Stained glass window
John L. Plyler, Jr. Postcard Collection: International and Other Inventory


1. Mineral/stone waterfalls [Hamman Meskhoutine], Guelma from Casablanca


1. Iguazu Falls [Cataratas del Iguazu] sent Jul. 26, 1996
2. Probably Buenos Aires, airview of city, sent by airmail


1. Fountain of the Nymph in Schoenbrunn Park, Vienna [Wien], sent by airmail
2. Hotel Imperial, Vienna [Wien], sent by airmail
3. Olympic skiing stadium [summer] [Olympiaschanze am Berg Isel], Innsbruck, sent by airmail
4. Innsbruck [airview to the north] [gegen Norden]; handwritten note—Austria; F12
5. Building with a golden roof [goldenes dachl], Innsbruck; handwritten note—Austria; 240
6. Maria Theresa Street [maria-theresien-straße], Innsbruck; handwritten note—Austria; 235
7. Innsbruck with view of Nordkette [mountain and ski area]; handwritten note—Austria; P 9424 42
8. View from Mönchsberg [blick vom mönchsberg], Salzburg [Festival City—Festspielstadt]


1. Portrait of Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher [a field marshal at the Battle of Waterloo] [possibly painted in 1815]
2. The farm “Le Caillou” [ferme “Le Caillou”]; 18
3. The farm “La Papelotte” [ferme “La Papelotte”]; 29
4. The farm “La Belle Alliance” [la ferme “La Belle Alliance”]; 17
5. The Lion [statue] and the battlefield [le lion et le champ de bataille]; 2 copies

1. 10 artistical views in photocolor, series 1; postcard set
2. 10 artistical views in photocolor, series 2; postcard set
3. Arc of the Fiftieth Anniversary [of Belgium’s independence] [Arc du Cinquantenaire]; handwritten note—Belgium; 15
4. Town Hall [hotel de ville]; handwritten note—Belgium; 3
5. Palace of Justice [palais de justice]; handwritten note—Belgium; 23
6. Palace of Justice [palais de justice]; 32
7. Congress Colum with tomb of unknown soldiers [Colonne du Congrès, Tombeau d’un Soldat Inconnu] ; 71
8. St. Gudule church [Eglise Ste-Gudule]
9. “What can be done with a lace handkerchief” [shaped handkerchiefs], Maria Loix [possibly a company name]


1. Plaza Murillo, La Paz


1. Congress and Ministries [Congresso E Ministérios]; 9
2. Brasilia Palace Hotel; 71
3. Central Avenue [avenida central]; 3
4. Palácio da Alvorada [Palace of Dawn] [official residence of President of Brazil]; 30
5. Vista of the Palácio da Alvorada [Palace of Dawn] [official residence of President of Brazil]; 105
6. Popular House Foundation [fundação da casa popular] [airview]; 19
7. Aspect of local buildings [aspect dos edificios locais]; 8

Various Locations
1. Statue of Christ the Redeemer on top of Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro [Rio de Janeira, Estátua do Cristo Redentor no Alto do Corcovado] [airview] sent from Rio de Janeiro 1960; 16
2. Skyline of Rio de Janeiro
3. Hotel Jaragua, São Paulo; 24

British West Indies

1. Bougainvillea, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad; 25636-B
2. Mount St. Benedict, Trinidad; SC4688
3. Government Gardens, Trinidad; 1079B
4. Maracas Bay, Trinidad; 83278


1. Château Frontenac, Québec City; 2
2. Chateau Frontenac and Citadel from Ferry [Le Château Frontenac et la Citadelle vus de la traverse], Québec City; 42
3. Chateau Frontenac from Lower Town [Château Frontenac vu de la basse-ville], Québec City; 39
4. Dufferin Terrace [with Chateau Frontenac in background] [La Terrasse Dufferin], Québec City; 6
5. Ocean Liner facing Chateau Frontenac [un transatlantique devant le Château Frontenac], Québec City; 59
6. Château Frontenac, Québec City; 22
7. Hôtel Château Frontenac, Québec City; 51
8. Quebec view from ferry boat Quebec-Levis [with Chateau Frontenac in background] [la ville de Québec vue du traversier Québec-Lévis], Québec City; 23872-D
9. The promenade linking Dufferin Terrace to Plains of Abraham [with Chateau Frontenac in background] [la terrasse Dufferin et les Plaines d’Abraham sont maintenant reliées par une promenade de toute beauté], Québec City; 51902-D
10. Bird’s eye view of Quebec City [with Chateau Frontenac in foreground] [vue aérienne de la Cité de Québec], Quebec City; DT-68130-D
11. Chateau Frontenac [le Château Frontenac], Québec City; 85344-D
12. Horse-drawn carriage [calèche], Quebec City; 14
13. Provincial Parliament Buildings [Parlement Provincial], Quebec City; 16
14. Provincial Museum [Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec], Quebec City; 5
15. House where Montcalm died [maison Montcalm], Quebec City; 24
16. Monument of the Brave [monument des braves], Quebec City
17. Kent Gate [porte kent], Quebec City; 76
18. View looking up Mountain Hill [vue, montant la Côte de la Montagne], Quebec City; 82
19. Quebec-Levis Ferry “S.S. Louis Joliette” [traversier-Québec-Lévis “Louis Joliette]; 61
20. Wolfe’s Monument on Battlefields Park [monument de Wolfe sur les Plaines d’Abraham], Quebec City; 34
21. Champlain’s Monument [Monument Champlain], Quebec City; 31
22. Montmorency Falls near Quebec [Chutes Montmorency près de Québec]; 21
23. Island of Orleans Bridge near Quebec [Pont de l’ile d’Orléans près de Québec]; 57
24. An ocean-liner clearing the Quebec Bridge [un paquebot filant sous le Pont de Québec]; 20
25. St. Roch Market Place [Marché St-Roch] from Quebec P.Q., Sep. 1, 1950; 97
26. The Basilica [La Basilique, STE-ANNE-de-Beaupré] ; 51898-D
27. Montmorency Falls [endroit idéal pour un pique-nique au pied de la Chute Montmorency] ; 51900-D

Prince Edward Island
1. New London ; DT-82550-C
2. Seal photograph, PEI Marine Aquarium ; 85116-D
3. Green Gables Golf Course, Cavendish; 02130-4598
4. Cavendish Beach; 02130-4598

Nova Scotia
1. Mayflower [floral emblem]; 89066-D
2. Nova Scotian fishing village; 64910-D
3. Seagulls, “Getting Together in Nova Scotia”; 82048-D
4. Alexander Graham Bell Museum, Baddeck, Cape Breton; CP6.5M-84-456
5. Air view of Peggy’s Cove from Halifax, N.S. 1962; ES-13

New Brunswick
1. Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton; 18195R
2. Administration Building, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton; 43798-D 7104
3. World Famous Reversing Falls, Saint John; 16374RA
4. Historic Market, Saint John; 89406-D
5. The Old County Courthouse, Saint John; 89403-D
6. Air view of longest covered bridge in the world, Hartland; 43792-D 7112
7. Longest covered bridge in the world, Hartland; 48533-D 7152

1. Plaza below Horseshoe Falls from Oak Ridge, Tenn. 1960; P6050

1. Lake Louise from Banff, Alberta, Jul. 2, 1964
2. Banff and Lake Louise, Canadian Rockies; postcard set

British Columbia
1. Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver; sealable postcard
2. The Sunken Garden Illuminated, The Butchart Gardens, Victoria from Vancouver, B.C., Aug. 13, 1965; P52862
3. Lost Lagoon Bridge, Stanley Park, Vancouver; V.N. 17
4. The Swans, Stanley Park, Vancouver; V.N. 18
5. Vancouver at night [viewed from Stanley Park] from Vancouver, B.C., Aug. 13, 1965

