Stained glass window
John L. Plyler, Jr. Postcard Collection: United States Inventory


1. Greetings from Birmingham, Alabama; postcard set
2. Episcopal Church of the Advent, Birmingham from Birmingham, Ala., May 3, 1947


1. Mt. McKinley from Fairbanks
2. Matanuska Glacier from Anchorage, Alaska 19 Aug., 1995
3. Tracy Arm, glacier-lined fjord from Charlotte, NC 17 Sep., 1964


1. The Garden and Terrace, Paradise Inn, Phoenix from Scottsdale, Ariz., Jan. 20, 1948
2. San Augustin Cathedral and Bishop’s Residence, Tucson from Tucson, Ariz., Jan 4, 1951
3. John Heath Grave, Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone
4. Navajo children rest their sheep on sand dunes near the “Totem Pole,” Monument Valley from Grand Canyon, AZ., Jul. 17, 1968
5. Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone
6. Grand Canyon National Park; postcard set
7. Old Superstitious Mountain from Dallas, Texas, 1918; TX27
8. The Grand Canyon; H-1523
9. Sunset in the Granite Gorge, Grand Canyon National Park; H-3105
10. A Party on Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon National Park; H-3145
11. Scenes along the Grand Canyon National Park Rim Drive; postcard set
12. Lightning over Arizona
13. Phantom Ranch, “In the Land of Light and Shadow,” Grand Canyon National Park; H-3963
14. Glimpse of Bright Angel Trail from near El Tovar, Grand Canyon National Park; H-3993
15. Northwest from Powel Memorial Point, Grand Canyon National Park; H-4195
16. South Rim in Winter, Grand Canyon National Park


1. Fort Smith K.O.A. from Alma, AR, Jul. 1972
2. The World’s Innkeeper, Holiday Inn, Russellville


Los Angeles, Hollywood
1. Los Angeles, City of the Angels and Hollywood, City of Dreams; postcard set
2. Fabulous Homes of movie & television Stars, Southern California; postcard set
3. Homes of the Stars, California from Morro Bay, Calif., Apr. 3, 1954; postcard set
4. Hotel Continental, Hollywood from Los Angeles, Calif. 1965; SC7773

San Francisco
1. San Francisco; postcard set
2. Souvenir Post Cards of the San Francisco Bay Area; postcard set
3. Grison’s Chicken House, San Francisco; wooden postcard
4. Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco; B3295
5. San Francisco Civic Auditorium; C2895
6. Bay Bridge and San Francisco Skyline; C442
7. Golden Gate Bridge from Nut Tree, Sep. 13, 1971
8. San Francisco from the top of the Mark; C476
9. San Francisco, California from Carmel, Calif. Jan. 3, 1948
10. Exposition Fish Grotto, Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco; 8A-H1268
11. Hotel Mark Hopkins, Nob Hill, San Francisco
12. Lotta’s Fountain, Palace Hotel, San Francisco; 4 copies
13. Garden Court, Palace Hotel, San Francisco
14. Old Hangtown Wells Fargo Overland Stage[coach]; Wells Fargo Bank Historical Collection, San Francisco; 3 copies

1. Mini Bus, Old Sacramento; FV 4
2. WM. [William] Land Park, Sacramento from Marysville, Calif. Apr. 14, 1944; 537
3. Souvenir of Sacramento from Marysville, Calif. Apr. 14, 1944; postcard set
4. Rose Garden, WM. Land Park, Sacramento; 539

1. Mickey in Fantasyland, The Magic Kingdom, Disneyland from Anaheim 1966
2. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, The Magic Kingdom, Disneyland from Anaheim 1968

