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Sheet Music: Twentieth Century
Clover Bloom 20th century sheet music
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  1. Cathedral Gems: Beautiful Religious Compositions, published by McKinley Music Co. in 1900
  2. Favorite Sacred Compositions, by Frederic Jerome in 1900, published by McKinley Music Co.
  3. The New World: Sacred Song, poem by Theron Brown, musical setting by Herbert Johnson in 1900, published by The Waldo Music Company
  4. The One Hundred and One Best Songs, by various composers in 1900, published by The Cable Company
  5. Sacred Voices: A Series of Sols, Duets, Trios, and Quartets for the use of Choirs, published by The Lorenz Publishing Co. in 1901
  6. The Storm King, by E.T. Paull in 1902, published by E.T. Paull Music Co.
  7. The King of Glory, by Florence H. Thompson in 1903, published by Theodore Presser Co.
  8. Just for To-Night: Sacred Song, by R. S. Ambrose in 1904, Publlished by Arthur P. Schmidt
  9. Clover Bloom, by R.M. Stults in 1905, published by Theodore Presser Co.
  10. Scènes de Bal, by Erik Meyer Helmund in 1905, published by Bosworth & Co.
  11. Happy Songs for Happy Children, hymns by various composers in 1908, published by The Fillmore Bros. Co.
  12. The Invincible Folio of Sacred Songs for High Voice, by various composers in 1908, published by The John Church Company
  13. Dinah from Carolina, words by Junie McCree, musi cby Albert von Tilzer in 1909, published by The York Music Co.
  14. The Druid’s Prayer, composed by Gordon Davson in 1909, published by Jos. W. Stern & Co.
  15. Where Memory Dwells, by Louis A. Drumheller in 1909, published by The Jos. Morris Co.
  16. Beautiful Thoughts of Love, by Jerome Heller in 1910, published by Church, Paxson, and Company
  17. The Hour That Gave Me You, music by Johann C. Schmid in 1911, published by Jerome H. Remick & Co.
  18. The Rosary, by Ethelbert Nevin in 1912, words by Robert Cameron Rogers, published by The Boston Music Company
  19. Marcheta: A Love Song of Old Mexico, poem and music by Victor Schertzinger in 1913, published by John Franklin Music Co.
  20. Sacred Songs, published by The Boston Music Company/G. Schirmer Inc. in 1913
  21. Just for To-Night, by George L. Cobb in 1914, published by Van and Schneck
  22. How I Love a Summer Day, by Chas. E. Roat in 1915, published by Chas. E. Roat Music Co., Ltd.
  23. Dreaming Alone in the Twilight, words by Carl Clemson, music by Hartley Moore in 1919, published by Oliver Ditson Company
  24. I Used to Call her Baby, words and music by Howard Johnson, Murray Roth, and Cliff Hess in 1919, published by Leo Feist Inc.
  25. Hold Me, by Art Hickman and Ben Black in 1920, published by Jerome H. Remick and Co.
  26. Oh! How I Miss You Mammy, words by M.C. Freedman and music by H.D. Squiers in 1920, published by A.J.Stasny Music Co.
  27. Carolina Rolling Stone, lyrics by Mitchell Parish and music by Eleanor Young and Harry D. Squires in 1921, published by Joe Morris Music Co.
  28. The Nursery Band, by Heller Nicholls in 1922, published by Theodore Presser Co.
  29. *Water Boy: A Negro Convict Song, arranged by Avery Robinson in 1922, published by Winthrop Rogers, Ltd. *African American Song
  30. Trees Song, poem by Joyce Kilmer, music by Oscar Rasbach in 1922, published by G. Schirmer, Inc.
  31. Black Hawk Waltz, by Mary E. Walsh in 1924, published by Jack Mills Incorporated
  32. Rose-Marie: A Musical Play, Book and Lyrics by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, Music by Rudolf Friml and Herbert Stothart, 1924
  33. She Can't Say No, words by Alfred Bryan, music by Geo. W. Meyer in 1925, published by Henry Waterson, Inc.
  34. Lay Me Down To Sleep In Carolina, by Jack Yellen and Milton Ager in 1926, published by Ager. Yellen & Bornstein Inc., New York.
