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John B. Watson (1878-1958)
John Broadus Watson
I. Archival Material: Collection on John B. Watson Acc. #0000-005
  • Folder 1: Photographs
  • Folder 2: Programs, John Broadus Watson Symposium, 1979
  • Folder 3 & 4: Article Reprints
  • Folder 5: Biographical
  • Folder 6: Miscellaneous Materials
II. Books About Watson
  • Mechanical Man: John Broadus Watson and the Beginnings of Behaviorism, Call No. BF109.W39 B83 1989
  • J. B. Watson, the Founder of Behaviourism: A Biography, Call No. BF109.W39 C63
  • The Origins of Behaviorism: American Psychology, Call No. BF199 .O35 1979
  • Behaviorism and Moralism: The Life of John B. Watson, Call No.BF199 .B58 1971
  • Birnbaum, Lucille Terese. Behaviorism: John Broadus Watson and American Social Thought, 1913-1933. Thesis--University of California, Berkeley, 1980.
III. Books by Watson
  • Behavior; An Introduction to Comparative Psychology, Call No. BF671 .W25
  • Behaviorism, Call No. BF199 .W3
  • Psychology From the Standpoint of a Behaviorist, Call No. BF131 .W35
  • The Ways of Behaviorism, Call No. BF199 .W33
  • Psychological Care of Infant and Child, Call No. HQ772 .W25
  • The Battle of Behaviorism: An Exposition and an Exposure, Call No. BF199 .W32
IV. Audio from John B. Watson Symposium, April 5-6, 1979
  • John B. Watson : man and myth, Address by James V. McConnell, April 5, 1979, Call No. MISCD00056
  • Applied behavioralism since J. B. Watson , Address by Fred S. Keller, April 6, 1979, Call No. MISCD00057
  • What John B. Watson meant to me , Address by B. F. Skinner, April 6, 1979, Call No. MISCD00058
  • D.E. Smith interview on John Broadus Watson , Call No. MISCD00062
  • Mary Thomason interview , Call No. MISCD00063
  • Symposium dinner , April 5, 1979, Call No. MISCD00064
V. Web Sites