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Sheet Music: Wartime and Patriotic
wartime sheet music
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  1. Charge of the Light Brigade March by E.T. Paull in 1896, published by E.T. Paull Music Co.
  2. Only a Soldier Boy, by Chas. W. Doty in 1903, Published by Doty & Brill, New York
  3. There’s a Mother Old and Gray Who Needs Me Now, by Geo. H. Diamond in 1911, published by Harold Rossiter Music Company, Chicago
  4. American Patrol, by F.W. Meacham in 1914, published by Joe Morris Music Co.
  5. Didn’t Raise My Boy to be a Soldier, lyrics by Alfred Bryan and music by Al. Piantadosi in 1915, published by Leo Feist, Inc., New York
  6. The Little Grey Mother Who Waits All Alone, words by Bernard Grossman and music by Harry De Costa in 1915, published by M. Witmark & Sons, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and London
  7. Columbia March by Seneca G. Lewis in 1917, published by Jerome H. Remick & Co.
  8. Somewhere, Somewhere in France, words by Wm. Vaughan Dunham and music by Shelton Brooks in 1917, published by Will Rossiter, Chicago
  9. When the Boys Come Home, words by John Hay and music Oley Speaks in 1917, published by G. Schirmer, New York and Boston
  10. When Yankee Doodle Learns to "parlez Vous Français," words by Will. Hart and music by Ed. Nelson in 1917, published by A.J. Stasny Music Co., New York
  11. After the War is Over, words by E.J. Pourmon and Andrew B. Sterling and music by Joseph Woodruff in 1918, published by Joe Morris Music Co., New York
  12. I Ain’t Got Weary Yet, words by Howard Johnson and music by Percy Wenrich in 1918, published by Leo Feist, Inc., New York
  13. I’d Like to See the Kaiser with a Lily in his Hand, by Henry Lewis, Howard Johnson, and Billy Frisch in 1918, published by Leo Feist, Inc., New York
  14. I Have Come Back for a Last Good-Bye, by Lloyd F. Garrett in 1918, published by Frank K. Root & Co., New York and Chicago
  15. Just Like Washington Crossed the Delaware, General Pershing Will Cross the Rhine, words by Howard Johnson and music by Geo. W. Meyer in 1918, published by Leo Feist, Inc., New York
  16. Mothers of America You Have Done Your Share, words by Harry Ellis and music by Lew Porter in 1918, published by Jos. W. Stern & Co., New York
  17. Tell That To the Marines, words by Harold Atteridge and music by Jean Schwarz and Al Jolson in 1918, Published by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., New York
  18. The Navy Took Them Over and the Navy Will Bring Them Back, words by Yeoman Howard Johnson U.S.N. and music by Ira Schuster in 1918, Published by Leo Feist, Inc., New York
  19. There’ll Be a Hot Time for the Old Men While the Young Men are Away, by Grant Clarke and Geo. W. Meyer in 1918, published by Leo Feist, Inc., New York
  20. We Don’t Want the Bacon, What We Want is a Piece of the Rhine!, by “Kid” Howard Carr, Harry Russell and Jimmie Havens in 1918, published by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc, New York
  21. We’ll Do Our Share (While You’re Over There), words by Lew Brown and Al Harriman and music by Jack Egan in 1918, published by Broadway Music Corporation, New York
  22. My Own U.S.A., by Frank Westphal in 1939, published by Gamble Hinged Music Co., Chicago
  23. Spirit of Liberty, by Stanford King in 1941, published by Boston Music Company, Boston
  24. He’s 1-A in the Army (And He’s A-1 in my Heart), by Redd Evans in 1941, published by Valiant Music Company, New York
  25. The Army Air Corps, by Capt. Robert Crawford in 1942, Published by Carl Fischer, Inc.
  26. Two Little Shoes, by Mana-Zucca in 1942, Published by Paull-Pioneer Music Corporation
  27. Cleanin’ My Rifle (And Dreamin’ of You) by Allie Wrubel in 1943, published by Southern Music Publishing Co., Inc., New York
  28. Johnny Zero, lyrics by Mack David and music by Vee Lawnhurst in 1943, published by Santly Joy Inc., New York
  29. When We Plant Old Glory in Berlin by Gordon Sizemore, Abe Hill, and Orth Bell in 1943, published by American Music, Inc., Hollywood
  30. I’d Like to Give My Dog to Uncle Sam (The Blind Boy and his Dog) by Dave McEnery in 1944, Published by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc, New York
  31. George Washington, by George M. Cohan in 1984, Published by Schaum Publications, Inc.
  32. The Greatest Little Mother in the World, by Willie Weston, Kendis & Brockman, Nat Vincent, 1918