Various Locations
1. In Dyerville Grove, Redwood Highway from Calinas, Calif., Jun. 30, 1944
2. The Avenue of Giants, California Redwoods--530 from Gilpoy, Calif. 1944; 9A-H2567
3. Ferns, Moss and Virgin Redwoods; Garden Club Grove, Redwood belt; C1088
4. Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree; C583
5. Mt. Shasta from Pacific Highway from Monmouth, Oreg., May 25, 1944
6. Mt. Shasta, California from Monmouth, Oreg. May 28, 1944; 729
7. Pacific Highway, Sacramento River Canyon, Calif., Mt. Shasta in distance from Monmouth, Oreg., May 28, 1944; 725
8. Palm Drive in California from Morro Bay, Calif., Apr. 3, 1944; 830
9. Highway in the California Mountains; one from Marysville, Calif., Apr. 16, 1944; one from Gilroy, Calif., Apr. 12, 1944; 927; 2 copies
10. California Highways from Grassvalley, Calif. Apr. 18, 1944; postcard set
11. Souvenir of the California Bridges from Marysville, Calif., Apr. 15, 1944; postcard set
12. Verbena Blooming on Coastal Sand Dunes; T164
13. Morro Rock, Morro Bay, Calif.; 9575
14. Morro Rock, Morro Bay, Calif.; 10
15. Morro Rock—on Morro Bay—Near San Luis Obispo from Morro Bay, Calif., Apr. 10, 1944; H-911
16. Waterfront, Morro Bay, Calif.; 9671
17. Morro Beach Inn, Morro Bay, Calif.; 9572
18. Catalina [Casino pictured] from San Francisco, Calif. Jun. 9, 1947
19. The Old Brussel Restaurant, Laguna Beach from Los Angeles, Calif., Oct. 2, 1966
20. Harbor Seal, Monterey Harbor from Salinas, Ca., Mar. 12, 1983
21. Big Sur [coastal cliffs]; MC-58
22. Magnificent California, The Golden State; postcard set
23. Pomegranate Blossom, Worm, And Peach [from Model Book of Calligraphy], copyright The J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu from Carol Stream, IL, Jul. 28, 1998; 83
24. Memorial Stadium, University of California, Berkeley from Berkeley, Calif., Aug. 1950; 19
25. University of Southern California, Los Angeles from Los Angeles, Calif.
26. A Close Finish [horserace] at Santa Anita, Arcadia from Morro Bay, Calif., Apr. 10, 1944; T-385
27. Stanford Chapel, Stanford; C1125
28. Home of the Former President Hoover, Stanford Campus, Palo Alto from Burlingame, Calif., Oct. 8, 1943; PA8
29. Oyster Shell, The Ideal Fish Restaurant, Municipal Pier, Santa Cruz; 8086
30. Souvenir Folder of Grassvalley from Grassvalley, Calif., Apr. 20, 1944; postcard set
31. Southern California; postcard set


Pikes Peak Region
1. Nearing the top of Pike’s Peak on the Auto Highway; 2177
2. Pike’s Peak Towering Over Colorado Springs; 2145
3. Old Scotchman, Garden of the Gods, Pike’s Peak Region; 547
4. Three Graces, Garden of the Gods; 5998
5. Pike[‘]s Peak, “The Sentinel of the Rockies”; postcard set
6. Famous Garden of the Gods; postcard set
7. Bear and Seal Rock, Garden of the Gods; 5222
8. Gateway, Garden of the Gods; 5229

Various Locations
1. Will Rogers Memorial, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs; 15810
2. Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun on Cheyenne Mountain Overlooking Broadmoor and Colorado Springs; 2131
3. Scenic Broadmoor-Cheyenne Mt. District, Colorado Springs; postcard set; 2 copies
4. Manitou Springs and Ute Pass Resorts; postcard set
5. Entrance to Granite Canon—Colo. Midland Ry. from Gunnison, Colo. 1932
6. Colorado State Capitol by Night, Denver; N172
7. The Stanley Hotel at Estes Park; N125
8. The Mummy Range, Rocky Mountain National Park; N123
9. Braynard Lake and Arapahoe Peaks from Denver, Colo., Aug. 13, 1951; N120
10. Colorado Columbines Growing Along the Aspens; 2028


1. Sheffield Hall, Sterling Tower and Strathcona Hall, Yale University, New Haven from New Haven, Conn., Aug. 1944
2. Duck Pond, Edgewood Park, New Haven; 1944
3. Stony Hill Inn, Bethel; 2 copies


New Castle
1. Old Court House and Old Market Building, New Castle; 3 copies
2. Road House, New Castle

1. View of the [Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur] Museum from the southeast
2. Autumn foliage around the reflecting pool, Winterthur Gardens, Winterthur Museum and Gardens
3. Canada goose nesting, Winterthur Gardens, Winterthur Museum
4. Iris and wild flowers blooming along Clenny Run, Winterthur Museum and Gardens