Various Locations
1. A quiet creek [beginning of the Canadian river]; 3164R-10


1. Mt. Osorno and Mt. Puntiaqudo, Lake Rupanco, Chilean Lake Region
2. Tenaun Church [Iglesia de Tenaun]; 10233


1. Greetings From Havana from Havana, Cuba, Dec. 29, 1950; 71423
2. Capitol Building [Capitolio], Havana; 101
3. Morro Castle [Castillo del Morro], Havana; 103
4. President’s House [Palacio Presidencia], Missions Avenue [Avenida de las Misiones], Havana from Havana, Cuba 1947; 25


1. The Town-Hall Square, Copenhagen from Copenhagen, Denmark, Jul. 15, 1968
2. Copenhagen the City of Cycles from Copenhagen, Denmark
3. Amalienborg Palace [Amalienborg Slot], Copenhagen; 2 sent from Copenhagen; 2 copies
4. Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen from Copenhagen; 111
5. Soldiers returning to Copenhagen 1849 [soldaternes hjemkomst til København 1849]
6. Frederiksholm’s canal, Copenhagen from Copenhagen 1965; 38
7. Frederiksborg Castle [Frederiksborg Slot] [view from water]
8. Church [Kirken], Frederiksborg Castle [Frederiksborg Slot]
9. Frederiksborg Castle [Frederiksborg Slot] [view from courtyard]
10. Frederiksborg Castle [Frederiksborg Slot] [view from courtyard]; 838
11. Frederiksborg Castle [Frederiksborg Slot] [view from water]; 836
12. Frederiksborg Castle [Frederiksborg Slot] [view from water] from Copenhagen, Denmark; 491
13. Portrait of Alexandra of England [Princess of Denmark] [Dronning Alexandra af England, Prinsesse af Danmark], Frederiksborg Museum [Frederiksborg Museet]; 6560
14. The Foreign Constituent Assembly’s first meeting on October 23, 1848 [painted by C.C. Constantin Hansen, owned by the
Frederiksborg Museum] [Den grundlovgivende rigsforsamlings første møde 23 oktober 1848, malet af C.C. Constantin Hansen, ejes af Frederiksborg museet]
15. Shakespeare’s Memorial tablet at Kronborg Castle [Shakespeare’s Mindetavle paa Kronborg] from Copenhagen
16. Outer moat [den ydre voldgrav], Kronborg Castle
17. Kronborg [Castle] [view from water]
18. Castle guard [slotsguard], Kronborg Castle
19. Holger the Dane [Holger Danske], Kronborg Castle
20. Christiansø: connecting bridge, housing and large tower [Christiansø: forbindelsesbro, forvalterbolig, store tårn] sent from on board a cruise 1973
21. Christiansø: view towards Frederiksø [Christiansø: udsigt mod Frederiksø]


1. Equator Monument [monument equinoccial] sent from the Equator, Ecuador, Jun. 16, 1960


1. Moonlight scene near the Pyramids of Giza, possibly sent May 19, 1953; 122
2. The Pyramids of Giza; 402
3. Ibrahim Pacha Mosque, Alexandria; 145
4. Greetings from Egypt, The great Sphinx and Keops and Kephren Pyramids at Giza; Montaza Beach, Alexandria
5. Queen Nefertari offering to goddess Hathor; Hathor Temple, Abou Simble
6. Nebamun's fowling party
7. Ramses II moves into Battle at Kadesh against the Hettites
8. Queen Nefertari offering to to cataract goddess Anuketh; Hathor Temple, Abou Simbel
9. Queen Nefertari, wife of Ramses II (1292-1225 B.C.); Hathor Temple, Abou Simbel
10. Bastet, the Cat Goddess of Bubastis
11. The Temple of Aboo-Simbel, From the Nile
12. Front Elevation of the great Temple of Aboo-Simbel
13. Lateral View of the Temple called the Typhonaeum at Dendera
14. Bust of Queen Nefertiti
15. Statue of a Queen: A painted Limestone statue of Meryet-Amun, daughter of Ramses II and Nefertari
16. Coffin Lid of Ramses II
17. The Etruscans: Legacy of a Lost Civilization


1. Tower of London [general view from the south]; A.1; 2 copies
2. Tower of London [general view from the N.W.]; A.2
3. The White Tower, the Tower of London [from the N.E.]; A.3
4. The Byward Tower, the Tower of London [from the west]; A.5
5. Yeoman Warders, the Tower of London; A.14
6. The State Crown of Queen Mary, Consort of George V [the British Crown Jewels], Tower of London Museum; 4
7. The Coronet of H.R.H [Her Royal Highness] The Princess Elizabeth [the British Crown Jewels], Tower of London Museum
8. The Coronet of H.R.H. [Her Royal Highness] The Princess Margaret [the British Crown Jewels], Tower of London Museum
9. The Prince of Wales’ Crown [the British Crown Jewels], Tower of London Museum; 5
10. Sergeant-At-Arms’ Mace [the British Crown Jewels], Tower of London Museum; 12
11. Tower of London and Tower Bridge
12. The Tower of London; LP 462A
13. May Fair Hotel; one from London, England Aug. 12, 1949, also used air mail; one sent by air mail; 6 copies
14. Victoria Memorial and Buckingham Palace
15. Changing the Guard, Buckingham Palace sent from London, England Oct. 4, 1950
16. Guard’s Band, Buckingham Palace; 413
17. Parliament Square; A3
18. Houses of Parliament; A2
19. Houses of Parliament; 98998
20. Westminster Abbey [side view]; A1
21. Westminster Abbey [front view]; 528
22. St. Paul’s Cathedral; A46
23. St. Paul’s Cathedral; H.2564
24. Trafalgar Square; H.7024
25. Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column from London, England 1972
26. Piccadilly Circus; A51
27. Horse Guards, Whitehall; A132
28. Bank of England and Royal Exchange; A42
29. Waterloo Bridge
30. London Bridge; A329
31. Tower Bridge and Pool of London; 518
32. Tower Bridge; A331
33. Ugolino and his sons [artwork by Sir Joshua Reynolds], British Museum
34. Thomas Cromwell [Earl of Essex], British Museum
35. A Highland Scene [artwork by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer]; The Wallace Collection
36. Sophie Arnould [artwork by Jean-Baptise Greuze]; The Wallace Collection
37. Miss Jane Bowles [artwork by Joshua Reynolds]; The Wallace Collection
38. The Arab Tent [artwork by Edwin Landseer]; The Wallace Collection; 2 copies
39. The Countess of Blessington [artwork by Sir Thomas Lawrence]; The Wallace Collection
40. Mrs. Richard Hoare with her son [artwork by Sir Joshua Reynolds]; The Wallace Collection
41. Innocence [artwork by jean-Baptise Greuze]; The Wallace Collection
42. The Painter’s daughter Adélaïde-Victorine [artwork by Pierre Adolf Hall]; The Wallace Collection
43. Letter from Queen Elizabeth [the First] to James VI of Scotland [afterwards James I of England] concerning the King of Spain [5 Jan. 1603]; British Museum
44. Connaught Hotel, Carlos Place; one sent by air mail; 2 copies
45. The Waldorf Hotel
46. Westminster Abbey and Big Ben from London, England, May 6, 1963; 2L20
47. English guards in full dress uniform [possibly a changing of the guard ceremony or escorting the royal family], sent by airmail 1998; 529
48. The Portman Hotel from London, England, Sep. 21, 1975

