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Clothing History
From The Tapestry of Bayeux
From The Tapestry of Bayeux

Please note that items in bold are described in the Library's online catalog and you will need to review the catalog to obtain the call number of each item. Other items are described in guides in Special Collections and Archives.

I. Manuscript and Archival
  • Furman University
  • Alumni/ae Collections including scrapbooks
  • Yearbooks"
  • Greenville Woman's College
  • Alumnae Collections including scrapbooks
  • Yearbooks and social guidance brochures
  • The Mary Bridges Barr Family Collection (1863-1898): Correspondence between members of the Barr/Bridges family. Includes much discussion about making clothes.
  • Popular Sheet Music Collections, 19th and 20th centuries, Wartime, Women, among other topics
  • Women's Popular Magazine Collection, 19th century
  • Women's Popular Magazine Collection, 20th century
  • Scrapbook Collections, 19th and 20th centuries
II. Books and Published Materials
  • The Bayeux tapestry, facsimile of tapestry documenting Battle of Hastings and other English history, 11th century
  • Cantigas de Santa Maria, facsimile of songs dedicated to Virgin Mary, written by Alfonso X, King of Castile and Leon, 13th century
  • The Luttrell psalter : a facsimile English illuminated manuscript, 14th century
  • The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer isles: with the names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from their first beginning, Ano: 1584, to this present 1624, John Smith, facsimile of 1624 publication
  • Fashions and Costumes from Godey's Lady's Book, 1837-1869 many illustrations, some color
  • Godey's Full Color Fashion Plates, 1838-1880
  • Godey's Lady's Book, 1842-1882, scattered volumes
  • The gallery of Byron beauties: ideal pictures of the principal female characters in Lord Byron's poems From original paintings by eminent artists, 1864
  • The republican court : or, American society in the days of Washington, Rufus Wilmot Griswold, 1868
  • The Young Lady's Guide, American tract society, 1870
  • Harper's Bazaar, 1881
  • Victorian fashions and costumes from Harper's Bazaar, 1867-1898 Stella Blum, 1974
  • National portrait gallery of eminent Americans: including orators, statesmen, naval and military heroes, jurists, authors, etc., etc., from original full length paintings, Alonzo Chappel, With biographical and historical narratives, 1867
  • The masterpieces of French art : being a biographical history of art in France, from the earliest period to and including the Salon of 1882, Louis Viardot; edited by Wm. A. Armstrong, 1884
  • Costumes of All Nations, W. Duke, Sons and Co. images of famous women to advertise cigarettes, 1888
  • Manners, Culture and Dress of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms..., Richard A Wells, c1890
  • Shelter and Clothing: A Textbook of the Household Arts, Helen Kinne and Anna M. Cooley, B.S., 1914
  • The Fan: Fashion and Femininity Unfolded, Valerie Steele, 2002
  • Bold, cautious, true : Walt Whitman and American art of the Civil War era , Kevin Sharp, 2009
  • Encyclopedia of world dress and fashion, 10 volumes, international collection beginning with pre-history extending to present, 2010
III. Artifacts: General, Furman and Greenville Woman's College
  • 04.13.010 - A toggle pin from the end of the Middle Bronze Age II B, c. 1750-1650 BC
  • 03.02.002 - Incan belt or girth made of camelid fiber and cotton. Consists of very thickly woven wool with wooden bars reinforcing the ends. The warp pattern design forms rows of stylized fish, usually a coastal motif also found in textiles of the Chancay valley which was conquered by the Inca around 1470; 1470-1532
  • 03.02.006 - Incan belt or girth made of vegetable fiber weft and camelid fiber warp. The weft is completely covered by the heavy 8-ply yarns of the warp. Wooden bars reinforce the warp ends. The colors red and black are found often in Inca textiles. The design pattern is a perfect illustration of the pan-Peruvian stepped triangle-and-swirl motif; 1470-1532
  • 03.04.001 - Group of 3 Italian swirl-molded pale blue gold flecked glass dressing table bottles, a small drinking cup, and a soap dish
  • 03.02.049 - Salmon and white colored kimono with navy, yellow, green, white, and salmon colored obi, 1967
  • 03.02.057 - Puple rat cap with dirty capital letter "F, white nob on top of cap, brown leather interior band, has small bill on front
  • 03.02.058 - Taoist Priest's coat; red, silk embroidered (in red, green, blue, and gold thread)
  • 03.02.059 - Manchurian "dragon" coat
  • 03.04.004 - Wood-carved comb with elephant and diamond design, from Benin
  • 03.04.005 - Wooden carved combs, with elephant and linear designs, from Benin
  • 03.04.006 - Woven colored comb from Nigeria; made of wood and colored wire, and woven in the fashion of Zaire
  • 03.02.056 - Cream silk Chinese wrap dress embroidered with butterflies and flowers
  • 03.03.005 - Nine (9) small paper fans decorated with ink drawings, black wooden handles
  • 03.04.009 - Japanese polished bronze hand mirror in black lacquer box
  • 03.02.055 - Black silk pants for a large doll or small baby; cloth waistband and lining; cloth "underpants" inside; purple silk piece of pantleg tied with string to waistband
  • 03.03.007 - Embroidered change purse
  • 03.02.028 - Handspun cloth, used like a shawl for carrying babies in Nigeria; two bands of blue and tan strips on a natural ground, tassels on each end
  • 03.02.003 - Two Chinese shirt pieces (front and back) with embroidered floral designs, tan background, black border, blue embroidery
  • 03.02.004 - Small orange colored Chinese shoe with cloth "ears" on the sides and eyes like a dog
  • 03.02.005 - Small red and multi-colored Chinese shoe
  • 03.02.052 - Dragon-faced shoe, hand embroidered with diamond patterned hand-quilted sole
  • 03.02.053 - Black silk pig-faced shoe with "ears," hand embroidered, linen lining, with diamond patterned hand-quilted sole
  • 03.02.054 - Very light green, blue, and multi-colored skirt with satin-like fabric, black borders, and embroidery in the center
  • 03.02.050 - A jacket, a pair of pants and a cap from Alester G. Furman's WWI uniform
  • 03.02.051 - Green canvas army jacket missing all buttons and insignia; jacket is most likely a WWI uniform
  • 03.03.011 - Antique Victorian art nouveau hand painted fan, 1800's (Call no. Special Coll NK4870 .A57 1800z)

