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Sheet Music: South Carolina
South Carolina sheet music
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  1. Dinah from Carolina, words by Junie McCree, music by Albert von Tilzer in 1909, published by The York Music Co.
  2. Carolina Sunshine, by Walter Hirsch and Erwin R. Schmidt in 1919, published by Happy Von Tilzer, Music Pub. Co., New York.
  3. Carolina Lullaby, by Louis Panella and Walter Hirsch in 1921, published by Harrison Music Co. Inc, Detroit.
  4. Carolina Rolling Stone, by Mitchell Parish, Eleanor Young and Harry D. Squires in 1921, published by Joe Morris Music Co., New York.
  5. Carolina in the Morning, by Gus Kahn and Walter Donaldson in 1922, published by Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York and Detroit.
  6. Carolina Mammy, by Billy James in 1923, published by Leo Feist, Inc., New York.
  7. Dreamy Carolina Moon, by Evans Lloyd and Edwin Schmidt in 1925, published by Ted Browne Music Co. Inc, Chicago, ILL.
  8. Lay Me Down To Sleep In Carolina, by Jack Yellen and Milton Ager in 1926, published by Ager. Yellen & Bornstein Inc., New York.
  9. There is a Cradle in Caroline, by Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young and Fred E. Ahlert. in 1927, published by Henry Waterson, Inc, New York City.
  10. My Carolina Home, by Clayton McMichen, Bert Lanye and Lowe Stokes in 1927, published by Triangle Music Pub. Co.
  11. Carolina Moon, by Benny Davis and Joe Burke in 1928, published by Joe Morris Music Co., New York City.
  12. Carolinaís Calling Me, by Bob Charles in 1931, published by Santly Bros., Inc. New York City.
  13. Itís Sunday Down In Carolina, by Marty Symes, Al. J. Neiburg and Jerry Levinson in 1933, published by Santly Bros, Inc., New York City.
  14. Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina, by Bette Tannon in 1941, published by Porgie Debin & Friedman Inc., New York.
  15. Back to the Carolina You Love, by Bette Tannon in 1941, published by Porgie Debin &Friedman Inc., New York.
  16. Carry Me Back to my Carolina Home, lyrics by Benny Davis, music by Abner Silver, 1921, published by M. Witmark & Sons, New York
  17. Someday down in Carolina, words by Ray Egan, Music by George Hamilton Green