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Koala from A hand-book to the marsupialia and monotremata, Richard Lydekker
"Koala" from A hand-book to the marsupialia and monotremata by Richard Lydekker

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Manuscript and Archival
  • John L. Plyler, Jr. Postcard Collection: contains postcards of African wildlife.
  • Diane Hopkins-Hughs Collection: contains National Geographic magazines from 1961 through 1991 with features on animal species and their habitats from throughout the world.

18th century
  • The natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama islands ..., Mark Catesby, reproduction of 1731-1743 edition, published in 1972, first natural history of America
19th century
  • The birds of America: a selection of plates facsimile, [from original drawings by] John James Audubon, reprinted from the London 1827-1838 edition
  • The gentleman's new pocket farrier, comprising a general description of the noble and useful animal, the horse; together with the quickest and simplest mode of fattening ... Also, a concise account of the diseases to which the horse is subject; with such remedies as long experience has proved to be effectual, Richard Mason, 1830
  • The book of nature, John Mason Good, M.D., 1835
  • An introduction to the modern classification of insects; founded on the natural habits and corresponding organisation of the different families, J. O. Westwood, 1839-1840
  • An introduction to entomology; or, Elements of the natural history of insects: comprising an account of noxious and useful insects, of their metamorphoses, food, stratagems, habitations, societies, motions, noises, hybernation, instinct, etc., etc., with plates, William Kirby ... and William Spence ., 1846
  • Elements of ornithology : prepared for the use of schools and colleges, W.S.W. Ruschenberger; from the text of Milne Edwards and Achille Comte, 1847
  • Elements of ornithology: prepared for the use of schools and colleges, W.S.W. Ruschenberger; from the text of Milne Edwards and Achille Comte, 1847
  • Contributions to the natural history of the United States of America, Louis Agassiz, 1857-1862
  • The tropical world: a popular scientific account of the natural history of the animal and vegetable kingdoms in the equatorial regions, Dr. G. Hartwig, 1863
  • The sea and its living wonders; a popular account of the marvels of the deep, Georg Hartwig, 1866
  • Johnson's household book of nature: containing full and interesting descriptions of the animal kingdom, based upon the writings of the eminent naturalists Audubon, Wallace, Brehm, Wood, and others; edited by Hugh Craig, 1880
  • History of North American pinnipeds: a monograph of the walruses, sea-lions, sea-bears and seals of North America, Joel Asaph Allen, 1880
  • Animal life as affected by the natural conditions of existence. With two maps and one hundred and six woodcuts, Karl Semper..., 1881
  • A hand-book to the carnivora. Part 1, Cats, civets, and mungooses, Richard Lydekker, n.d.
  • A hand-book to the primates, Henry O. Forbes, 1894
  • A hand-book to the marsupialia and monotremata, Richard Lydekker
  • A hand-book to the order Lepidoptera, W. F. Kirby, 1894-1897
  • A handbook to the game-birds, W.R. Ogilvie-Grant, 1895-97
  • Aaron in the wildwoods, Joel Chandler Harris; illustrated by Oliver Herford, 1897
  • Discourses biological and geological, Thomas H. Huxley, 1897
20th century
  • Animal mechanism: a treatise on terrestrial and aerial locomotion, with one hundred and seventeen illustrations, drawn and engraved under the supervision of the author, E.J. Marey, 1906
  • The mountains of California, John Muir, 1907
  • Pendleton Farmers Society, 1908
  • Handbook of nature-study for teachers and parents, based on the Cornell nature-study leaflets, with much additional material and many new illustrations, Anna Botsford Comstock, 1911
  • Morceaux choisis, Georges Louis Leclerc Buffon, 1920
  • The Happy Hunting Ground, A.S. Salley, 1926
  • The Nature Lover's Knapsack: An Anthology of Poems for Lovers of the Open Road edited by Edwin Osgood Grover, 1927
  • Adventures in Green Places, Herbert Ravenel Sass, 1935
  • My Health is Better in November, Havilah Babcock, 1947
  • Rice Planter & Sportsman: the Recollections of J. Motte Alston, 1821-1909, ed. Arney R. Childs, 1953
  • The original water-color paintings by John James Audubon for the birds of America, reproduced in color for the first time from the collection at the New York Historical Society; introduction by Marshall B. Davidson, 1966 (numbered 626 of 750)
  • South Carolina Birds of the Foothills, Jay Shuler, 1966
  • Buckshot and Hounds, Chapman J. Milling, 1967
  • Lost Heritage, Henry Savage Jr., 1970
  • Grzimek's Animal life encyclopedia, Bernhard Grzimek, editor-in-chief, vols. 4-11, 1972
  • Wisdom of the wilds, Guy B. Funderburk, 1980
  • Raptor rehabilitation: diagnosis, treatment, and release, Peter Conroy, 1981
  • Audubon's Birds of America, edited by Roger Tory Peterson & Virginia Marie Peterson, 1981
  • A great sign of land: Columbus and the sea-birds: ornithology and navigation in 1492, edited by John Parker; with illustrations by Rachel Ketchum, 1992
  • Population dynamics in ecological space and time, eds. Olin E. Rhodes, Jr., Ronald K. Chesser, and Michael H. Smith, 1996
21st century
  • A Japanese view of nature: the world of living things, Kinji Imanishi; translated by Pamela J. Asquith ... [et al.]; edited and introduced by Pamela J. Asquith, 2002
  • The double elephant folio: the story of Audubon's Birds of America, Waldemar H. Fries, 2006
  • Outdoor adventures in the Upcountry, ed. by Michel Stone and Lydia Dishman, 2010
  • Natural histories: extraordinary rare book selections from the American Museum of Natural History Library, edited by Tom Baione, 2012
  • Encyclopedia of animal science, eds. Wilson G. Pond, Alan W. Bell, 2005, Reference Collection
  • The Continuum encyclopedia of animal symbolism in art, Hope B. Werness; line drawings by Joanne H. Benedict and Hope B. Werness; additional drawings by Tiffany Ramsay-Lozano and Scott Thomas, 2004, Reference Collection
  • The mythical zoo: an encyclopedia of animals in world myth, legend, and literature, Boria Sax, 2001, Reference Collection
  • Index to illustrations of living things outside North America: where to find pictures of flora and fauna, Lucile Thompson Munz and Nedra G. Slauson, 1981, Reference Collection
  • Guide to the taxonomic literature of vertebrates, Richard E. Blackwelder, 1972, Reference Collection
  • Flora and fauna of the Civil War: an environmental reference guide, Kelby Ouchley, 2010, General Collection
  • The culture of nature in Britain, 1680-1860, Peter M. Harman, 2009, General Collection
  • Pre-Columbian Jamaica, P. Allsworth-Jones, 2008, General Collection
  • The shortest and most convenient route: Lewis and Clark in context, Robert S. Cox, editor, 2004, General Collection
  • By the light of the glow-worm lamp: three centuries of reflections on nature, ed. Alberto Manguel, 1998, General Collection
  • The rise of animals: evolution and diversification of the kingdom animalia, Mikhail A. Fedonkin ...[et al.]; foreword by Arthur C. Clarke, Science Library
  • Against extinction: the story of conservation, William M. Adams, 2004, Science Library
  • A Companion to American Environmental History, Douglas Sackman, 2010, Electronic Resource