  • Furman and Greenville Woman's College
  • 03.02.027 - Brown silk shaw with embroidered flowers, worn by Jennie McBee Alexander Philpot when she graduated from GWC in 1859
  • 03.02.060 - Black frock coat owned by C.B. Martin, professor of classics and Furman alumnus, circa 1900
  • 03.03.003 - Handkerchief, laminated with quotes written on it including a date, June 5, 1914
  • 08.06.019 - Gold Fleur-de-Lis pin with F attachment, initials ABJ on back, belonged to Annie Belle Jones, Greenville Woman's College class of 1924, sorority as yet unknown
  • 03.02.019 - Faded white felt hat with "Furman 29" in purple felt, 1929
  • 03.02.062 - Freshman rat cap from the fall of 1954; dark purple cloth cap with small curved bill, white nob on tob of cap, brown leather interior band
  • 03.02.015 - Brown leather belt with raised lettering on metal buckle reading FURMAN
  • 03.02.021 - FURMAN belt buckle with bell tower and hornet on it
  • 03.02.024 - Belt buckle with "Furman," "A.D. 1826," "Purple Hurricane," and an image of the old campus
  • 03.02.009 - Modern hat with dark brown and tan feathers of differing shapes and sizes, 20th century
  • 03.03.006 - Cloth knife sheath; black and white geometric pattern surrounded by black and gold geometric pattern
  • 03.02.030 - Purple and white baseball leggings
  • 03.02.064 - Short-sleeved white button-up collared shirt; 4 snap buttons up front; turned up cuffs on sleeves; "Furman University Physical Education" black circle logo on front pocket
  • 03.02.025 - Purple thick knit sweater with white letter F on front
  • 03.02.033 - Football letterman sweater
  • 03.02.013 - Long-sleeved white T-shirt from Furman University Cherrydale Moving Party, March 7, 1999
  • 03.02.018 - Purple and white football jersey-style T-Shirt. "Furman Paladins" and picture of a paladin on the front. "80 champs" on the back, 1980
  • 03.02.032 - Greater Greenville Scottish Games and Highland Festival, June 9-10, 2006
  • 03.02.035 - Orange Delta Beta Chi T-shirt
  • 03.02.036 - Blue Furman Singers T-shirt with cartoon paladin
  • 03.02.037 - Purple Association of Furman Students T-shirt with picnic table
  • 03.02.038 - Red Furman Follies T-shirt, man with top hat and cane
  • 03.02.039 - CESC Furman University May Day 1976 T-shirt
  • 03.02.040 - Furman Paladins 1988 I-AA National Champions T-shirt
  • 03.02.041 - Burgundy Furman University Resident Assistant T-shirt
  • 03.02.042 - Orange tee-shirt, “Do it…in the dorms!”
  • 03.02.043 - Blue and Yellow Furman Library T-shirt
  • 03.02.044 - Red Furman Singers T-shirts with music staves
  • 03.02.045 - White Polo, Perishing Rifles seal
IV. Reference
  • Encyclopedia of American Indian costume, Josephine Paterek, 1994
  • Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion, Valerie Steele, 2005.
V. Online Resources at Furman