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The Vikings
L'anse aux Meadows
L'anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland
North American Viking Settlement
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I. Books and Published Materials
  • Readings in folk-lore; short studies in the mythology of America, Great Britain, the Norse countries, Germany, India, Syria, Egypt, and Persia; with selections from standard literature relating to the same, by Hubert M. Skinner, 1893
  • The Flatey Book and recently discovered Vatican manuscripts concerning America as early as the tenth century. Documents now published for the first time, which establish beyond controversy the claim that North America was settled by Norsemen five hundred years before the time of Columbus. Sagas that describe the voyages to, and character of, the new country, and letters from several popes directing bishops in their government of the church in the western world. All reproductions are by royal Danish sanction and the papal secretary of state, Norrťna Society, 1906
  • The Norse discovery of America, Paul H. Chapman, 1981
II. Reference and Other Materials
General Histories
  • Empires and barbarians: the fall of Rome and the birth of Europe, Peter Heather, 2010, General Collection
  • The Viking age: a reader , edited by Angus A. Somerville and R. Andrew McDonald, 2010, General Collection
  • The Vikings: a history, Robert Ferguson, 2009, General Collection
  • The Viking world edited by Stefan Brink; in collaboration with Neil Price, 2008, General Collection
  • The world of the Vikings , Richard Hall, 2007, General Collection
  • The Vikings : culture and conquest , Martin Arnold, 2006, General Collection
  • The Vikings : a very short introduction , Julian D. Richards, 2005, General Collection
  • The Vikings in history , F. Donald Logan, 2005, General Collection
  • The Oxford illustrated history of the Vikings, edited by Peter Sawyer, 1997, General Collection
  • Viking empires , Angelo Forte, Richard Oram and Frederik Pedersen, 2005, General Collection
  • Viking pirates and Christian princes : dynasty, religion, and empire in the North Atlantic , Benjamin Hudson, 2005, General Collection
  • A concise history of Sweden , Neil Kent, 2008, General Collection
  • The Baltic : a new history of the region and its peoples , Alan Palmer, 2006, General Collection
  • From Viking to crusader : the Scandinavians and Europe, 800-1200, general editors, Else Roesdahl and David M. Wilson; [translation from Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and German by Helen Clarke, with additional translations by Joan F. Davidson ... et al., Russian texts were translated from the Swedish translation of Ingmar Jansson, translation from the French by Joan F. Davidson, Gillian Fellows-Jensen], 1992, General Collection
  • The Vikings in Ireland : settlement, trade, and urbanization , Mary A. Valante, 2008, General Collection
  • Viking kings of Britain and Ireland : the dynasty of ═varr to A.D. 1014, Clare Downham, 2007, General Collection
  • Northumbria, 500-1100 : creation and destruction of a kingdom, David Rollason, 2003, General Collection
  • Viking age Denmark, Else Roesdahl; translated by Susan Margeson and Kirsten Williams, 1982, General Collection
  • The Vikings : wolves of war , Martin Arnold, 2007, General Collection
  • Alfred's wars: sources and interpretations of Anglo-Saxon warfare in the Viking age , Ryan Lavelle, 2010, General Collection
  • The far-farers : a journey from Viking Iceland to crusader Jerusalem, Victoria Clark, 2003, General Collection
  • Ohthere's voyages: a late 9th-century account of voyages along the coasts of Norway and Denmark and its cultural context, edited by Janet Bately & Anton Englert, 2007, General Collection
  • Ibn Fadlan's journey to Russia: a tenth-century traveler from Baghad to the Volga River, Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, translated with commentary by Richard N. Frye, 2005, General Collection
  • Land under the Pole Star; a voyage to the Norse settlements of Greenland and the saga of the people that vanished, Helge Ingstad; translated from the Norwegian by Naomi Walford, 1966, General Collection
  • The Vikings and the Victorians : inventing the old north in nineteenth-century Britain, Andrew Wawn, 2000, General Collection
  • Medieval Scandinavia : an encyclopedia, Phillip Pulsiano, editor; Kirsten Wolf, co-editor; Paul Acker, associate editor, Donald K. Fry, associate editor; advisers, Knut Helle [et al.], 1993, Reference Collection
  • The Times atlas of European history, editorial direction: Thomas Cussans et al.; maps prepared by Bartholomew, Edinburgh, 1994, Reference Collection
The Sagas and Norse Mythology
  • The complete sagas of Icelanders, including 49 tales , general editor, Vi­ar Hreinsson; editorial team, Robert Cook et al.; introduction by Robert Kellogg, 1997, General Collection
  • Erex saga and ═vens saga : the Old Norse versions of ChrÚtien de Troyes's Erec and Yvain, translated, with an introduction, by Foster W. Blaisdell, Jr. and Marianne E. Kalinke, 1977, General Collection
  • Old Norse court poetry : the drˇttkvaett stanza, Roberta Frank, 1978, General Collection
  • Old Icelandic poetry : Eddic lay and skaldic verse, Peter Hallberg; translated with a foreword by Paul Schach and Sonja Lindgrenson, 1975, General Collection
  • A history of old Norse poetry and poetics, Margaret Clunies Ross, 2005, General Collection
  • Old Norse--Icelandic literature : a critical guide, edited by Carol J. Clover and John Lindow, 1985, General Collection
  • Handbook of Norse mythology, John Lindow, 2001, Reference Collection
Old Norse Culture and Language
  • A companion to Old Norse-Icelandic literature and culture, edited by Rory McTurk, 2005, General Collection
  • Old Icelandic literature and society, edited by Margaret Clunies Ross, 2000, General Collection
  • Early Germanic literature and culture, edited by Brian Murdoch and Malcolm Read, 2004, General Collection
  • Icelanders in the Viking age: the people of the sagas, William R. Short, 2010, General Collection
  • Women in Old Norse society, Jenny Jochens, 1995, Electronic Resource
  • Towns in the Viking age, Helen Clarke and Bj÷rn Ambrosiani,1992, General Collection
  • Women in the Viking age, Judith Jesch, 1991, General Collection
  • Viking age sculpture in northern England, Richard N. Bailey, 1980, General Collection
  • Celtic and Anglo-Saxon art : geometric aspects, Derek Hull, 2003, General Collection
  • The syntax of Old Norse : with a survey of the inflectional morphology and a complete bibliography, Jan Terje Faarlund, 2004, General Collection
  • An Icelandic-English dictionary, initiated by Richard Cleasby; subsequently rev., enl., and completed by Gudbrand Vigfusson, 1975, Reference Collection
  • A concise dictionary of Old Icelandic, by Geir T. ZoŰga, 1975, Reference Collection
Vikings in America
  • The Viking discovery of America : the excavation of a Norse settlement in L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Helge Ingstad & Anne Stine Ingstad, 2001, General Collection
  • The American discovery of the Norse : an episode in nineteenth-century American literature, Erik Ingvar Thurin, 1999, General Collection
III. Online Resources at Furman
IV. Web Sites