1. Longwood Gardens
2. Old Eagle Roll Mills, Hagley Museum
3. Eleutherian Mills Residence, formal dining room, Hagley Museum
4. Eleutherian Mills Residence, staircase and view from the piazza overlooking the Brandywine, Hagley Museum
5. Aerial view of restored E.I. du Pont garden, Hagley Museum


White Springs
1. Stephen Foster Memorial Campanile
2. Museum Building at Stephen Foster Memorial State Park
3. Diorama depicting “Camptown Races” or ”Gwine to Run All Night”, Stephen Foster Memorial; 2 copies
4. Diorama depicting “Open Thy Lattice Love”, Stephen Foster Museum; 2 copies
5. Diorama depicting “Oh, Susanna”, Stephen Foster Museum
6. Diorama depicting “Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair”, Stephen Foster Museum
7. Diorama depicting “Old Dog Tray”, Stephen Foster Museum
8. Diorama depicting “Old Black Joe”
9. Florida’s State Song, diorama depicting “Old Folks at Home” or “Way Down Upon the Suwannee River, Stephen Foster Memorial
10. Diorama depicting “Old Folks at Home”, Stephen Foster Carillon Tower
11. Kentucky’s State Song, diorama depicting “My Old Kentucky Home”, Stephen Foster Memorial
12. Diorama depicting “The Glendy Burk”, Stephen Foster Carillon Tower

1. Lake Marco and Homes, Southside, Jacksonville; 90
2. The Roosevelt Hotel
3. Hotel George Washington from Jacksonville, Fla. 1949
4. Pinehurst Motor Court; E-10808; 3 copies

Daytona Beach
1. The New Yacht Basin and City Island from Daytona Beach, Fla., Jun. 3, 1953
2. Rustic Bridge and Beauty Spot in Waterfront Park from Daytona Beach, Fla., Nov. 24, 1946; 36
3. Oceanfront Park and Broadwalk
4. The Sanibel – Wavecrest Hotel – Motel; 3 copies

1. Auditorium, University of Florida; 6
2. Florida Union, University of Florida; 7
3. John F. Seagle Building, University of Florida; 8
4. Science Hall, University of Florida; 3
5. P.K. Yong Laboratory School, University of Florida; 4
6. Manor Motel; one from Saint Petersburg, Fla., Dec. 3, 1951; 2 copies

1. The Ramada Inn; 2 copies
2. MacKay’s Hotel Court; 3 copies

1. Ghost Musicians, The Haunted Mansion, Walt Disney World from Orlando, Fla. 1981
2. Lily Pool in Eola Park from Orlando, Fla., Jul. 6, 1949

Tampa/St. Petersburg
1. Highway on Hillsborough River, Tampa from Tampa, Fla. 1953
2. Ship Yard, Tampa from Tampa, Fla., 1944; 79
3. Garden Cafeteria, St. Petersburg; 2 copies
4. Vinoy Park Hotel, St. Petersburg from St. Petersburg, Fla. 1953
5. Shuffleboard Courts and Club House at Mirror Lake, St. Petersburg from Saint Petersburg, Fla., Dec. 30, 1948

1. John and Mabel Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota; postcard set
2. Holiday Inn of Sarasota-Bradenton, Sarasota

Pompano Beach
1. Lighthouse Point Yacht Basin, north of Pompano
2. Oceanside Pompano Beach
3. Holiday Inn Pompano Beach; one from Pompano Beach, Fla., Jan. 25, 1965; 2 copies

Fort Lauderdale
1. Aerial view Fort Lauderdale Beach, U.S. Postal Service 1975
2. Waterway along Las Olas Boulevard
3. Downtown Fort Lauderdale from across the New River
4. Creighton’s Restaurant and Museum of Antiques; 2 copies
5. Jungle Queen III, river tour boat based in Ft. Lauderdale; 3 copies

