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Examples of Nineteenth Century Newspapers and Periodicals

Please note that items in italics are described in the Library's online catalog and you will need to review the catalog to obtain the call number of each item. All other items are described in guides in Special Collections and Archives.

I. Books and Published Materials

  • Charleston Courier newspaper, August 13, 1806. This paper contains advertisements and articles related to various topics, such as slavery and race relations, agriculture, health, and medicine.
  • New Hampshire Patriot newspaper, July 30, 1816. This paper contains advertisements and articles on various topics including slavery and race relations, agriculture, nature, health, medicine, and death
  • Daily National Intelligence, Washington D.C. newspaper, August 7, 1827. This paper contains rewards and sales advertisements for runaway slaves.
  • Christian Index, 1829-1832
  • The Southern Baptist and General Intelligencer a/k/a/ The Southern Baptist 1836-1867, scattered issues
  • The Primitive Baptist, Jan-May 1838
  • The Columbian Star and Christian Index, July 1829-Dec. 1830, July 1831-June 1833
  • The Baptist Guardian, September 15, 1848
  • The Yankee Blade, August 1848 - August 1849
  • The Charleston Mercury newspaper, January 15, 1849. This particular paper contains advertisements and articles on such topics as Slavery, race relations, crime, violence, health, medicine, disease, death, and nature.
  • The Connecticut Courant newspaper, May 12, 1860. This newspapers contains advertisements and articles on slavery, race relations, medicine, disease, death, agriculture and events leading up to the Civil War.
  • Charleston Daily Courier newspaper, May 17, 1860. This paper contains articles and advertisements for topics like Slavery and Race Relations, Health, Medicine, and a letter from a prominent Civil War secessionist and Congressman, Howell Cobb, about the Union.
  • New-York Tribune newspaper, February 19, 1862. This paper contains articles and advertisements on many different topics such as slavery, race relations, and the Civil War. For example there are a couple of articles about the Sea Island Slaves of South Carolina. It also covers Civil War events such as the Battle of Fort Donelson, and funding for the Union military.
  • The Confederate Baptist, Oct. 1862-Dec. 1864
  • The Weekly Register/Niles Weekly Register, 1814-1837
  • Frank Leslie's Illustrated, Nov. 24, 1860 - Nov. 16, 1861 and Sept 24, 1864 - Dec. 30, 1865.
  • Kind Words for the Sunday School Children, 1866, 1886, 1890, 1892
  • The Working Christian/ The Baptist Courier, 1869 to present

  • The New-York mirror, and ladies' literary gazette, 1830
  • The New-York mirror, 1830-1842
  • The American almanac and repository of useful knowledge, 1830-1853, 1861
  • 80 Godey's Full Color Fashion Plates, 1838-1880
  • Godey's lady's book, 1842-1882, scattered volumes
  • The Southern Review, 1828-1832
  • Southern Literary Messenger, 1834-1864
  • The Southern Quarterly Review, 1842-1857
  • De Bow's Review of the Southern and Western States, 1850-1852
  • De Bow's Review, 1853-1862
  • The American review: a Whig journal of politics, literature, art, and science 1845-1852
  • Harper's Magazine, 1852-1860; 1890-1891
  • Putnam's monthly magazine of American literature, science and art, 1853-1870
  • Graham's magazine, 1841-1856; Graham's illustrated magazine, 1856-1858
  • The American review: a Whig journal of politics, literature, art, and science 1845-1850
  • Harper's Weekly Map, Nov. 23, 1861 showing proportion of slaves in each county
  • De Bow's Commercial Review of the South and West, 1864-1850
  • Women's 19th century Popular Magazine Collection - single issues 1875, 1898
  • Harper's Bazaar, 1881
  • Victorian fashions and costumes from Harper's Bazaar, 1867-1898 Stella Blum, 1974
  • A history of popular women's magazines in the United States, 1792-1995, Mary Ellen Zuckerman, 1998
  • See also: Baptist Newspapers and Periodicals web page
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