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Protestant Reformation Resources
Frontispiece of The History of the Reformation of the Church of England
by Gilbert Burnet, 1843
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I. Manuscript and Archival
  • Religion in Life Lecture Series: Cassette recording of a lecture given October 30, 1979 by Anthony Campolo, titled "The Reformation was a Revolution."
II. Books and Published Materials
  • The ecclesiastical and political history of the popes of Rome during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Leopold Ranke; translated from the German by Sarah Austin, 1841
  • History of the great Reformation of the sixteenth century in Germany, Switzerland, &c., J.H. Merle d'Aubigné, 1843
  • The history of the reformation of the church of England, Gilbert Burnet. With a copious index. Revised and corrected, with additional notes, and a preface... by E. Nares, 1843
  • The history of the Puritans, or Protestant Noncomformists; from the reformation in 1517, to the revolution in 1688; comprising an account of their principles; their attempts for a farther reformation in the church; their sufferings; and the lives and characters of their most considerable divines, Daniel Neal (1678-1743). Reprinted from the text of Dr. Toulmin's edition: with his life of the author and account of his writings, 1844
  • History of the Protestants of France, from the commencement of the Reformation to the present time, Guillaume de Felice; Translated, with an introd. by Henry Lobdell, 1851
  • A defence of Luther and the Reformation against the charges of John Bellinger, M. D., and others: to which are appended various communications of other Protestant and Roman Catholic writers who engaged in the controversy, John Bachman, 1853
  • A reply to Cobbett's "History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland", compiled and edited by Charles Hastings Collette, 1869
  • The Reformation, George P. Fisher, 1894
  • English Baptist reformation. (From 1609 to 1641 A.D.), Geo. A. Lofton, 1899
  • History of the Baptists in Scotland from pre-reformation times, editor, Geo. Yuille, 1927
  • The Calvinistic phase of the Reformation: the origin and influence of Calvinism, 1509-1564, Robert P. Hamby, 1948
  • Battle for the church: an account of the epic struggle to recover the New Testament pattern of church life in England, 1517-1644, or : how the church in England was delivered from the gross darkness endured through twelve hundred years of Popery, brought into Puritanism and from thence to the rise of the Particular Baptists, David Gay, 1997
  • Historical dictionary of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, Hans J. Hillerbrand, 2000
III. Microfilm in Special Collections

The following is a sample of early English Baptist sources microfilmed in Special Collections. Please see the subject heading Early Baptist Publications for a complete inventory.

Religious Policy
  • By the Quene The Quenes Maiestie vnderstandinge, that of late tyme sundry persons beynge infected with certayne daungerous and pernicious opinions, in matters of religion, contrarye to the fayth of the Churche of Chryste, as Anabaptistes and suche lyke ..., 1560
  • A sword agaynst swearyng, conteyning these principall poyntes ..., Edmond Bicknoll, 1569
  • The English creede: consenting with the true auncient Catholique and apostolique church in al the points and articles of religion which euerie Christian is to know and beleeue that would be saued. The first parte, in most loyal maner to the glorie of God, credit of our church, and displaieng of all haerisies, and errors, both olde and newe, contrarie to the faith, Thomas Rogers, 1585
  • A note of such things as shall be reformed in the church, Richard Bancroft, 1603
  • Objections answered by way of dialogue, wherein is proved, by the law of God, by the law of our land, and by His Majesties many testimonies, that no man ought to be persecuted for his religion, John Murton, 1615
  • Articles agreed upon by the Arch-Bishops and Bishops of both provinces, and the whole clergie, in the convocation holden at London, in the year 1562: for the avoiding of diversities of opinions, and for the establishing of consent touching true religion: reprinted by His Majesties commandment: with His Royal declaration prefixed thereunto, 1630
  • Petition of Francis Tucker, prisoner in Newgate, to Archbishop Laud against Samuel Eaton, complaining against his preaching in Newgate, Francis Tucker, 1638
  • Of reformation touching church-discipline in England: and the causes that hither-to have hindered it, John Milton, 1641
  • It is this day ordered by the Lords spirituall and temporall in the High Court of Parliament assembled, that the divine service be performed as it is appointed by the acts of Parliament of this realm ..., Parliament of England and Wales, 1641
  • By his Highness a proclamation prohibiting the disturbing of ministers and other Christians in their assemblies and meetings, Oliver Cromwell, 1654
  • A supplement to the serious consideration of the oath of the Kings supremacy: published October 1660. In, first, some consideration of the oaths of the Kings supremacy and allegiance, from the exceptions of Richard Hubberthorn, Samuel Fisher, Samuel Hodgkin, and some others against them, in the points of swearing in some case, and the matters of those oaths, John Tombes, 1661