Warwick Castle
1. Warwick Castle; postcard set
2. Warwick Castle from the Island; 556; 2 copies
3. Warwick Castle from the Avon; 830
4. Warwick Castle from the Island; 3207
5. Drawbridge; 1014
6. The Battlements; 838
7. The Court Yard; 3208
8. Warwick Castle from the Bridge; 2197
9. Terrace Walk; 848
10. Courtyard Entrance; 837
11. Terrace Garden; 849
12. Chapel Entrance; 1047
13. Servant’s Hall; 846

Windsor Castle
1. South Front; 12
2. Royal Entrance; 33217
3. Choir and Organ, St. George’s Chapel; 6
4. The Nave from the west, St. George’s Chapel
5. The Quire from the east, St. George’s Chapel
6. The Tomb of King George V, St. George’s Chapel
7. Edward IV’s Tomb and Henry VIII’s Oriel, St. George’s Chapel
8. Exterior of St. George’s Chapel south side
9. The King’s Stall, St. George’s Chapel
10. The Irish Guards and Regimental Band at Windsor Castle from Stafford 1970; ET.3882R
11. Windsor Castle by night from London, England 1974; KLV 7

1. White Swan Hotel [exterior]
2. White Swan Hotel [interior]
3. Shakespeare’s Birthplace; 876
4. Anne Hathaway’s Cottage
5. Bedroom, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage; 816
6. The Kitchen, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage; 3685
7. Chimney Corner, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage; 2180

Various Locations
1. St. Giles Church, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire [“Stoke Poges Church, Bucks.”]
2. St. Giles Church, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire [“Stoke Poges Church”]
3. St. Giles Church, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire [“Stoke Poges Church”] [color artwork]
4. King’s and Clare Colleges [from river], Cambridge; 60820
5. Clare Bridge, Cambridge; V5104
6. Merton College, Oxford, from Stratford-Upon-Avon 1974; T.V. 850A
7. Sunset on Derwentwater [Cumbria, Lake District]; LK 308
8. Great Ouse and Embankment [top], Suspension Bridge and River Ouse [bottom left], Embankment Gardens [bottom right], Bedford, Bedfordshire; 91
9. Tintern Abbey [from the River Wye] from Gwent 1986; 2-32-13-02
10. Canterbury Cathedral [view from south east], Canterbury; C3978X
11. Chartwell, Westerham, Kent


1. Eiffel Tower [Tour Eiffel]
2. Notre Dame from Paris 1962
3. The Triumph Arch of the Star [l’Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile]; 61-1
4. The Triumph Arch of the Star [l’Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile]; 804
5. Church of the Madeleine [Église de la Madeleine]; 829
6. The Palace of Chaillot seen from the gardens [Le palais de Chaillot vu des jardins]; 810
7. The Eiffel Tower as seen from the New York road [La tour Eiffel vue de l’avenue de New York]; 880
8. Sunset at Notre Dame [coucher de soleil sur Notre-Dame] from U.S.S. New Jersey, Jul. 19, 1954; E.K.B. 220
9. Our Lady of Paris [Notre-Dame de Paris]; 2
10. View of the Champs-Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe [vue générale de l’Avenue des Champs-Elysées et l’Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile] from Paris 1954; 5.281
11. The street Champs-Elysées [l’Avenue des Champs-Elysées] from Paris 1968
12. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart at Montmartre [Basilique du Sacré-Cœur à Montmartre]; 818
13. Air view of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart [vue aérienne de la Basilique du Sacré-Cœur]; 434
14. The Tuileries Garden [le jardin des Tuileries], Le Louvre; 514
15. Carnations and clematis in a crystal vase [artwork by Manet], The Louvre Museum [Musée du Louvre]; 684
16. The white horse [artwork by P. Gauguin], The Louvre Museum [Musée du Louvre]; 253
17. The oval pool [la Naumachie], the Monceau Park [le parc Monceau] from Paris 1961; E.K.B. 1339
18. A Café, sent by air mail
19. A corner of the garden at the Hermitage [un coin de jardin à l’Hermitage] [artwork by Camille Pissarro], Museum of Jeu de Paume [Musée du Jeu de Paume]; MU 900-8
20. The cradle [le berceau] [artwork by Berthe Morisot], Museum of Jeu de Paume [Musée du Jeu de Paume]; MU 1139-5
21. Rearing horse [cheval se cabrant] [artwork by Edgar Degas], Museum of Jeu de Paume [Musée du Jeu de Paume]; MU 762
1056. Women in the garden [femmes au jardin] [artwork by Claude Monet], Museum of Jeu de Paume [Musée du Jeu de Paume]; MU 468-15
22. Woman with an umbrella [la femme à l’ombrelle] [artwork by Aristide Maillol], Palais de Tokyo [museum]; 2 copies
23. Paris 12 postcard set [Eiffel Tower showing]
24. Paris 12 postcard set [interior of chapel at Versailles showing]
25. Paris 10 postcard set

French Riviera (Cote D’Azur)
1. Cote d’Azur; postcard set
2. Menton [view from Garavan] [vue pris de Garavan] from Menton; 243
3. Cannes and the Hotel Estérel [air view]; 2119
4. Albert the First Garden and the Municipal Casino [Jardin Albert 1er et le Casino Municipal],Nice; 540
5. Cassis [the mouth of the Rhône] [bouches du Rhône]
6. Cannes; 8-467

Various Locations
1. Castle Thierry [Chateau Thierry] with the American Cemetery of Belleau in foreground [cimetière Americain de Belleau]; 42
2. The Gallery of the Battles [la galerie des batailles], Versailles; 236
3. Reims Cathedral [outside]
4. Reims Cathedral during the bombardment by the German fire shells
5. Reims Cathedral interior
6. Reims Cathedral [front]
7. Hall of Mirrors [galerie des glaces], Versailles; 56v 8. April-Betrothal [artwork by Frères de Limbourg for the Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry] [Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry], Condé Museum [Musée Condé], Chantilly; 567
9. May-Cavalcade [artwork by Frères de Limbourg for the Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry] [Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry], Condé Museum [Musée Condé], Chantilly; 568
10. June-Haymaking [artwork by Frères de Limbourg for the Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry] [Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry], Condé Museum [Musée Condé], Chantilly; 569
11. August-Falconry [artwork by Frères de Limbourg for the Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry] [Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry], Condé Museum [Musée Condé], Chantilly; 571
12. December-Hunting [artwork by Frères de Limbourg for the Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry] [Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry], Condé Museum [Musée Condé], Chantilly; 575; 2 copies
13. Chambord [Castle] from Chambord 1963
14. Court of the White House [la cour du cheval blanc], Fontainebleau from Barcelona by air mail
15. City of Carcassonne [Cité de Carcassonne]
16. The walls in spring [les remparts au printemps], the City of Carcassonne [Cité de Carcassonne]; 14
17. The Alsace-Lorraine Monument [Le Monument aux Alsaciens-Lorrains], Glade of the Armistice [Clairière de l’Armistice], Forest of Compiègne [Forêt de Compiègne]; 409
18. Glade of the Armistice [Clairière de l’Armistice] [air view], Forest of Compiègne [Forêt de Compiègne]; 413
19. The central slab [la dale centrale], Glade of the Armistice [Clairière de l’Armistice], Forest of Compiègne [Forêt de Compiègne]
20. Interior of Marshal Foch’s wagon [intérieur du wagon du Maréchal Foch], Glade of the Armistice [Clairière de l’Armistice], Forest of Compiègne [Forêt de Compiègne]; 412
21. Signature of the Armistice on November 11, 1918 in Marshal Foch’s wagon [signature de l’Armistice le 11 Novembre 1918 dans le wagon du Maréchal Foch]; 408
22. Ajaccio [air view]
23. Farmhouse, Provence
24. View of the great stone bridge [vue sur le grand pont de pierre], Tours


