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History of Disease and Medicine
Richard Furman's treatment for dysentery

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I. Manuscript and Archival
II. Books and Published Materials

17th Century
  • The vvonderfull yeare 1603, Thomas Dekker (1572-1632), 1924 reprint
18th Century
  • Observations on the diseases of the army, John Pringle, 1761
  • A Short Description of the Province of South Carolina, George Milligen, 1770
19th Century
  • Flora carolinæensis; or, A historical, medical, and economical display of the vegetable kingdom; according to the Linnæan or sexual system of botany ... In two volumes, John L.E.W. Shecut. Vol. I [A-Fus], 1806
  • The Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America, by the authority of the medical societies and colleges, 1830
  • The improved American family physician, or, Sick man's guide to health : containing a complete theory of the botanic practice of medicine, on the Thomsonian and hygeian system, with alterations and improvements : to which is appended a concise formula for compounding medicines for the cure of every complaint incident to human nature : also, a complete digest of midwifery, so that the old proverb may be verified, that every man may be his own physician, L. Meeker Day, 1833
  • The vegetable materia medica and practice of medicine, by doctor Abel Tennant ; containing in detail his practical knowledge of American remedies, in curing diseases, 1837
  • The Southern Gardener and Receipt Book, P. Thornton, 1840 -- contains Harriet Furman's prescription for cholera
  • The Charleston Mercury newspaper, January 15, 1849 - contains 4 articles on Cholera outbreaks, including one in New York, and the official measures being taken to prevent cholera and its spread in Charleston. These articles include proclamations, addresses from the Mayor on sea port quarantine regulations, and the publishing of preventative measures regarding the spread of cholera from the Office of the Board of Health in Charleston.
  • Wouldst know thyself! or, The outlines of human physiology. By Mrs. Jane Taylor. Designed for the use of families and schools, Jane Taylor, 1852
  • The American flora, or history of plants and wild flowers: containing their scientific and general description, natural history, chemical and medical properties, mode of culture, propagation, &c., designed as a book of reference for botanists, physicians, florists, gardeners, students, etc, A.B. Strong, 1853
  • The family flora and materia medica botanica, containing the botanical analysis, natural history and chemical and medical properties and uses of plants, Peter P. Good, 1854
  • Currents and counter-currents in medical science, Oliver Wendell Holmes; with other addresses and essays / by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1861
  • Godey's Lady's Book, Jan.-June 1864: Jan 1864, "A Remedy for Diphtheria, p. 92; "The medical profession: What women have done in it", p. 95; "Something for health-Important medical discovery," p. 96; Feb 1864, "Adventures of a bachelor," p. 171 [bleeding a patient p. 172]; Apr 1864, "Hints about health, Sleep: and the mouth," p. 397; May 1864, "Hints about health, The mother to be cared for," p. 489.
  • Journal of Materia Medica, vol. VII no. 6, Joseph Bates, M.D. and H.A. Tilden, 1868
  • Resources of the southern fields and forests, medical, economical, and agricultural; being also a medical botany of the Southern States; with practical information on the useful properties of trees, plants and shrubs, Francis Peyre Porcher, 1869
  • The Science of Health, a new monthly devoted to health on Hygienic Principles vol. 5 no. 3, 1874
  • The Throat and the Voice., J. Solis Cohen, M.D., 1879
  • Reminiscences of the war. Biography and personal sketches of all the commanding officiers of the Union Army. Narrative of the Morgan raid in Indiana and Ohio. Fall of Richmond and the surrender of Gen'l Lee. Flight of Jeff. Davis, C. J. Wood, 1880
  • Medical missions: their place and power, John Lowe; with introduction by William Muir, 1896
20th Century
  • Opportunities in the path of the Great Physician, Valeria Fullerton Penrose, 1902
  • New ideals in healing, Ray Stannard Baker, 1909
  • La antigüedad de la sífilis en el Perú, Julio C. Tello, 1909
  • Pellagra, Dr. A. Marie; with introductory notes by Prof. Lombroso, 1910
  • The household medical adviser: a complete, popular-scientific work of reference: how to avoid illness, and how to prescribe for and treat all classes of ailments & diseases, compiled from the most recent recognised system of prevention and cure by H. Muller, ca. 1910