  35. When Day is Done, words by B.G. De Sylva, music by Dr. Robert Katscher in 1926, published by Harms Incorporated
  36. Down South: Five Piano Solos for Early Grades, by Dorothy Gaynor Blake in 1928, published by The Wills Music Co.
  37. Happy Chappies, by Fred Howard and Nat Vincent in 1930, published by M.M. Cole Publishing Co.
  38. Have a Little Faith in Me, lyrics by Sam Lewis and Joe Young and music by Harry Warren in 1930, published by Remick Music Corr
  39. Something to Remember You By: Three's a Crowd, music and lyrics by Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz in 1930, published by Harms Incorporated
  40. Carolina’s Calling Me, by Bob Charles in 1931, published by Santly Bros., Inc. New York City.
  41. Through the Years words by Edward Heyman, music by Vincent Youmans, and sung by Gladys Swarthout in 1931, published by Miller Music Corporation
  42. It’s Sunday Down In Carolina, by Marty Symes, Al. J. Neiburg and Jerry Levinson in 1933, published by Santly Bros, Inc., New York City.
  43. On Treasure Island, by Edgar Leslie and Joe Burke in 1935, published by Joe Morris Music Co.
  44. But Where Are You?, lyrics and music by Irving Berlin in 1936, published by Irving Berlin Inc.
  45. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Means That You're Grand), featured by Priscilla Lane and Wayne Morris in in 1937, published by Harms Inc.
  46. Donkey Serenade, by Rudolf Friml and Herbert Stothart in 1937, published by G. Schirmer, Inc.
  47. Here Comes the Sandman, lyrics by Al Dubin, music by Harry Warren in 1937, published by M. Witmark & Sons
  48. Will You Remember, lyrics by Rida Johnson Young, music by Sigmund Romberg in 1937, published by G. Schirmer, Inc.
  49. This May Be the Night, by Mack Gordon and Harry Revel in 1938, published by Leo Feist Inc.
  50. Faithful Forever, by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger in 1939, published by Famous Music Corporation
  51. Shortnin' Bread, arranged by Fred K. Huffer in 1939, published by Calumet Music Co.
  52. My Devotion, words and music by Roc Hillman and Johnny Napton in 1942, published by Santly-Joy-Select Music Publishers
  53. It's Love, Love, Love!, by Mack David, Joan Whitney, and Alex Kramer in 1943, published by Santly-Joy, Inc.
  54. This is America, by H. Merrills Lewis in 1943, published by The H.W. Gray Co., Inc.
  55. Two Piano Solos: Saturday Night Jamboree and Singing in the Cotton Field by Walie M. Fisher in 1945, published by The Willis Music Co.
  56. Trees Song, music Oscar Rasbach in 1949, published by Jerry Vogel Music. Co., Inc.
  57. A Penny a Kiss- A Penny a Hug, sung by The Andrews Sisters in 1950, words and music by Buddy Kaye and Ralph Care, published by Shapiro. Bernstein & Co. Inc.
  58. Sayonara, words and music by Irving Berlin in 1957, published by Iriving Berlin Music corporation
  59. The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au), English lyrics by Al Hoffman and Dick Manning, Hawaiian lyrics and music by Charles E. King in 1958, published by Pickwick Music Company
  60. Proud Mary, words and music by John C. Fogerty, recorded by Ike and Tina Turner in 1969, published by Jondora Music
  61. At Seventeen, words and music by Janis Ian in 1974, published by April Music Inc. and Mine Music Ltd.,
  62. Chord Organ Music Pops No. 4, arranged by Howard Norman in 1977
  63. Woman in Love, written by Barry and Robin Gibb, recorded by Barbra Streisand in 1980, published by Theodore Presser Company
  64. Twist My Arm, recorded by the Pointer Sisters in 1985, words and music by Bruce Roberts and Andy Goldmark, published by Boozertoones, Inc. and Nonpareil Music, Inc.
  65. Can't Forget You, words and music by Jorge Casa, Clay Ostwald, and Jon Secada, recorded by Gloria Estefan in 1990, published by Foreign Imported Productions & Publishing, Inc./Estefan Enterprises
  66. In This Life, recorded by Bette Midler, words and music by Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin in 1992, published by Warner Bros. Publications
  67. When I Said I Do, recorded by Clint Black with words and music by Clint Black in 1999, published by Warner Bros. Publications
  68. Angels Ever Bright and Fair, published by J.D. Loder in the 1900s