1. On the Beach, Miami Beach from Miami, Fla., Jan. 23, 1947; 202
2. Federal Building and Post Office, Miami from Miami, Fla., Jan. 24, 1947; D.C. 128
3. A Villa on Miami Beach from Coral Gables [Miami], Fla., Dec. 23, 1948; D.C. 122
4. An Avenue of Royal Palms, Coconut Grove, Miami from Daytona Beach, Fla., Aug. 13, 1945; 217
5. Parading to the post, Hialeah Race Course; G-105
6. Flamingos and swans on the infield lake, Hialeah Race Course; G-106
7. Entrance to Hialeah Race Course’s New Club House; G-104
8. The McAllister Hotel
9. Shelborne [Hotel], Miami Beach
10. Looking from Bayfront Park at Biscayne Blvd., Miami from Miami, Fla., Jan. 10, 1979
11. Performing porpoises being rewarded, Seaquarium, Miami from Miami, Fla. Mar. 16, 1969
12. Killer whale, Miami Seaquarium from Miami, Fla., Mar. 3, 1969
13. The Magic City, Miami; one from Miami, Fla., Jan. 23, 1947; one from Miami, Fla., Jan. 24, 1947; 405; 2 copies
14. El Comodoro Hotel, Miami; one from Miami, Fla., Jan. 23, 1947; one from Miami, Fla., Jan. 24, 1947; 2 copies
15. Greetings from Miami Beach; one from Miami, Fla., Jan. 4, 1952; one from Miami, Fla., Jan. 5, 1952; 2 copies
16. Aerial view of the city of Miami; one from Miami, Fla., Mar. 16, 1969; G128; 3 copies
17. Sweden House Smorgasbord, Miami from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Feb. 25, 1969
18. Bahama Star[cruise ship from Miami to Nassu, Bahamas] from Nassau, Bahamas, Jun. 20, 1965

Florida Keys
1. Key Biscayne with Cape Florida on the left from Miami, Fla., Feb. 11, 1969; G532
2. Cape Florida – Key Biscayne; G532
3. Cape Florida Light, Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne
4. Greetings from Marathon [airview of Marathon] from Marathon, Fla., Feb. 20, 1985
5. Fishing is Fun in Marathon [airview of Marathon]
6. Tarpon Basin Marine Colony [Motel], Airmail 1971
7. Ocean Reef Club [airview], North Key Largo from U.S. Postal Service 1974
8. Conch Key [airview] from Marathon, Fla., Feb. 1965
9. Pigeon Key [airview] from Marathon, Fl., Feb. 28, 1968
10. A&B Lobster House, Key West from Key West, Fla., Jan. 19, 1967

Various Locations
1. The Swan Motor Court, St. Augustine; E-11606; 2 copies
2. The Singing Tower near Lake Wales from Lake Wales, Fla., Dec. 15, 1961
3. Meeker’s Ebb Tide Resort Apartments, Clearwater Beach; one from Clearwater, Fla., Dec. 25; one from Clearwater, Fla., Aug. 9, 1963; 2 copies
4. Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, Florida Southern College, Lakeland from Tampa, Fla., Mar. 20, 1952; L-28
5. Swans in Tropical Port Royal Residence Section, Naples from Miami, Fla., Mar. 13, 1969
6. Composite view of Silver Springs from Ocala, Fla., Dec. 23, 1949; SS-16
7. Hotel Mayfair, Sanford
8. Business Section, Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Fla.; B302
9. Florida orange grove, U.S. Postal Service, Feb. 17, 1973
10. Orange grove, U.S. Postal Service, Mar. 7, 1975; 74-21
11. Alligator in the Everglades from Greenville, SC
12. Royal Poinciana Tree from Lakeland, Fla., Feb. 5, 1947
13. “Azalea Lane” from Saint Petersburg, Fla., Apr. 7, 1965
14. “Surf’s Up!” from Miami, FL, Feb. 22, 1979
15. Marco Island


1. Atlanta Cabana Motor Hotel, outside view
2. Atlanta Cabana Motor Hotel, room views
3. Atlanta 1,000,000 Strong, aerial view Atlanta; 2 copies
4. Aerial view downtown Atlanta from Chicago, Ill., Aug. 10, 1965
5. Aerial view Grant Field [Georgia Tech field], Atlanta from Chicago, Ill., Aug. 10, 1965
6. Georgian Terrace Hotel, Atlanta
7. First Baptist Church of Atlanta from Atlanta, GA, Aug. 17, 1972

