Warren Prize from The Southern Review.