1. Parish Church of St. Peter and Paul [Pfarrkirche St. Peter u. Paul], Mittenwald, Bavaria
2. Stúttgart
3. Stuggart/Killesberg
4. Fernsehturm [television tower], Stuttgart
5. Waldhotel Schatten [hotel bar], Stuttgart-Büsnau
6. Effigy of an elegant young woman [Bildnis einer vornehmen jungen Frau] [artwork by Domenico Veneziano], Museum Dahlem, Berlin
7. The fast horse [der baldreit], possibly a fresco in the drinking hall in Baden-Baden; handwritten note on back—Germany
8. Cathedral [dom], Bad Aachen
9. Neuschwanstein with Tyrolean and Allgäu Alps 1869-1886 built by king Ludwig of Bavaria [königsschloss neuschwanstein mit allgäuer und tiroler alpen erbaut 1869-1886 durch könig ludwig von bayern]
10. Greetings from Lippstadt [grüße aus Lippstadt]
11. Trier a.d. Moselle, the oldest city in Germany [trier a.d. Mosel die älteste stadt Deutschlands]; Nr. 6780/6 V
12. Pump room of Baden-Baden [trinkhalle Baden-Baden]; handwritten note on back—Germany
13. Kurhaus [spa resort], Baden-Baden; handwritten note on back—Germany
14. View over the city on the terrace of the New Castle [blick über die Terrasse des Neuen Schloßes auf die Stadt], Baden-Baden; handwritten note on back—Germany
15. Section from the 100 year old azalea house of the Swabian animal and plant paradise [partie aus dem 100-jährigen Azaleenhaus des schwäbischen Tier- und Pflanzenparadieses], Wilhelma [a former palace], Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt
16. Hotel-Pension Schlossbergblick, Freiburg
17. Artwork depicting doll herding ducklings; handwritten note on back—Germany; 250/11
18. Artwork depicting two dolls picking flowers; handwritten note on back—Germany; 250/10
19. Lichtenstein Castle [schloß Lichtenstein]


1. View of the Rock of Gibraltar


1. The Erechtheion; 985/9
2. Erectheon, A 53
3. Parthenon; A 64
4. Acropolis; A 51; 2 copies
5. Theseum; A 56
6. Temple of Olympian Jupiter; A 57
8. Panoramic view of Acropolis; GA 57


1. Lake Atitlán [view of chairs and mountain in background]; 2 copies
2. Lake Atitlán [view of mountain in background]
3. Lake Atitlán [view of hut]
4. Lake Atitlán [view of buildings with mountains in background]
5. Artwork depicting a woman with a basket
6. Artwork depicting a woman cooking
7. Artwork depicting a woman with a baby
8. Artwork depicting a woman making decorations
9. Artwork depicting a woman with a bird
10. Artwork depicting a man and a woman dancing

Hong Kong

1. Hong Kong and Kowloon from the Peak


1. Budapest


1. Greetings from Iceland
2. A summer view from Þingvellir
3. Scenes from Heimaey, the biggest of the Westman [Vestmannaeyjar] Islands off the south coast of Iceland


1. Screen in Taj Mahal, Agra, sent from Bombay
2. A temple [likely Hindu]


1. Batik making [picture of women decorating cloth]


1. Ross Castle, Killarney, County Kerry; 2 copies
2. Evening on the Lower Lake at Killarney, County Kerry; 2 copies
3. Irish Jaunting Car touring Lakes of Killarney


1. The Holy Cenacle; 4 copies
2. Panorama of Ein Karim [neighborhood in Jerusalem]; 936; 2 copies
3. Y.M.C.A Building; 1738
4. Mount Zion; 116
5. “Golgotha Hill”—The Skull Place; 1020
6. View of Jerusalem; 93
7. The Garden Tomb/The Rock Hewn Tomb; 12583; 2 copies

Various Locations
1. Haifa [view from Mt. Carmel]; 2 copies
2. Haifa [view from the south towards the town and Mt. Carmel]; 8827; 2 copies
3. London Square [aerial view], Tel-Aviv; 5006
4. Allenby Road, Tel-Aviv; 5003
5. “Ramat Aviv” Garden Hotel, Tel-Aviv; 5066
6. “Ramat Aviv” Garden Hotel [pool view], Tel-Aviv; 5067
7. Partial view of the Lake of Galilee and Mt. Hermon, Tiberias; 8779
8. Strand-Promenade, Nathanya; 6161
9. Jacob’s Well, Nablus; 3806
10. Coaches at Independence Square, Nathanya; 7935
11. Part of the Byzantine Mosaic Floor [picture of fish], Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, Zabgha; 6814
12. Part of the Byzantine Mosaic Floor [picture of peacock], Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, Zabgha; 7052


1. Arc of Constantine
2. Tiber River [Lungotevere]
3. Fountain of Trevi from Barcelona, Italy Jul. 10, 1954
4. Basilica and Square of St. Peter
5. The Church of St. Peter [fountain pictured]; 4853-16
6. Temple of Vesta; 4853-5
7. Arc of Titus; 4853-17
8. Monument to Victor Emanuel II; 4853-11
9. Flavium Amphitheatre or Coliseum; 4853-7
10. St. Peter’s Square and Church; 4853-1
11. St. Paul’s Basilica; 4853-4
12. The Basilica of St. Giovanni in Laterano; 4853-3
13. Arc of Constantine; 4853-9
14. The Pantheon; 4853-8; 2 copies
15. Arc of Titus
16. Roman forum [foro Romano]
17. St. Peter’s Basilica [interior view
] 18. Troianei Market and Loggia [gallery] of the Knights of Rhodes
19. Marcello Theater
20. Roman Forum and the Julius Basilica
21. Square Column [piazza Colonna] and the Palace of “The Resurgent” [e il palazzo de “La Rinascente”], from New York, United States, Feb. 23, 1950
22. Grand Hotel Flora-Roma; 2 copies
23. Dying Gaul [Gladiator] [gladiator o Gallo morente], The Capitol Museum [Museo Capitolino]
24. Dying Gaul [Gladiator] [gladiator o Gallo morente], The Capitol Museum [Museo Capitolino]; 5
25. Satyr [satiro], The Capitol Museum [Museo Capitolino]; 6
26. Boy with Thorn [Spinario], Museum of Conservators [Museo dei Conservatori]; 11
27. Aeneas with his father Anchises on his shoulder [flight from Troy in flames, reference to the Aeneid], Bourgeois Museum [Museo Borghese]; 5
28. Venus [venere capitolina], The Capitol Museum [Museo Capitolino]; 3

Florence [Firenze]
1. Loggia [gallery] of Orcagna [loggia dell Orcagna]; 2 copies
2. View from the garden of Boboli of the Cattedraie [La Cattedraie vista dal giardino di Boboli]
3. Holy Cross [church] [Santa Croce]
4. Trinity Bridge [ponte S. trinita]
5. Savoy Hotel [albergo savoia]
6. The Uffizi gallery and the old palace [portico degli Uffizi e palazzo vecchio]; 2 copies
7. Panorama [view]; 2 copies
8. Trinity bridge [ponte S. trinità]
9. Hotel Savoy, Republic Square [piazza della Repubblica]; 795
10. A view from S. Miniato al Monte; 47
11. Tribune of Buontalenti, Uffizi; A.696
12. Our lady with the Child and Angels, Uffizi Gallery; A.147
13. Our Lady worshipping the Child (detail), Uffizi Gallery; A.246
14. Adoration of the Magi, Uffizi Gallery; A.214