1. Hotel Savannah, Savannah; 2 copies
2. Hotel Savannah and airplane view of Savannah
3. The Pirate’s House; 2 copies
4. General Oglethorpe Hotel, Wilmington Island, Savannah; 3 copies

Various Locations
1. The Cloister’s South Patio gardens, The Cloister, Sea Island from Sea Island, GA, Jul. 5, 1974
2. Sea Island Golf Course from Sea Island, GA, Jul. 5, 1974
3. Climbing Sea Island dunes on horseback from Sea Island, GA, Jun. 3, 1972
4. Historic Ft. Benning from Columbus, GA, Jan. 20, 1995
5. Freefall training towers, Ft. Benning from Columbus, GA, Mar. 13, 1995
6. Mrs. Bryant’s Kitchen, Statesboro; 4 copies
7. Residence view on Merritt Street, Hawkinsville from Hawkinsville, GA, Nov. 11, 1929
8. Senior High School, Waycross; W-5


1. Nuuanu Pali [Precipice] from Lahaina, Hawaii, May 4, 1954
2. Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu; one from Honolulu, Hawaii, Jan. 26, 1968; one from Honolulu, Hawaii, May 7, 1964; 2 copies
3. Hanauma Bay, Honolulu from Honolulu, Hawaii, Sep. 20, 1983


1. Aerial view Chicago River with downtown Chicago from Chicago, Ill., May 9, 1950
2. Museum of Science and Industry, Jackson Park, Chicago from Chicago, Ill., Sep. 23, 1948
3. Chicago O’Hare Terminal Building; SM-120
4. Union Stock Yards; 108
5. The Clarence Sidney Funk Cloisters, The Chicago Theological Seminary from Chicago, Ill., Apr. 20, 1955
6. The Merchandise Mart; SM-117
7. Michigan Avenue at night from Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 11, 1965
8. Grant Park [with Prudential Building in right background]; SM-131
9. The Drake [Hotel] from Chicago, Ill.
10. Hall of Science, Chicago World’s Fair from Chicago, Ill., Jul. 16, 1934
11. Aerial view, Buckingham Memorial Fountain; one from Chicago, Ill., Aug. 18, 1975; one from Chicago, Ill., Aug. 1973; 2 copies
12. Aerial view beaches on the Chicago lakefront from Chicago, Ill., Aug. 20, 1973
13. Aerial view Michigan Avenue looking south from Chicago, Ill., Aug. 1973
14. Aerial view Chicago Lakefront and skyline from Chicago, Ill., Aug. 18, 1975
15. State Street from Chicago, Ill., Aug. 18, 1975


1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway from Indianapolis, Ind., May 1949; 46490
2. Knights of Columbus Hotel, Gary from Gary, Ind., May 14, 1949; 56
3. Portrait of William Henry Harrison, Grouseland [his home in Vincennes, Ind.] from Richmond, VA, May 6, 1984


1. Log House Sales Room and Wallace Nutting Furniture Museum, Berea; 90318-B
2. Hutchins Library, Berea College, Berea; 465-D
3. Boone Tavern Hotel, Berea; 51584-C


New Orleans
1. Old St. Louis Cemetery [No. 1]; 15
2. The Corn Fence; 21
3. The Pakenham’s Oakes; 22
4. Jackson Square [with Pontalba Bldg., The Cabildo, St. Louis Cathedral and the State Historical Museum in background]; 24
5. Unloading bananas; 60
6. Courtyard and Prison Rooms in the Cabildo; 151
7. Pirates Alley; 157
8. Courtyard of Little Theatre; 176
9. Famous Lace Grillwork; 217
10. French Market; 231
11. Suicide Oak, City Park; 101
12. A levee scene in New Orleans; 108
13. The Old Archbishopric and Church of St. Mary; 113
14. The Old Absinthe House; 116
15. Post Office; 119
16. Scene in Audubon Park; 129
17. Metairie Cemetery; 134
18. General Beauregard Residence; 136
19. A residence on St. Charles Avenue; 201
20. Jackson Square and Monument [with Cabildo, St. Louis Cathedral, Courts Building and Pontalba Building in background]; 204
21. Tulane University; 205
22. Old St. Louis Cemetery; 213
23. Canal Street; 214
24. Old Courtyard, French Quarter; 215
25. Magnolia tree; 30
26. Antoine’s Restaurant; 4 copies
27. Commander’s Palace Patio; P13613
28. Commander’s Palace Patio [airview]; P45302
29. Main Dining Room of Commander’s Palace; P45301
30. Commander’s Palace 1880 Bar; P51681
31. Blue Room, Roosevelt Hotel
32. The Court of the Two Sisters from New Orleans, LA 1948
32. Pat O’Brien’s [courtyard] from New Orleans, LA, Jun. 11, 1965
33. Kid Thomas Band [jazz], Preservation Hall; airmail
34. St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Monument; airmail
35. View of the Pontalba Apartments from Kenner, LA, Apr. 2, 1968
36. Huey P Long Bridge from Odessa, Texas, Mar. 28, 1944
37. Street Car Scene from Kenner, LA 1968
38. New Orleans Street Car; airmail

