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European Renaissance Resources
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from A Treatise on Painting by Leonardo da Vinci, translated by John Francis Rigaud
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Note: Historiographical controversy over the validity of the term "Renaissance" continues; however, for the purposes of this page, "Renaissance" refers to the cultural movements of fourteenth- through sixteenth-century Europe identified with Classicism, humanism, and political absolutism, among other schools of thought.
I. Manuscripts

Original manuscripts from A Teaching Collection of Medieval Manuscripts
  • Capitulary, From southern France or Italy, ca. 1425.
  • Breviary, From Italy, ca. 1425.
  • Miniature Book of Hours, From Northern France, ca. 1450.
  • Hymnal for Holy Week, From Central Italy, ca. 1450.
  • Lectionary, From Italy, ca. 1450.
  • Missal (Temporale), From Northern Italy, probably Milan, ca. 1450.
  • Kalendar Leaf from a Book of Hours, From northern France, ca. 1480.
  • Missal (Sanctorale), From western Germany, possibly even southwest Germany or Switzerland, ca. 1500-1525.
  • Book of Hours, From France, ca. 1500.
Other original manuscripts
  • Original leaves from famous Bibles: nine centuries 1121-1935 A.D. collected and assembled by Otto F. Ege, 1930
II. Books and Published Materials
  • A treatise on painting, Leonardo da Vinci; faithfully translated from the original Italian, and now first digested under proper heads, by John Francis Rigaud; to which is prefixed a new life of the author by John Sidney Hawkins, 1802
  • Museum of painting and sculpture, or, Collection of the principal pictures, statues and bas-reliefs in the public and private galleries of Europe, drawn and etched by Réveil: with descriptive, critical and historical notices, by Duchesne, senior, Etienne Réveil, 1828
  • Engravings, woodcuts and etchings: masterpieces by Schongauer, Dürer, Van Dyck, Rembrandt, Meryon, Zorn: a small group of English XVIII century mezzotints and stipple engravings in color: the entire print collection of the late Clendenin J. Ryan, Parke-Bernet Galleries, inc. ; public auction, January, 17 and 18, 1940
  • The Rembrandt Bible, a selection from the master's graphic work, Oswald Goetz, 1941
  • L'adoration de l'agneau mystique, Jean Van Eyck; texte de Valentin Denis, 1963
  • Drawings of Michelangelo; 103 drawings in facsimile, Foreward by Mario Salmi. Introd. by Charles de Tolnay. Critical notes by Paola Barocchi. [Translated from the Italian by Anna Teresa Callen], 1965
Literature and History
  • Polydori Vergilii Vrbinatis Anglicae historiae libri XXVI, Cum gratia & priuilegio Cæsareo, Polydore Vergil, 1534
  • Bartholomew Fair: a comedy, acted in the year 1614, by the Lady Elizabeth's servants, and then dedicated to King James of most blessed memory, Ben Johnson (1573-1637), 1739
  • Essays, or, Counsels, civil and moral, Francis Bacon, 1752
  • Stories of Boccaccio (The Decameron), translated from the Italian into English [by John Payne] ; with eleven original etchings by Léopold Flameng, 18--?
  • Dante's Inferno, translated from the original of Dante Alighieri by Henry Francis Cary, and illustrated by Gustave Doré; edited by Henry C. Walsh, 18--?
  • The works of Francis Bacon, baron of Verulam, viscount St. Albans, and lord high chancellor of England, Francis Bacon, 1824
  • Writings of Edward the Sixth, William Hugh, Queen Catherine Parr, Anne Askew, Lady Jane Grey, Hamilton, and Balnaves, 1836
  • Annals of the first four years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, Sir John Hayward; edited from a ms. in the Harleian collection by John Bruce, 1840
  • The vision: or, Hell, purgatory, & paradise, Dante Alighieri, translated by the Rev. Henry Francis Cary, 1844
  • The poetical works of Sir Thomas Wyatt, Thomas Wyatt (1503-1542), ca. 1840
  • The works of Francis Bacon: Lord Chancellor of England, with a life of the author, by Basil Montagu, 1852
  • Marlowe's Edward the second, edited by Osborne William Tancock, 1880
  • La Divina commedia, Dante Alighieri, riveduta nel testo e commentata da G.A. Scartazzini, 1903
  • Drake, Nelson and Napoleon, Sir Walter Runciman, bart, 1920
  • The love poems of Joannes Secundus; a revised Latin text and an English verse translation, together with an introductory essay on the Latin poetry of the Renaissance, F. A. Wright, 1930
  • The first folio of Shakespeare, William Shakespeare, prepared by Charlton Hinman, 1968
  • Gorboduc; or, Ferrex and Porrex [by] Thomas Sackville and Thomas Norton, Ed. Irby B. Cauthen, Jr, 1970
  • Christopher Columbus's book of prophecies, reproduction of the original manuscript with English translation by Kay Brigham, 1991
III. Reference and Other Materials in the Main Library
  • Encyclopedia of Renaissance literature, James Wyatt Cook, 2006, Reference Collection
  • Encyclopedia of the Renaissance, Thomas G. Bergin, consulting editor; Jennifer Speake, general editor, 2004, Reference Collection
  • The Oxford dictionary of the Renaissance, Gordon Campbell, 2003, Reference Collection
  • Classical myths and legends in the Middle Ages and Renaissance: a dictionary of allegorical meanings, H. David Brumble, 1998, Reference Collection
  • The world's master paintings: from the early Renaissance to the present day: a comprehensive listing of works by 1,300 painters and a complete guide to their locations worldwide, compiled by Christopher Wright, 1992, Reference Collection
  • The Cambridge history of Renaissance philosophy, general editor, Charles B. Schmitt; editors, Quentin Skinner, Eckhard Kessler; associate editor, Jill Kraye, 1988, Reference Collection
  • English Renaissance theatre history: a reference guide, David Stevens, 1982, Reference Collection
  • European music, 1520-1640, edited by James Haar, 2006, Music Library
  • The Cambridge history of seventeenth-century music, edited by Tim Carter and John Butt, 2006, Music Library
  • The science and art of Renaissance music, James Haar; edited by Paul Corneilson, 1998, Music Library
  • Renaissance music: music in Western Europe, 1400-1600, Allan W. Atlas, 1998, Music Library
IV. Online Resources at Furman
V. Web Sites