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Sheet Music: Women Composers
wartime sheet music
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  1. Star of the Sea, by Amanda Kennedy in 1883, published by Leo Feist
  2. *Anona, by Vivian Grey in 1903, published by Leo Feist
  3. *Native American on the cover
  4. Misty Moonbeams, by Mamie Williams in 1907, published by J. W. Jenkins Sons Music Co.
  5. The Road to Yesterday, by Clare Kummer in 1908, published by Jerome H. Remick & Co.
  6. Black Hawk Waltz, edition deluxe, by Mary E. Walsh in 1908, published by Deluxe Music Co. [features an image titled Chief Black Hawk on the cover]
  7. Black Hawk Waltz, edition supreme, by Mary E. Walsh in 1924, published by Jack Mills Incorporated
  8. Juno Waltz, by Abbie A. Ford in 1911, published by Harold Rossiter Music Co.
  9. Celestial Chimes, by May Greene in 1913, published by De Luxe Music Co.
  10. We Never Miss the Sunshine ‘Till the Storm Holds Sway, music by Charlotte Lyle in 1913, published by Harold Rossiter Music Company
  11. Waltz Memories, by Abbie A. Ford in 1917, published by Ted Browne Music Co.
  12. March of the Boy Scouts, music by N. Louise Wright in 1920 published by Clayton F. Summy Co.
  13. Forgotten, by Eugene Cowles in 1922, published by Oliver Ditson Company
  14. At Seventeen words and music by Janis Ian in 1974, published by April Music Inc. and Mine Music Ltd.,
  15. Myosotis Waltzes, by Caroline Lowthian, published by National Music Co.
  16. Then You Wink the Other Eye, by Miss Marie Lloyd, published by Richard A. Saalfield
  17. Too Late! Too Late!, by Miss M. Lindsay, published by Hitchcock’s Music Store
  18. Back to the Old Folks at Home, words and music by Fleta Jan Brown, 1912
  19. If I could tell you, by Idabelle Firestone, 1940
  20. Carol of the Drum, by Katherine K. Davis, arranged by Marvin Kahn, 1941
  21. Fairy Cradles, words by Edward Lockton, music by Molly Carew, 1924
  22. Tiptoe, words by Royden Barrie, music by Molly Carew, 1922
  23. Spring’s a-coming to town, words by J. Anthony McDonald, music by Molly Carew, 1929
  24. Over the Meadow, words by Royden Barrie, music by Molly Carew, 1927
  25. Song of the Willow, for piano, by Bernice Rose Copeland, 1935
  26. A Perfect Day, words and music by Carrie Jacobs-Bond, 1910