Venice [Venezia]
1. Pigeons at St. Marco [piccioni a S. Marco]; 110
2. Bridge of Sighs [ponte dei sospiri]; 2
3. The historic regatta on the Grand Canal at the Rialto Bridge [canal grande e ponte di rialto la storica regata]; 93
4. General view
5. Golden House [Maison d’Or]
6. The Rialto Bridge
7. The Ducal Palace
8. The Basilica of St. Mark [air view]
9. New Bridge of Arsenal and Riva Schiavoni
10. The Basilica of St. Mark [front view]
11. The Island of St. George [view of boat in front]
12. Exceptional high tide on St. Mark Square [picture of businessmen in a boat]; 440
13. Golden altar-piece [possibly full view], Basilica of St. Mark; 280
14. The Golden Altarpiece [picture of two prophets], St. Mark’s Church; 5

1. The Blue Grotto [la grotto azzurra]
2. The port, the Grand Marina [il porta, marina grande]
3. The Sky Blue Grotto [la grotto azzurra] [colored artwork]
4. The Little Coast and the Faraglioni [piccolo marina e faraglioni]
5. View of a natural arch [veduta dall’arco natural] from Firenze [Florence] 1949
6. Hotel Caesar Augustus [view of terrace]
7. Hotel Caesar Augustus [view of upper balcony]; 2 copies
8. The Blue Grotto [grotto azzurra] from Firenze [Florence] 1949
9. View from the ruins of the villa Tiberia [panorama dale rovine della villa Tiberia] from Firenze [Florence] 1949; 5-47-B

Vatican City
1. Venus Bathing [venere al bagno], Pio-Clementino Museum [museo pio clementino]; 4
2. Statue of Paris [statua di paride], Pio-Clementino Museum [museo pio clementino]; 13
3. Venus of Cnidus [venere di cnido], Pio-Clementino Museum [museo pio clementino]; 8v
4. Spearman [il doriforo], Chiaramonti Museum [museo chiaramonti]; 7
5. Meleager [Meleagro] [hero in Greek mythology], Pio-Clementino Museum [museo pio clementino]; 11

Various Locations
1. Grand Marina [marina grande], Sorrento
2. Welcome to Sorrento [saluti da Sorrento]; 85
3. Restaurant “La Favorita, ‘O Parrucchiano”, Sorrento; 25854; 2 copies
4. View of Righi [panorama dal Righi] [palm tree in front of photo], Genoa [genova]; 131; 2 copies
5. View of Righi [panorama dal Righi] [balcony in front of photo], Genoa [genova]; one from Genova 1953; 115; 2 copies
6. A skyscraper viewed from the cloister of St. Andrea [un grattacielo visto dal chiostra di S. Andrea], Genoa [genova]; 198
7. By Brigadier Bisagno [via brigata bisagno], Genoa [genova]
8. Savini [restaurant], Milan [Milano]
9. The cathedral [il duomo], Milan [Milano]; 97
10. The Last Supper [artwork by Leonardo da Vinci] [l’ultima cena]; 17
11. The First Reading Lesson [artwork by Plinio Nomellini], Civic Gallery of Modern Art of Milan [civica galleria d’arte moderna de Milano]; P.C. 1921
12. General view [panorama], Naples [Napoli]
13. Grand London Hotel [grand hôtel de londres], Naples [Napoli]; 21926
14. Lake Maggiore [air view] [lago maggiore], Stresa; 210
15. Lake Maggiore [view from bank] [lago maggiore], Pallanza; 617
16. Quercianella’s Cliff, Livorno
17. Ceiling artwork, Basilica of St. Apollinaris in Classe, Ravenna; 13
18. The chain of water [la catena d’acqua], Villa Lante, Bagnaia from Rome 1963; 53083
19. Le Sirenuse [possibly a hotel], Positano
20. St. Francis preaches to the birds [artwork], Basilica of S. Francesco, Assisi; 23422


1. Marunouchi Business Center of Tokyo from Charlotte, N.C., Apr. 27, 1963
2. Hotel New Japan, Tokyo from Tokyo, Japan
3. Togetsu-kyo Bridge and Mt. Arashiyama [artwork by Hiroshige Ando], located outside of Kyoto
4. A bridge over a waterway in Kyoto [translation aid from a Furman professor]
5. Garden of Kinkaku-ji Temple [winter], located near Kyoto from Atlanta, GA
6. Nagasaki Tourist Shop and Restaurant [interior view]
7. The Huge Stone [Takoishi] [foundation of the protective wall], Osaka Castle, Osaka from Yokohama, Japan
8. Views of Enoshima [island] from Inamuraga-saki, sent from Yokohama, Japan
9. Postcard has not been translated yet, picture might be of a temple


1. The River Jordan with Jericho in sight; 34
2. The Banias spring [main source of the Jordan River]; 3767
3. The Dead Sea; 143259
4. General view of Bethanie; has a stamp of “Jordan” on the back


1. Mt. Kenya Safari Club [birds in foreground], Nanyuki
2. Mount Kenya Safari club [four pictures of birds]; 20
3. El Molo woman [picture of two women and a child]; S 1055
4. Massai [picture of a woman]; S 1024
5. Grant Gazelles [picture probably taken in Kenya]; S 1013
6. Zebra [picture probably taken in Kenya]; S 1016


1. Rotunda of Mosta [also known as the Mosta Dome], The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, Mosta; G4
2. Lift at Upper Baracca Gardens, Valletta; 783/87
3. The walled city of Mdina; 783/103
4. Fond Ghadir [possibly translates to White Rocks Beach], Sliema; 783/95


1. The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary of Mexico City
2. Artwork of a walled gate from Mexico 1950; 125
3. The Famous Rancho del Artista; J-26
4. Panoramic view of Monterrey from Monterrey 1963
5. The south and east walls of the central library [with murals in natural color stone by Juan O’Gorman], National University of Mexico, University City
6. Photograph of Pancho Villa [astride his famous horse “Seven Leagues”]; 10a


1. Monte Carlo [pictured are the port, the avenue of Ostende, the J.F. Kennedy Dock, the Boulevard Louis II, and the Casino] [le port, l’Avenue d’Ostende, le Quai J.F. Kennedy, le Boulevard Louis II, le Casino] from Monte Carlo 1964

The Netherlands

1. Corn-mill, Middelburg; 642
2. Drainage mills of the Kinderdijk-complex; M3
3. Windmill [possibly of the drainage variety]
4. Dutch tulip-beds from s’Gravenhage [The Hague] 1950
5. The harvest [artwork by Vincent Van Gogh], Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam; F 412
6. Prince William II of Orange and Mary Stuart [artwork by Anthonie van Dijck], Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam; 1198
7. The Nightwatch [artwork by Rembrandt Van Rijn], Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
8. Portrait of a little girl [artwork by J.C. Verspronck], Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam; 2 copies
9. Old woman [artwork by Nicolaes Maes], Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam; 1179; 2 copies


1. The Royal Palace on the National Day; 64
2. Salute to the King on The Norway’s National Day; 63
3. Oslo’s main street on the National Day; 60
4. Akershus Castle; 51
5. Oslo University; 59
6. The Pool, Frogner Park; 67
7. Vigeland’s Monolith, Frogner Park; 65
8. The Vigeland’s Fountain, Frogner Park; 66
9. Oslo Sea-front; 56
10. Vigeland Fountain [Vigelandsanlegget Fontenen]
11. Vigeland Bridge [Vigelandsanlegget Broen]
12. Vigeland [Fountain], Frogner Park; 0-1-213
13. Vigeland’s Monolith [Vigelandsanlegget Monolitten]
14. Akershus Fortress [akershus gl. Festning]; 199; 2 copies
15. Oslo

