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Senior Order Documents
I. Senior Order Weekend 1969

“You are now a member of Senior Order. We know you are proud, and we are proud of you. No doubt the tapping service left you with a feeling of humility and bewilderment. We know why you were tapped. You were tapped because we recognized in you those qualities of leadership, service to the group at school, and unselfishness in your daily living. You are mature in your judgment concerning questions involving the student body, your class and your personal experiences. You are mature enough to understand the points of view of the administration, the community, the students and the faculty.

“You know how greatly the group at school depends upon adequate leadership. SO will be looked to by the administration and your fellow students to help in any situation which arises during the year. As an organization, it is no more effective than in the qualities of its members; therefore SO’s effectiveness and worth on the campus for student life betterment is left up to you and the most noble characteristics in your personality.

“You will meet as often as you feel that it is necessary. Attendance is required at the meetings. The strength of your decisions and discussions on the topics of the meetings depends on the members present. Of course, there will be emergencies arising from time to time which call members away from the college, but never should the group allow a member to miss for some date, party, dance, game or whatever the occasion. SO comes first.

“You are wondering what your meetings will involve. That is left up to you, but it will be surprising to you when you begin your discussions to find the wealth of topics, which need to be talked over. There will be a number of meetings toward the end of the year which must be given over to the selection of new members, plans for the tapping service, etc. You are urged to bring plans, problems, program ideas, and other interests of your class, the organizations in which you will participate to SO to air before the group.

“All of you will become even more interested than ever with both the minute and great problems of the individual woman at Furman, and will want to share their troubles and happiness. You are a cross section of the students. So chosen you will be able to recognize all sides of each question. Most of the time you will meet only with yourselves; however, you may feel free to call in your advisors when the need arises. In the meeting, your chairman will correlate the ideas of all and act as a coordinator for you, but she cannot answer to the school as the choice of SO without your working with her. You have a great job ahead of you next year. We feel confident that you, as individuals in Senior Order of 1969-70 will be able to solve problems we were unable to solve. You will do your work willingly simply in the joy of doing it.

“It is not what he has, nor even what he does, which directly expresses the worth of a man, but what he is.”

–Henry Frederic Amiel

II. Songs

"Symphony of Senior Order," by Martha

“The harmony of a band in senior order is found; where members give of their best and to true service are bound.

“Like the colorful say and the versatile horn, each adds beauty wherever she goes. Like the sweet and clear notes of the flute, and persistence of the rhythmic drum, each brings happiness to those she knows. The black and yellow scarf stands for those traits we desire. Saluting members of old we pledge honor to you we admire.”

Vibrant as the viols and solid as the bass; firm as the pianoforte, each girl stands strong in her place.

"Song for Senior Order 1967-68," by Lucy Hay
Senior Order—
That’s what we are;
We are nine.
Bound by friendship,
Desire to serve
At any time,
We’ll build a name for ourselves
That will shine!
And here we’ll stay
Until it’s time for us to go.
Yes we’re different—
World’s apart,
And yet the same;
For in common
We all share Senior Order’s name.
This will live deep in our hearts—
A glowing flame;
And here we’ll stay
Until it’s time for us to go.

Don’t ask why
Don’t ask how
Don’t ask forever—
We live NOW!

The strength to do what must be done—
For this we pray.
We ask for help,
For vision clear
To see each day;
Thy guiding hand in every act,
Through each now way—
And this we’ll pray
Until it’s time for us to go
Time grows short,
Friendships grow,
The end draws near
Soon we nine
Will say “hello”
To new careers.
Though we scatter
Miles between
Memories are dear!!
And thus they’ll say… until it’s time for us to go.