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History of Health and Wellness
Cover of Health Resorts of the South, 1892

Please note that items in bold are described in the Library's online catalog and you will need to review the catalog to obtain the call number of each item. Other items are described in guides in Special Collections and Archives.

I. Manuscript and Archival
  • The Mary Bridges Barr Family Collection: contains personal correspondence between members of the Bridges and Barr families from 1863-1898, commenting on the health of family members and neighbors.
  • The Alester G. Furman, Jr. Collection: contains personal correspondence between members of the Furman family in the 1960s, discussing and offering advice on health issues.
  • The Furman University Photograph Collection: contains photographs of activities in the Health and Exercise Science department from the late 20th century to the present day.
  • The AIDS and Sexuality Periodicals Collection: contains periodicals from 1993 to 2007 related to issues of health and human sexuality.
II. Books and Published Materials

18th Century
  • A Short Description of the Province of South Carolina, George Milligen, 1770
19th Century
  • Mackenzie's five thousand receipts in all the useful and domestic arts: constituting a complete practical library relative to agriculture, bees, bleaching, brewing, calico printing, carving at table, cements, confectionary, cookery... by an American physician, Colin Mackenzie, 1829
  • The Southern Gardener and Receipt Book, P. Thornton, 1840
  • Wouldst know thyself! or, The outlines of human physiology. By Mrs. Jane Taylor. Designed for the use of families and schools, Jane Taylor, 1852
  • Godey's lady's book, 1864
  • Sex in education: or, A fair chance for girls, Edward H. Clarke, 1873
  • The Science of Health, a new monthly devoted to health on Hygienic Principles vol. 5 no. 3, 1874
  • Health resorts of the South: containing numerous engravings descriptive of the most desirable resorts of the southern states, together with some representative northern resorts, 1892
20th Century
  • Civics and health, William H. Allen, with an introduction by William T. Sedgwick, 1909
  • The household medical adviser: a complete, popular-scientific work of reference: how to avoid illness, and how to prescribe for and treat all classes of ailments & diseases, compiled from the most recent recognised system of prevention and cure by H. Muller, ca. 1910
  • Tratado de higiene práctica, J.W. Ritchie y M.A. Purcell, 1915
  • Library of health; complete guide to prevention and cure of disease, containing practical information on anatomy, physiology and preventive medicine; curative medicine, first aid measures, diagnosis, nursing, sexology, simple home remedies, care of the teeth, occupational diseases, garden plant remedies, alcohol and narcotics, treatment by fifteen schools of medicine, beauty culture, physical culture, the science of breathing and the dictionary of drugs. Twenty books - one volume, B. Frank Scholl et. al, 1916
  • The foundation of health; a manual of personal hygiene for students, William Barnard Sharp, 1924
  • Health through prevention and control of diseases, Thomas D. Wood and Hugh Grant Rowell, 1925
  • Public health and hygiene in contributions by eminent authorities, ed. William Hallock Park, 1928
  • Should we be vaccinated? A survey of the controversy in its historical and scientific aspects, Bernhard J. Stern, 1929
  • Your carriage, madam! A guide to good posture, Janet Lane; drawings by Howard Butler, 1934
  • Weather observers and observations at Charleston, South Carolina, 1670-1871, Robert Croom Aldredge, 1940 -- a work on medical climatology
  • Health counseling for girls, Margaret L. Leonard; with a foreword by Ruth Strang, 1944
  • Kitchen Medicines, Ben Charles Harris, 1961
  • Your retirement food guide, Florence Gross, 1970
  • Social issues in health care, ed. Donnie J. Self, 1977
  • Philosophy and public policy, ed. Donnie J. Self, 1977
  • Hildegard von Bingen's Physica: the complete English translation of her classic work on health and healing, translated from the Latin by Priscilla Throop; illustrations by Mary Elder Jacobsen, 1998
21st Century
  • The Daniel legacy: the transforming power of philanthropy, Lowry Ware; edited by Marguerite J. Hays, 2000
  • Resolving complex pain, Robert G. Schwartz, 2006
  • Flora mirabilis: how plants have shaped world knowledge, health, wealth, and beauty, Catherine Herbert Howell; foreword by Peter H. Raven, 2009
  • Breast cancer: reduce your risk with foods you love, Robert Pendergrast, 2011
III. Furman University Theses and Graduation Essays
  • "Public health," Arthur Ashley Foreman, in 1914 Graduation essays, Furman University, 1914
  • A survey and comparative study of the health and physical education programs of the twelve district high schools of Spartanburg County, Robert Duren Johnson, 1952--Master of Science Thesis
  • A comparasion of attitudes toward drug abuse among persons 10-25 and 26-65, Janet Griffin Hopkins, 1972--Master of Arts Independent Study
  • Elementary school health: grades 1-6, a syllabus compiled by students for certification in the course "Health education for the elementary school," 1973
  • Elementary school health: grades K-6, compiled by students in the course "Health education for the elementary school," 1976
  • Design of a physical therapy and pre-physical therapy curriculum for Furman University, David Lee Kissinger, 1977--Master of Arts Independent Study
  • A series of selected health and physical fitness learning experiences for first grade students, Jenny White, 1977--Master of Arts Independent Study
  • Auditory processing demands on the bilateral transfer mechanism, David Lee Kissinger, 1979--Master of Arts Independent Study
IV. Reference
  • A dictionary of public health, John M. Last, 2007
  • Dictionary of medical sociology, William C. Cockerham and Ferris J. Ritchey, 1997, Reference Collection
  • Medical meanings: a glossary of word origins, William S. Haubrich, 1997, Reference Collection
V. Online Resources at Furman
  • MEDLINE, provides contemporary information on medicine, dentistry, and the healthcare system, among other subjects, from over 4,800 current biomedical journals.
  • ACLS Humanities E-Book: contains secondary source ebooks on the history of health and wellness internationally.
  • Oxford Scholarship, contains secondary source ebooks on the history of health and wellness internationally.
  • Cambridge Histories, contains secondary source articles on the history of health and wellness internationally.
  • European Views of the Americas, 1493-1750, contains primary source herbals, treatises on the maintenance of health, and descriptions of the healthfulness of living in various locations of the New World.
  • Early English Books Online (EEBO), contains primary source essays, lectures, and other published instructions on the maintenance of health, as well as descriptions of miraculous cures and curatives.
  • Eighteenth Century Collections, contains primary source essays, lectures, and other published instructions on the maintenance of health, as well as descriptions of various health spas in Europe.