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International Maps
16th Century

Map of the World by Viconte di Maiollo, 1527; reproduced in facsimile from photographs obtained by Arthur James Weise in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana of Milan on April, 1903, Call No. G3200 1527.M3 1905

19th Century

An atlas of ancient geography, by Carey and Lea, Philadelphia, 1834, Call No. G1033.B8 1834,
14 items:

    I. Orbis Veteribus Notus.
    V. Germania Antiqua.
    VI. Vindelicia, Rhaetia, Noricum, Pannonia et Illyricum.
    VII. Italiae Antiquae Pars (I) Meridionalis.
    VII. Italiae Antiquae, Pars (II) Septemtrionalis.
    IX. Macedonia, Maesia Thracia et Dacia.
    X. Graecia Extra Peloponnesum.
    XI. Peloponnesus et Graecia Meridionalis.
    XII. Insulae Maris Aegaei.
    XV. Syria.
    XVIII. Africa, Antiqua.
    XX. Aegyptus Antiqua.
    XIX. Mauritania Numidia, et Africa Propria.
    XXI. Plans

20th Century
  • Switzerland. Specimen page of the New World Loose Leaf Atlas, C.S. Hammond & Co., New York. 1920 Census information on reverse, Call No. G6040 1924 .H3
  • Pictorial Map of Central London; Map of Paris; from Chicago Tribune Ocean Times, Call No. G5754.L7 1924 P5
  • Story Map of England. Call No. G5754.L7 1924 P5
  • Shakespeare’s England. Call No. G5751.E65 1936 .J3
  • War Map, The Pacific Theater, Call No. G9230 1943 .G4
  • War Map, Japan and other Strategic Pacific Areas, Call No. G7960 1944 .G4
  • Cambridgeshire. Call No. G5753 .C3 1947 .C5
  • Devinshire. Call No. G5753 .D4 1947 .C5
  • Hampshire. Call No. G5753 .H3 1947 .C5
  • Oxfordshire. Call No. G5753 .O8 1947 .C5
  • Red China, circa 1955, Call No. G7820 1955 .C5
  • South Africa, Call No. G8500 1958 .S3
  • The Fascination of Ancient Africa Preserved in a Dutch Cartographer’s Masterpiece
International Maps from the Winston C. Babb Collection

Please note that the following maps are not in the university catalog.

  • Africa
    1. 1. “Two Africas” (pages of Time Magazine showing decolonization process), Time Magazine, ca. 1960
      2. "Southern Africa," 1962, National Geographic
  • Asia
    1. 1. “Lands of the Bible Today, with Historical Notes,” 1956, National Geographic
      2. "Asia," 1956
  • Europe
    1. 1. "Europe and the Near East," April 1949, National Geographic
      2. "British Isles," 1958, National Geographic
      3. "Europe ca. 1560," ca. 1960, Rand McNally
      4. “Europe in 1360, Showing Famous Cathedrals – Leading Universities,” Rinehart & Co., ca. 1960
      5. "British Commonwealth, French Union, Spain and Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, & the U.S." (pages of Time Magazine showing decolonization process), Time Magazine, ca. 1960
      6. "Europe," 1962, National Geographic
  • Caribbean, South America, and Antarctica
    1. 1. "West Indies," 1962, National Geographic
      2. "Eastern South America," 1962, National Geographic
      3. "Antarctica," 1963, National Geographic