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Sheet Music: Religious
Cathedral Gems
  • Cathedral Gems: Beautiful Religious Compositions published by McKinley Music Co., 1900
  • Favorite Sacred Compositions by Frederic Jerome, 1900, published by McKinley Music Co.
  • The New World: Sacred Song poem by Theron Brown, musical setting by Herbert Johnson, 1900, published by The Waldo Music Company
  • Sacred Voices: A Series of Sols, Duets, Trios, and Quartets for the use of Choirs, 1901, published by The Lorenz Publishing Co.
  • The King of Glory by Florence H. Thompson, 1903, published by Theodore Presser Co.
  • Just for To-Night: Sacred Song by R. S. Ambrose, 1904, published by Arthur P. Schmidt
  • Scènes de Bal by Erik Meyer Helmund, 1905, published by Bosworth & Co.
  • The Invincible Folio of Sacred Songs for High Voice by various composers, 1908, published by The John Church Company
  • The Rosary by Ethelbert Nevin, 1912, words by Robert Cameron Rogers, published by The Boston Music Company
  • Sacred Songs, 1913, published by The Boston Music Company/G. Schirmer Inc.
  • Spiritual Praise No. 2, 1929, published by The Sisk Music Co.
  • Harmony Heaven, 1934, published by James D. Vaughan
  • Songs of Praise No. 5, 1936, published by The Morris-Henson Co.
  • Better Music in the Chruch by O.W. Moerner, 1939, published by Cokesbury Press
  • Angels Ever Bright and Fair published by J.D. Loder, 1900s