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Sheet Music: Religious
Cathedral Gems
  1. Cathedral Gems: Beautiful Religious Compositions published by McKinley Music Co., 1900
  2. Favorite Sacred Compositions by Frederic Jerome, 1900, published by McKinley Music Co.
  3. The New World: Sacred Song poem by Theron Brown, musical setting by Herbert Johnson, 1900, published by The Waldo Music Company
  4. Sacred Voices: A Series of Sols, Duets, Trios, and Quartets for the use of Choirs, 1901, published by The Lorenz Publishing Co.
  5. The King of Glory by Florence H. Thompson, 1903, published by Theodore Presser Co.
  6. Just for To-Night: Sacred Song by R. S. Ambrose, 1904, published by Arthur P. Schmidt
  7. Scènes de Bal by Erik Meyer Helmund, 1905, published by Bosworth & Co.
  8. The Invincible Folio of Sacred Songs for High Voice by various composers, 1908, published by The John Church Company
  9. The Rosary by Ethelbert Nevin, 1912, words by Robert Cameron Rogers, published by The Boston Music Company
  10. Sacred Songs, 1913, published by The Boston Music Company/G. Schirmer Inc.
  11. Spiritual Praise No. 2, 1929, published by The Sisk Music Co.
  12. Harmony Heaven, 1934, published by James D. Vaughan
  13. Songs of Praise No. 5, 1936, published by The Morris-Henson Co.
  14. Better Music in the Chruch by O.W. Moerner, 1939, published by Cokesbury Press
  15. Angels Ever Bright and Fair published by J.D. Loder, 1900s
  16. Ave Maria, by Giulio Caccini, arranged by Georgs Brinums, 1995
  17. The Druid’s Prayer, composed by Gordon Davson in 1909, published by Jos. W. Stern & Co.
  18. My Own Hymn Book, by Ada Richter in 1941, published by Theodore Presser Co.(2 copies)
  19. Happy Songs for Happy Children, hymns by various composers in 1908, published by The Fillmore Bros. Co.