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Sheet Music: South Carolina
South Carolina sheet music
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  • Dinah from Carolina, words by Junie McCree, music by Albert von Tilzer in 1909, published by The York Music Co.
  • Carolina Sunshine, by Walter Hirsch and Erwin R. Schmidt in 1919, published by Happy Von Tilzer, Music Pub. Co., New York.
  • Carolina Lullaby, by Louis Panella and Walter Hirsch in 1921, published by Harrison Music Co. Inc, Detroit.
  • Carolina Rolling Stone, by Mitchell Parish, Eleanor Young and Harry D. Squires in 1921, published by Joe Morris Music Co., New York.
  • Carolina in the Morning, by Gus Kahn and Walter Donaldson in 1922, published by Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York and Detroit.
  • Carolina Mammy, by Billy James in 1923, published by Leo Feist, Inc., New York.
  • Dreamy Carolina Moon, by Evans Lloyd and Edwin Schmidt in 1925, published by Ted Browne Music Co. Inc, Chicago, ILL.
  • Lay Me Down To Sleep In Carolina, by Jack Yellen and Milton Ager in 1926, published by Ager. Yellen & Bornstein Inc., New York.
  • There is a Cradle in Caroline, by Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young and Fred E. Ahlert. in 1927, published by Henry Waterson, Inc, New York City.
  • My Carolina Home, by Clayton McMichen, Bert Lanye and Lowe Stokes in 1927, published by Triangle Music Pub. Co.
  • Carolina Moon, by Benny Davis and Joe Burke in 1928, published by Joe Morris Music Co., New York City.
  • Carolinaís Calling Me, by Bob Charles in 1931, published by Santly Bros., Inc. New York City.
  • Itís Sunday Down In Carolina, by Marty Symes, Al. J. Neiburg and Jerry Levinson in 1933, published by Santly Bros, Inc., New York City.
  • Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina, by Bette Tannon in 1941, published by Porgie Debin & Friedman Inc., New York.
  • Back to the Carolina You Love, by Bette Tannon in 1941, published by Porgie Debin &Friedman Inc., New York.
  • Carry Me Back to my Carolina Home, lyrics by Benny Davis, music by Abner Silver, 1921, published by M. Witmark & Sons, New York