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Patrick McGill Family Papers: Inventory

Folder 1 Undated
Folder 2: 1810-1819
Folder 3: 1820-1829
Folder 4: 1830-1834
Folder 5: 1835-1839, contains a letter regarding a "servant" boy, 1836
Folder 6: 1840-1844, contains a receipt for hiring out a slave boy named Henry
Folder 7: 1845-1849, contains a blacksmithing bill which includes an item for several slave hands building a fence
Folder 8: 1850-1854, contains a bill for building a slave quarters, 1851; and a bill with a note regarding the style of Patrick McGill, Jr.'s sister's bonnet
Folder 9: 1855-1859, contains a letter regarding hands on the railroad putting out a fire, 1857; a medical bill which includes visits to a slave child, 1858-1860; and a letter regarding selling slaves, 1859
Folder 10: 1860-1869, contains a medical bill for delivering a child for a slave woman named Eliza, as well as providing medicine for a slave child, 1861; a receipt for slaves who were bequeathed in Patrick McGill, Jr.'s will, 1863; 2 receipts for cotton cloth for slaves; and a medical bill for extracting a Black child's tooth, 1867
Folder 11: 1870-1879
Folder 12: 1880-1889
Folder 13: Research

A more detailed version of the inventory is available upon request.