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French Revolution and Napoleonic Era
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I. Books and Published Materials
18th Century
  • Arthur Young's travels in France during the years 1787, 1788, 1789. Ed., with introduction, biographical sketch and notes by Miss Betham-Edwards, published London, G. Bell, 1913.
  • A residence in France, during the years 1792, 1793, 1794, and 1795: described in a series of letters from an English lady: with general and incidental remarks on the French character and manners, John Gifford, 1798
  • The bloody buoy, thrown out as a warning to the political pilots of all nations, or, A faithful relation of a multitude of acts of horrid barbarity such as the eye never witnessed, the tongue expressed or the imagination conceived until the commencement of the French Revolution, Peter Porcupine, 1798
19th Century
  • The French revolution: a history by Thomas Carlyle, 18
  • England's battles by sea and land: from the commencement of the great French revolution to the present time with a retrospective view of the celebrated epochs of the British military history; including our Indian campaigns and the present expedition against Russian aggression in the East by Lieut.-Colonel Williams, 18
  • On the state of Europe before and after the French revolution by Frederick Gentz,1803
  • A sketch of the present state of France, 1805
  • Memoirs of the military and political life of Napoleon Bonaparte: from his origin, to his death on the rock of St. Helena, B.E. O'Meara, 1822
  • Memoirs of General Count Rapp: first aide-de-camp to Napoleon, Jean Rapp, 1823
  • Soliloquy of Napoleon Bonaparte in his exile at St. Helena written and translated by P. Menard, 1825
  • Hall's voyages, v. 1. Voyage to Loo-Choo and other places in the eastern seas in the year 1816 : including an account of Captain Maxwell's attack on the batteries at Canton, and notes of an interview with Buonaparte at St. Helena in August 1817, by Basil Hall, 1826-27
  • The life of Gouverneur Morris: with selections from his correspondence and miscellaneous papers; detailing events in the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and in the political history of the United States by Jared Sparks, 1832
  • The history of the French revolution, M.A. Thiers, 1838
  • History of Europe from the commencement of the French Revolution in 1789, to the restoration of the Bourbons in 1815, Archibald Alison, 1845
  • History of the law of nations in Europe and America: from the earliest times to the Treaty of Washington, 1842, Henry Wheaton, 1845
  • History of the captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena, General Count Montholon, 1846-47
  • The history of the French revolution, M. A. Thiers, 1852
  • The women of the French revolution, J. Michelet, 1855
  • Napoleon and his marshals, Joel Tyler Headley, 1857
  • History of the French revolution of 1848, A. de Lamartine; translated by Francis A. Durivage and William S. Chase, 1859
  • History of the French Revolution: its causes and consequences, F. Maclean Rowan, 1870
  • The French revolution and first empire: an historical sketch, William O'Connor Morris, 1892
  • The influence of sea power upon the French revolution and empire: 1793-1812, A.T. Mahan, 1893
  • The French Revolution; a political history, 1789-1804, by A. Aulard, 1910
  • Travels in upper and lower Egypt during the campaigns of General Bonaparte, Vivant Denon, 1986
  • Napoleon and the marshals of the empire, Rufus Griswold
  • Memoirs of Napoleon, Louis Bourrienne, [n.d.]