Various Locations
1. Troms [artwork of a lake and mountains]; 116
2. Hjørundfjord by Sæbø [picture of cabins, a lake and mountains]; 2143/93
3. By Sørlandet [picture of water and rocky craigs] from Oslo; 351
4. On the farm [picture of goats] [på setren] from Oslo; 166
5. Stalheim [hotel], Nærødalen; 343
6. Geirangerfjord [looking towards “The Pulpit” and the waterfalls “The Seven Sisters”] from Bergen; 620
7. Geiranger [picture of people dancing looking out over the fjord] from Bergen; 3223/25
8. Dalsveien soil [jorddalsveien] [picture of two men on a mountain trail], Nærødalen; 12/460
9. Parish [sogn], Aurland; 4158
10. Stalheimskleiva [possibly the road in the picture], Nærödalen [possibly the name of the valley]; 15/397
11. Måbødalen [possibly the name of the valley] from Norheimsund 1949
12. Tokagjelet [possibly the road in the picture] [frå tokagjelet], Norheimsund
13. Attic [loftet], Stalheim Museum; 22 R 55
14. Marsh living room [myrastova], Stalheim Museum; 23 R 55
15. Sivlefossen [possibly the name of the waterfall], Stalheim; 12/464
16. Wangen Hotel, Aurland; 2 copies
17. Wangen [Hotel], Aurland
18. Gudvangen [in Aurland]
19. Winter scene; 4585
20. Hotel Stalheim; 4556
21. Mountain path with rail cars [fjellbane], Bergens; 4707
22. The Stock Exchange and Norway’s Bank [med Børsen og Norges bank tilh], Bergen; 4657
23. Hotel Norway, Bergen; one sent from Bergen; B-1-111; 2 copies
24. Spring in the Hardanger [vår I Hardanger]; 34
25. Hardanger [picture of a girl in traditional clothes, possibly a reference to either the region or the embroidery on the cloth]; 17
26. Setesdal [picture of a girl in traditional clothes, possibly a reference to the region]; 12
27. Hedemark [picture of a girl in traditional clothes, possibly a reference to the region]; 13
28. Traditional costume from Sunnfjord [festbunad fra Sunnfjord]; 23
29. Gullhornet, painting by Th. [Theodor] Kittelsen of a man on a horse with a golden horn [references a traditional Norwegian fairy tale]; 40
30. Hvitebjørn—Kong Valemon, painting by Th. [Theodor] Kittelsen of a woman on the back of a white bear [references a traditional Norwegian fairy tale]; 65
31. Troll dolls [made by Aase Meirik], from Oslo 1973


1. Painting of a chief from Paracas, National Museum of Anthropology and Archeology [Museo Nacional de Antropologia y Arqueogia], Lima


1. Madeira; MD34
2. View from “Cristo-Rei”, Lisbon [Lisboa]; 959
3. Folklore Restaurant [Restaurante Folclore], Lisbon [Lisboa], from New York 1959; 8-59

Puerto Rico

1. Caribbean [Caribe] Hilton Hotel, San Juan, from Ponce, Puerto Rice 1959; 26


1. Statue of Alexander Pushkin, Square of the Arts, Saint Petersburg [all in Russian]


1. Edinburgh from the Castle [with the Buchanan clan arms and tartan as the border]; one from Edinburgh, Scotland 1949; A812; 2 copies
2. Changing the Guard, Edinburgh Castle [with the Robertson clan arms and tartan as the border]; one from Edinburgh, Scotland 1949; A791; 2 copies
3. Edinburgh Castle and National Gallery [with the Fraser clan arms and tartan as the border]; one from Edinburgh, Scotland 1949; A789; 2 copies
4. The Palace of Holyroodhouse [with the Royal Stewart clan arms and tartan as the border]; A792
5. Floral Clock at West Princes Street Gardens [with the Hunting Stewart clan arms and tartan as the border]; A810
6. Edinburgh from Calton Hill [with the Gordon clan arms and tartan as the border]; A787
7. Princes Street Gardens & Scott Monument [with the MacLean clan arms and tartan as the border]; A811
8. Princes Street from west [with the MacGregor clan arms and tartan as the border]; A814
9. Edinburgh Castle and Ross Fountain [with the Cameron clan arms and tartan as the border]; A790
10. St. Giles Cathedral; 48
11. John Knox’s House on High Street; 10
12. East Princes Street Gardens; A1883
13. Princes Street looking east; A1882
14. Clan Tartan Souvenir Postcards of Edinburgh; postcard set

Various Locations
1. 6 Pictorial Post Cards [handwritten note on front—Scotland]; postcard set
2. Luss [picture of the village]; 82366-B
3. Trossach’s Hotel; A520
4. A forest path in the Trossachs; A518
5. Forth Bridge [with the Macintosh clan arms and tartan as the border]; one from Edinburgh, Scotland 1949; A813; 2 copies
6. The Narrows, Loch Katrine [with the Wallace clan arms and tartan as the border]; A1620
7. Loch Katrine; A524
8. The Narrows, Loch Katrine; A523
9. Ellen’s Isle and Ben Venue [on Loch Katrine]; A1178
10. “A Sprig of White Heather for Luck!”, from Edinburgh 1949; 279


1. Oriente Square and Royal Palace
2. National Library; 24

1 Columbus Monument and the shipyards and the cantle on Montjuich mountain [monument a Colón, atarazanas, montaña y Castillo de Montjuich]; 46
2. Temple of the Holy Family [temple de la sagrada familia]; 132
3. The Cathedral [la cathedral]; 64
4. Panoramic view from Tibidabo Mountain [vista panorámica desde el Tibidabo]; 110
5. Aspect from the summit of Tibidabo [aspect de la cumber]; 13
6. Corner of the gothic quarter [rincón del barrio gótico]; series 11, number 7 [serie 11, no. 7]

Various Locations
1. Jets in the Court of the Dance at the Royal Palace, Seville; 172
2. Monument to Isabel La Católica and Columbos, Granada; series 45, number 626
3. Salamanca [embroidered picture of a man and a woman in traditional clothes]
4. Jerez [embroidered picture of a man and a woman in traditional clothes, the details on the woman’s dress are black]
5. Jerez [embroidered picture of a man and a woman in traditional clothes, the details on the woman’s dress are white]
6. Marbella [on the Costa del Sol]; 1600
7. Gardens, Granada; number 1


1. View from the City Hall [utsikt från stadshusets torn]; 6002/403
2. The Royal Castle façade by floodlight [kungl slottet i fasadbelysning]; 6002/15
3. The Royal Dramatic Theatre [kungl dramatiska teatern]; 6002/122
4. Nybroviken Bay; 6002/350
5. Town Hall Terrace; 111
6. Slussen [an area of Stockholm, could refer also to the locks in the water or the cloverleaf interchange in the same area]; 367
7. Folk dancers wearing traditional clothes at the Skansen open air museum [skansens folkdanslag, väva vadmal]; 200
8. Djurgården Bridge [djurgårdsbron]; 343
9. The Royal Palace; 400
10. Large church on cobbler street [storkyrkan från skomakaregatan]; 319
11. The Town Hall; 402
12. Stone ship at Tofta in Gotland [Gotland, skeppssättning-gnisvärd, tofta]; 24822
13. Fishermen’s Alley in Visby in Gotland [gotland, visby, fiskargränd]; 24351