  • Library of health; complete guide to prevention and cure of disease, containing practical information on anatomy, physiology and preventive medicine; curative medicine, first aid measures, diagnosis, nursing, sexology, simple home remedies, care of the teeth, occupational diseases, garden plant remedies, alcohol and narcotics, treatment by fifteen schools of medicine, beauty culture, physical culture, the science of breathing and the dictionary of drugs. Twenty books - one volume, B. Frank Scholl et. al, 1916
  • Notes on nursing: what it is, and what it is not, Florence Nightingale, 1918
  • The future independence and progress of American medicine in the age of chemistry, John Abel et. al., American Chemical Society, 1923
  • Health through prevention and control of diseases, Thomas D. Wood and Hugh Grant Rowell, 1925
  • Weather observers and observations at Charleston, South Carolina, 1670-1871, Robert Croom Aldredge, 1940 -- a work on medical climatology
  • Surgery speaks to China; the experiences of a medical missionary to China in peace and in war, Paul E. Adolph, 1945
  • In a Chinese garden, Frederic Loomis, 1949
  • A Medical History of Greenville County, South Carolina, J. Decherd Guess, M.D., 1959
  • Kitchen Medicines, Ben Charles Harris, 1961
  • A History of Medicine in South Carolina, 1900-1970, Joseph Ioor Waring, 1971
  • Humanities in health care: proceedings of the Malpractice, the Interaction of Medicine and Justice through Public Policy Symposium, ed. Donnie J. Self, 1976
  • Urology and psychosocial aspects of chronic, critical, and terminal illness, eds. John K. Lattimer et al., 1983
  • Photographic atlas of civil war injuries: photographs of surgical cases and specimens, Otis Historical Archives, edited by Bradley P. Bengtson & Julian E. Kuz; foreword by Michael Rhode, 1996
  • Hildegard von Bingen's Physica: the complete English translation of her classic work on health and healing, translated from the Latin by Priscilla Throop; illustrations by Mary Elder Jacobsen, 1998
21st Century
  • Flora mirabilis: how plants have shaped world knowledge, health, wealth, and beauty, Catherine Herbert Howell; foreword by Peter H. Raven, 2009
  • "'The healing of the nations': women's medical mission in the 'orient,'" in A looking-glass for ladies: American Protestant women and the Orient in the nineteenth century, Lisa Joy Pruitt, 2005
  • Breast cancer: reduce your risk with foods you love, Robert Pendergrast, 2011
III. Furman University Graduation Essays
  • "The Progress of Medicine," Manly Eskew Hutchinson, in 1916 Graduation essays, Furman University, 1916
  • Health insurance and genetic discrimination: law strength, political factors, and the 50 states, Sarah A. Grivas, 2004--Political Science Honors Essay 3rd place winner
IV. Reference
  • Pharmacodynamic basis of herbal medicine, Manuchair Ebadi, 2007, Reference Collection
  • Medicinal plants of the world: an illustrated scientific guide to important medicinal plants and their uses, Ben-Erik van Wyk, Michael Wink, 2004, Reference Collection
  • The Oxford illustrated companion to medicine, eds. Stephen Lock, John M. Last, and George Dunea; emeritus editors, John Walton, Paul B. Beeson, Jeremiah A. Barondess, 2001, Reference Collection
  • A dictionary of the history of medicine, Anton Sebastian, 1999, Reference Collection
  • Dictionary of medical sociology, William C. Cockerham and Ferris J. Ritchey, 1997, Reference Collection
  • Medical meanings: a glossary of word origins, William S. Haubrich, 1997, Reference Collection
  • Companion encyclopedia of the history of medicine, eds. W.F. Bynum and Roy Porter, 1997, Reference Collection
  • Eighteenth century bibliographies: handlists of critical studies relating to Smollett, Richardson, Sterne, Fielding, Dibdin, 18th century medicine, the 18th century novel, Godwin, Gibbon, Young, and Burke. To which is added John P. Anderson's Bibliography of Smollett, Francesco Cordasco, 1970, Reference Collection
V. Online Resources at Furman
  • MEDLINE, provides contemporary information on medicine from over 4,800 current biomedical journals.
  • ACLS Humanities E-Book: contains secondary source ebooks on the history of disease and medicine internationally.
  • Oxford Scholarship, contains secondary source ebooks on the history of disease and medicine internationally.
  • Cambridge Histories: contains secondary source articles on the history of disease and medicine internationally.
  • European Views of the Americas, 1493-1750, contains treatises and other reports on diseases, particularly those migrating to Europe from the New World as part of the Columbian Exchange.
  • Early English Books Online (EEBO): contains primary source herbals, treatises on disease, and guides for home medical treatment.
  • Eighteenth Century Collections: contains primary source lectures and treatises on disease, and guides for home medical treatment.
VI. Web Sites