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Sheet Music: Twentieth Century
Clover Bloom 20th century sheet music
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  1. The One Hundred and One Best Songs, by various composers in 1900, published by The Cable Company
  2. The Storm King, by E.T. Paull in 1902, published by E.T. Paull Music Co.
  3. Clover Bloom, by R.M. Stults in 1905, published by Theodore Presser Co.
  4. Scènes de Bal, by Erik Meyer Helmund in 1905, published by Bosworth & Co.
  5. I Love You Truly (Alto), by Carrie Jacobs-Bond in 1906, published by Carrie-Jacobs-Bond & Son
  6. The Hour That Gave Me You, music by Johann C. Schmid in 1911, published by Jerome H. Remick & Co.
  7. How I Love a Summer Day, by Chas. E. Roat in 1915, published by Chas. E. Roat Music Co., Ltd.
  8. Happy Chappies, by Fred Howard and Nat Vincent in 1930, published by M.M. Cole Publishing Co.
  9. My Devotion, words and music by Roc Hillman and Johnny Napton in 1942, published by Santly-Joy-Select Music Publishers
  10. It's Love, Love, Love!, by Mack David, Joan Whitney, and Alex Kramer in 1943, published by Santly-Joy, Inc.
  11. This is America, by H. Merrills Lewis in 1943, published by The H.W. Gray Co., Inc.
  12. Trees Song, music Oscar Rasbach in 1949, published by Jerry Vogel Music. Co., Inc.
  13. Chord Organ Music Pops No. 4, arranged by Howard Norman in 1977
  14. Twist My Arm, recorded by the Pointer Sisters in 1985, words and music by Bruce Roberts and Andy Goldmark, published by Boozertoones, Inc. and Nonpareil Music, Inc.
  15. In This Life, recorded by Bette Midler, words and music by Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin in 1992, published by Warner Bros. Publications
  16. When I Said I Do, recorded by Clint Black with words and music by Clint Black in 1999, published by Warner Bros. Publications
  17. When I have Sung My Songs, by Ernest Charles, 1934
  18. Silent Strings song, words by Helen Taylor, music by Granville Bantock, 1929
  19. Come Sunday, by Duke Ellington, 1949
  20. Roses for Remembrance, words by Gus Kahn, Music by Loyal Curtis, 1921
  21. From the Land of Sky-Blue Water (Four American Indian Songs) Founded upon a Tribal Melody, poem by Nelle Richmond Eberhart, Music by Charles Wakefield Cadman, 1909
  22. Showers, words by Phyllis Lintott, music by Colin Wendell, 1936
  23. A Real Moving Picture from Life, words by Andrew B. Sterling, Music by Harry Von Tilzer, 1914
  24. My Cousin Caruso, Lyrics by Edward Madden, Music by Gus Edwards, 1909