1392. Palace of the United Nations [palais des nations unies]; 7180; 2 copies
1393. Mont-Blanc Bridge and the Bergues [Hotel] [ponts du mont-blanc et des bergues]; 8107
1394. Palace of the United Nations and Mont-Blanc [palais des nations unies et mont-blanc]; 8129
1395. Jet of water [possibly 90 meters high] and Mont-Blanc [jet d’eau 90 m et le mont-blanc]; 8101
1396. Mont-Blanc Bridge [pont du mont-blanc]; 4

1397. Zurich and the Alps [zürich und die alpen]; 6201
1398. Baptist Theological Seminary [handwritten note on back—Switzerland]; 40220
1399. Limmatquai [a section of Zurich] [handwritten note on back—Switzerland]
1400. Limmatquai and the Alps [limmatquai und die alpen]; 6563
1401. Schipfe section in Old Zurich; 9054

Castle of Chillon (Château de Chillon)
1402. Chillon Castle and the Teeth of the South [a multi-summited mountain] [château chillon et dents du midi]
1403. Lake Léman and Chillon Castle and the Teeth of the South [a multi-summited mountain] [lac leman, château de chillon et dents du midi]; 216
1404. Lake Léman and Chillon Castle and the Teeth of the South [a multi-summited mountain] [lac leman, château de chillon et dents du midi]; 233
1405. Lake Léman and Chillon Castle [with swans on the lake] [lac leman, château de chillon]; 234
1406. Chillon Castle [château de chillon]; 8359
1407. Chillon Castle and the Teeth of the South [a multi-summited mountain] [château de chillon et dents du midi]; 8356
1408. Underground [le souterrain]; 377
1409. Bonivard Prison [prison de bonivard en 1255]
1410. The Duchesses room [chambre de la duchesse]
1411. The guard room of the Bernese [la sale de garde des bernois]; 590

Altdorf (in the Swiss canton of Uri)
1412. Tell [William Tell, folk hero] Monument [tellmonument]; 4377
1413. Tell Monument [das telldenkmal]; 24692
1414. Tell Square and Tell Monument [tellplatz u. telldenkmal]; 2631
1415. Village Square and Tell Monument [dorfplaz und telldenkmal]; 3865
1416. Tell Monument [telldenkmal]; V 2630

1417. Flower clock in Kurgarten [blumenuhr im kurgarten]; 2908
1418. Beau Rivage Grand Hotel; 2 copies
1419. Grand Hotel Beau Rivage [ariel view] [vue aérienne]; 3938

Various Locations
1420. Rhône Glacier with ice cave [rhônegletscher mit eishöhle]; 5377
1421. Furka road and Rhône Glacier [furkastrasse und rhônegletscher]; 5486
1422. Furka Road and Hotel Belvédère and Rhône Glacier and Barley Horn [furkastrasse und Hotel Belvédère und rhônegletscher und Gerstenhorn]; 2149
1423. Kleine Scheidegg [mountain pass] in Alpen landscape with The Maiden [a mountain] [alplandschaft mit Jungfrau]; 14787
1424. The Maiden [die Jungfrau]; from Interlaken, Switzerland 1953; A 8270
1425. Lütschine [River] and The Maiden [mit Jungfrau]; 2697; 3 copies
1426. Lucerne and Mill Bridge and Lions Monument [Lucerne, spreuerbrücke]; 848
1427. Lucerne and the Alps [Luzern und die alpen]; 4118
1428. Montreux and the Teeth of the South [a multi-summited mountain] [dents du midi]; 253
1429. Glacier Palace [gletscherpalast] in the Jungfraujoch [saddle near the Jungfrau mountain]; 9043
1430. Bern’s Zytglogge Clock Tower [zeitglockenturm]; 9040
1431. Statue of Lady Justice in the Fountain of Justice in Bern [gerechtigkeitsbrunnen an der gerechtigkeitsgasse]; 9212
1432. Milk cart [milchkarren]; printed in Zurich; 4871
1433. Resident of Bern in modern costume [bernerin, moderne tracht]; printed in Zurich; 219


1. Omayades Mosque, Damascus; 274
2. General view, Damascus; 194


1. Oasis, Gabès; 2G


1. Ephesus [ruins]; postcard set

U.S. Virgin Islands

1438. Annaberg Sugar Mill, Virgin Islands National Park; from Charlotte Amalie, USVI 1986; VISL-5


1. High school girls on bicycles wearing traditional clothes called “ao dai”; SC9683


1. The Tomb of David Lloyd George [first earl of Dwyfor] and a picture of the Late Earl Dwyfor [Rt. Hor. D. Lloyd George M.P.] and the boyhood home of David Lloyd George [first earl of Dwyfor], Llanystumdwy
2. Picturesque Snowdonia [a national park in Wales]; handwritten note on front—mid wales
3. The Rex Whistler [Dining] Room, Plas Newydd, Isle of Anglesey; R80169

Other: Miscellaneous

1. “Old fishermen never die – they just smell that way!”; from Edisto Island, SC 1972; DT-54551-B
2. “I’m trying my darndest to make both ends meet”; from Shelby, NC 197X; K-430
3. Gulf Fun Card [check boxes to create a message]; 2 copies
4. The “Mailomat”; from Washington, DC 1944
5. Scene of an unknown grand house with a bridge over a river
6. Blank postcard with Franklin’s head in the stamp [top right] corner; 3 copies
7. Blank postcard with “Mrs. John L. Plyler” in top left corner; 3 copies
8. Postcard with a red border and a woman’s face in the stamp [top right] corner
9. Postcard with the Statue of Liberty in the stamp [top right] corner; from Neeses, SC
10. Postcard with John Witherspoon’s head in the stamp [top right] corner; from Asheville, NC 1976
11. Postcard with Paul Revere’s head in the stamp [top right] corner; from Shelby, NC 1972

Other: Holidays

1. A Merry Christmas [with a quote from “The Professor at the Breakfast Table” by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. and a portrait of him]; from SC 1912
2. A Joyful Christmas [with a quote from “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and a portrait of him]; from SC 1912
3. Drawing of the manger scene and a quote from Luke 2:19
4. “Bonne Année” [Happy New Year] with a picture of a creek and a forest in winter; 522/1
5. Gesegnete Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr [Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year] and a picture of the manger scene
6. Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr [Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year] and a picture of candles and an angel ornament
7. Drawing of birds in winter and “With best wishes for the holiday season and the new year” on the back; PX 105-7
8. “Frohe Ostern!” [Happy Easter] and a picture of flowers; from Greenville, SC 1970
9. Drawing of a bird on a pear tree and “Holiday Greetings” on the back; from Shelby, NC

Other: Flowers

1. Cowslip [yellow]; 2257
2. Oxlip [yellow]; 2237
3. Spring-Anemone [white and pink]; 2281
4. Lion’s foot [white]; 2122
5. Spring wildflower [white]; 2148
6. White Flowering Dogwood; from Flat Rock, NC 1968
7. Narcissus [white]; 2129
8. Alpine Soldanella [purple]; 2121
9. Lobelia [purple]; 1052
10. Long-spurred Violet [purple]; 1666; 4 copies
11. Gentian [close-up] [purple]; 2138
12. Gentiana [purple]; 46
13. Gentian [3 purple and 1 white]; 2147
14 Koch’s Gentain [purple]; 1502
15. Gentiana acaulis [purple]
16. Crocus [4 purple and many yellow]; 2712
17. Currant [red berries]; 816
18. Rusty-leaved Alpine Rose [3 pink bunches] and Edelweiss [4 white]; 1679
19. Indian Paint Brush [red]; WS-2
20. Pink Lady Slipper [pink]; BR-35
21. Purple-fringed Orchid [purple and pink]; P44867
22. Flame Azalea [orange]; P50605
23. Unnamed drawing of blue flowers; 350
24. Unnamed drawing of white flowers; 273
25. Unnamed drawing of a pink flower and a doll; 23/2
26. Unnamed drawing of blue flowers; 28099