  • A plea for tolleration of opinions and perswasions in matters of religion, differing from the Church of England: grounded upon good authority of scripture, and the practice of the primitive times. Shewing the unreasonablenesse of prescribing to other mens faith, and the evil of persecuting differing opinions; humbly presented to the Kings most excellent Majesty, by John Spurgion, John Spurgion, 1661
  • Two bokes of the noble doctor and B.S. Augustine thone entiteled of the predestiuacion of saintes: thother of perseveraunce unto thende, wherunto are annexed the determinations of two auncient generall councelles, confermyng the doctrine taught ... all faythfully translated out of Laten into Englyshe by John Scory, John Scory, 1556
  • A fruteful treatise of predestination, John Véron, 1563
Anabaptists and other sects
  • A chort instruction for to arme all good Christian people agaynst the pestiferous errours of the common secte of Anabaptistes; compyled by Mayster John Caluine, John Calvin, 1549
  • An answer to a great nomber of blasphemous cavillations written by an Anabaptist, and adversarie to Gods eternal predestination, and confuted by John Knox, 1560
  • A moste necessary treatise of free wil, not only against the Papistes, but also against the Anabaptistes: which in these our daies, go about to renue the detestable heresies of Pelagius, and of the Luciferians, whiche say and affirm, that we be able by our own natural strength to fulfil the law and commaundementes of God; made dialoge wyse by Ihon Veron, in a manner word by woorde, as he did set it forth in his lectures at Paules, John Véron, 1561
  • Counterpoyson: considerations touching the points in difference between the godly ministers & people of the Church of England, and the seduced brethren of the Separation. Arguments that the best assemblies of the present Church of England are true visible churches. That the preachers in the best assemblies of Engl. are true ministers of Christ. Mr. Berrard's book intituled The separatists schisme. Mr Crashawes questions propounded in his sermon preached at the cross, examined and answered by H.A., 1608
  • A discoverie of six women preachers, in Middlesex, Kent, Cambridgshire, and Salisbury: with a relation of their names, manners, life, and doctrine, pleasant to be read, but horrid to be judged of. Their names are these: Anne Hempstall, Mary Bilbrow, Joane Bauford, Susan May, Elizabeth Bancroft, Arabella Thomas, 1641
  • The saints beliefe, by me John Turner, prisoner of our Lord Jesus Christ, 1641
  • Religions enemies: with a brief and ingenious relation, as by Anabaptists, Brownists, Papists, Familists, Atheists and Foolists, sawcily presuming to tosse religion in a blanquet, John Taylor, 1641
  • Order from Oliver Cromwell to Major-General Crawford to reinstate William Packer as Lieutenant Colonel, although he is an Anabaptist, March 10th, 1643, Oliver Cromwell, 1643
  • England's warning by Germanies woe, or, An historicall narration, of the originall, progresse, tenets, names, and severall sects of the Anabaptists in Germany and the Low Countries: continued for about one hundred and twenty years, from anno 1521 (which was the time of their first rise) until these dayes ..., Frederick Spanhemius, 1646
  • The Quakers quaking, or, The foundation of their deceipt shaken, both in their quakings, doctrines, ministerie, and lives, Jeremiah Ives, 1656
English Puritans Abroad
  • The picture of a Puritane, or, A relation of the opinions, qualities, and practises of the Anabaptists in Germanie, and of the Puritanes in England: wherein is firmely prooued, that the Puritanes doe resemble the Anabaptists, in aboue fourescore seuerall thinges, O.O. of Emmanuel, 1605
  • A defense of the Holy Scriptures, worship and ministerie, used in the Christian churches separated from Antichrist: against the challenges, cavils and contradiction of M Smyth, in his book entitled The differences of the churches of the separation ... by Henry Ainsworth, teacher of the English exiled church in Amsterdam, Henry Ainsworth, 1609
  • A declaration of faith of English people remaining at Amsterdam in Holland, Thomas Helwys, 1611
  • The great case of transplantation in Ireland discussed, or, Certain considerations: wherein the many great inconveniences in the transplanting the natives of Ireland generally out of the three provinces of Leinster, Ulster, and Munster into the province of Connaught are shewn ...humbly tendered to every individual member of Parliament by a well- wisher to the good of the common-wealth of England, 1655
IV. Reference and Other Materials in the General Collection
  • The new Westminster dictionary of church history, editor, Robert Benedetto; associate editors, James O. Duke et al., 2008, Reference Collection
  • Creeds & confessions of faith in the Christian tradition, edited by Jaroslav Pelikan and Valerie Hotchkiss, 2003, Reference Collection
  • The Oxford encyclopedia of the Reformation, Hans J. Hillerbrand, editor in chief, 1996, Reference Collection
  • Bibliography of the continental reformation: materials available in Englis, Roland H. Bainton and Eric W. Gritsch, 1972, Reference Collection
  • The Reformation: towards a new history, Lee Palmer Wandel, 2011, General Collection
  • The reformation of the landscape: religion, identity, and memory in early modern Britain and Ireland, Alexandra Walsham, 2011, General Collection
  • Historical dictionary of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, Michael Mullett, 2010
  • A companion to Anabaptism and spiritualism, 1521-1700, edited by John D. Roth and James M. Stayer, 2007, General Collection
V. Online Resources at Furman
VI. Web Sites