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Sheet Music: Images of African-Americans
  • Sweetest Little Rose In Tennessee: A Lullaby, by Cal De Voll, 1924, published by Ted Browne Music Co.
  • Oh! How I Miss You Mammy, words by M.C. Freedman and music by H.D. Squiers in 1920, published by A.J.Stasny Music Co.
  • Water Boy: A Negro Convict Song, arranged by Avery Robinson in 1922, published by Winthrop Rogers, Ltd.
  • Shortnin' Bread, arranged by Fred K. Huffer in 1939, published by Calumet Music Co.
  • Down South: Five Piano Solos for Early Grades, by Dorothy Gaynor Blake in 1928, published by The Wills Music Co.
  • Two Piano Solos: Saturday Night Jamboree and Singing in the Cotton Field by Walie M. Fisher in 1945, published by The Willis Music Co.
  • Carry Me Back to Old Virginny, by James A. Bland in 1906, published by Oliver Ditson Company