Other: Art

1. Drawing of a doll and a fawn by moonlight; 23/4
2. “Pioneers of the West” with a drawing of long-horned steer; from Colton, Calif. 1944; 31706
3. “A picturesque old water wheel during Indian summer” and a drawing of a water wheel in a forest; from Caesars Head, SC 1944; N-52
4. “Home from the fields” [a drawing of a tall tree with a man and a donkey next to it by Elizabeth White]
5. “Sunrise in early spring showing peach trees in blossom” with a drawing of a lane of trees; N-456; 2 copies
6. “A fine field of cotton in Dixieland” with a drawing of a cotton field and a man; D508
7. “A beautiful display of peach blossoms in the sunny south” and a drawing of a tree in bloom; N-450
8. “Evening Grosbeak” [a water color of two birds by Francis Lee Jaques]
9. “Long Leaf Pine” [drawing of a tall tree with people on the ground by Elizabeth White]
10. “’Moonshine’ still in the Heart of the Mountains” [drawing of barrels]; K-232
11. “Oil fields” and a drawing of oil towers; S-303
12. “Pure Love” with a drawing of a little girl in a corner and a puppy
13. “Pure Love” with a drawing of a little boy in a corner and a puppy
14. “The Swinger” [drybrush watercolor of a man on a porch swing by Andrew Wyeth in 1969]; from Greenville, SC 1979
15. “Grey Fox” [watercolor of a fox by John James Audubon in 1851]; SQ-16-R8GF
16. “Little boy of Ploaré” [petite garcon de Ploaré] [portrait of a young boy in a blue vest], Breton Children [les enfants Bretons] series by Marie-Claude Monchaux
17. “Son of a Cancale fisherman in 1830” [fils de pêcheur de Cancale vers 1830] [portrait of a young boy in a brown jacket and hat], Breton Children [les enfants Bretons] series by Marie-Claude Monchaux
18. “Peregrine Falcon” [drawing of two falcons by Arthur Singer]
19. “A crowded farmyard scene” [drawing of farmyard animals by John Frederick Herring, Junior]; P.C. 1638
20. “Children at play” [portrait of children in a drawing room by C.R. Leslie, R.A.]; P.C. 1635
21. “Setting sail” [painting of children on a beach playing with a toy ship by William Blandford Fletcher]; P.C. 1850
22. Drawing of a covered bridge in winter [possibly by Robert Laessig]; from Brockton, MA 1981
23. Drawing of a dog; from Charlotte, NC 1988; from Oxnard, CA 1988v

Other: Identified Individuals

1. Photograph of Guy Lombardo with signatures; from New York, NY 1950
2. Photograph of Congressman Jim Broyhill
3. Photograph of President Ronald Reagan; from Philadelphia, PA 1981; 165667
4. Portrait of Wyatt Earp; S-79493
5. Portrait of Johann Strauss; 7093
6. Portrait of Jean Sibelius; 7098
7. Photograph of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid & The Wild Bunch; 40a; 2 copies
8. Photograph of Buffalo Bill Cody; 22
9. Photograph of Calamity Jane; 55
10. Photograph of John Lennon; P-26

Other: Unidentified Individuals

1. Photograph of a group of men and women on the front steps of a building [most are wearing overalls and holding shovels]
2. Woman in a traditional costume [kanton uri; frauentracht]; 33
3. Child in a traditional costume [appenzeller-mätli]; 8362
4. A girl and a boy in traditional costumes [berner bueb und meitschi]; 2339; 2 copies
5. Massai woman [Kensta Tribes Series]; 212
6. Massai women near their huts; 1369
7. Massai woman with child; 1364
8. Basket sellers on escarpment; 1206
9. Massai girls; 103
10. Giriama fruit seller; 1340
11. Massai family; 1370
12. Samburu warriors; 105
13. Navajo boys dressed for an eagle Dance; DT-56546-C
14. Braves in full dress; DR-54506-B
15. Indians in ceremonial dress; HSC-238

Other: Legends

1. The Legend of the Dogwood [with a photograph of dogwood flowers]; G-28
2. Legend of the Dogwood [with a drawing of a dogwood flower]; from Atlanta, GA 1950; G-1
3. The Legend of the Spanish Moss [with a picture of a lane and large trees with Spanish moss]; P43775
4. Legend of the Spanish Moss [picture of trees in water with Spanish moss]; one from Edisto Island, SC 1972; K-11168; 2 copies

Other: Wildlife

1. “A little deer sends greetings”; HSC-4
2. Pronghorn (Antelope); ES-184
3. Gerenuk [Kensta Wildlife Series]; 2013
4. African Wildlife – Lions [3 adult female lions]; SS 6
5. East African Wild Life – Lion cubs [2 cubs by water]; 351
6. Lions having a feast; 1927
7. East African Wild Life – Ostrich and Giraffe; 354
8. African Wild Life – Giraffe; 12
9. East African Wild Life – Giraffe [4 giraffes]; 367

Other: Landscapes

1. “A picturesque old water wheel” [with a photograph of a building with a water wheel]; K-25
2. The Old Mill [with a photograph of a water wheel]; G-16
3. A photograph of a building with a water wheel next to a pond; S-65930
4. A Beautiful Vista [with a photograph of a road and trees that have turned orange for fall]; K-149

Other: Multiple Locations

1. Postcard set with pictures from Colorado River Valley [Utah], The Artic [with polar bears], and Redwood National Park [California]; postcard set

Other: Airplanes

1. American Airlines; from Atlanta, GA 1952
2. Eastern Air Lines “Golden Falcon” (DC-7B)
3. Lufthansa’s Boeing 707 Intercontinental Jet
4. Sepecat Jaguar GRI [fighter jets possibly flying over North Wales]; from Bath, England 1986

Other: Sea Vessels

1. M.V. West Star [West Line, a division of Westours Inc.] from Ketchikan, AK 1972
2. Newly-Rebuilt S.S. Statendam [Holland America Cruises]; one possibly sent from Portugal [“Lusidas” is the name of a Portuguese poem and it is stamped on the card]; 3 copies
3. President Cleveland – President Wilson [cruise liners]; one from Honolulu, HI 1969; 2 copies
4. Sunward [Norwegian Caribbean Line]; from Hamilton, Bermuda 1969
5. Brasil – Argentina [cruise liners] [Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc.]; possibly from Barbados 1969; 18692
6. American Export Lines [picture of people on the deck of a cruise liner]
7. Lunenburg [fishing schooner]
8. M/S Vistafjord [Norwegian America Line] [drawing of a cruise liner]
9. S/S Atlantic [Home Lines] [drawing of a cruise liner]
10. The “Cristoforo Colombo” [picture of a cruise liner with land in the background]
11. The “Cristoforo Colombo” [picture of a cruise liner]
12. Christian Radich [picture of a ship with sails]
13. U.S. Frigate Constitution [nicknamed “Old Ironsides”]; postcard set
14. “$50 Fare to Europe” [Hotel Dixie] [drawing of a cruise liner]
15. “S.S. Brasil on Caribbean Cruises” [Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc.]; from San Juan, P.R. 1964
16. Song of America [Royal Caribbean Lines]; from Miami, FL 1980