Baton Rouge
1. School of Law, Louisiana State University; one from Baton Rouge, LA, Sep. 3, 1947; one from Baton Rouge, LA, Jul. 3, 1948; 2 copies
2. The State Capitol at Night from Odessa, Texas, Mar. 28, 1944; LA-2


1. Birthplace of Poet Longfellow, Portland; 4A-H2167
2. Souvenir of Portland, Maine from Portland, Maine, Jul. 24; postcard set
3. New Harbor [boats] from Portland, ME, Oct. 3, 1998


1. Bancroft Hall, U.S. Naval Academy
2. Chapel, U.S. Naval Academy
3. The Regiment of Midshipmen at Noon Day Meal, Bancroft Hall, U.S. Naval Academy; 1B-H2270
4. Midshipmen Sailboat Drill, U.S. Naval Academy [showing Severn River Bridge]; 1B-H2268
5. Tecumseh [figurehead of the U.S.S. Delaware, statue]
6. Tecumseh Monument in War Paint, U.S. Naval Academy
7. United States Naval Academy [aerial view]
8. The State House
9. St. Anne’s Church; 60648

1. National Aquarium in Baltimore; 82863-D


1. Dusk at Faneuil Hall Marketplace; K-81
2. Hotel Statler from Boston, Mass., Jan. 13, 1947
3. Boston Light at sunset, Boston Harbor from Boston, Mass.

1. Hotel Continental; 3 copies
2. Large Courtyard of Lowell House, Harvard University from Princeton, NJ, Apr. 3, 1944
3. Langdell Hall, Harvard Law School, Harvard University from Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 7, 1943
4. Passiflora Caerulea Linn., Model 775, Ware Collection of Glass Models of Plants, Botanical Museum, Harvard University from Boston, Mass.

1. Graves of British Soldiers [Battle of Concord, April 19th, 1775]
2. Home of Ralph Waldo Emerson
3. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s residence “The Wayside” [also the home of the Alcott family before they moved to “Orchard House”]

Various Locations
1. Roses on Cape Cod from Hyannis, Mass., Jul. 4, 1965
2. Provincetown looking west [taken from the Pilgrim Memorial Monument, Cape Cod, Mass.] from Provincetown, Mass., Sep. 5, 1964
3. The Old Belfry, Lexington
4. The Hancock-Clarke House, Lexington
5. Painting in Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth
6. Hilltop Mansion, Plymouth; 77035
7. Weeks Building [Dining Hall], Mount Hermon School for Boys, Northfield from New York, NY, Oct. 13, 1967; MA1115
8. First Parish Unitarian Church and Town Hall and Partridge Academy, Duxbury
9. Opera-Concert Hall, Lenox [in the Berkshires] from Lenox, Mass., Aug. 12, 1950; 172


1. Hotel Book-Cadillac, Detroit from Detroit, Mich., Apr. 17, 1957
2. Park Shelton Hotel, Detroit; K2904
3. The Hilton Inn, Romulus; 8366-D
4. Boyne Mountain Lodge, Boyne Falls


1. Church of the Redeemer; 15
2. Interior of Historic Church of the Redeemer; 134
3. Historic Lighthouse; 1
4. Yacht racing; 82

Edgewater Park
1. Scene from the Porte-Cochere at Main Entrance, Edgewater Gulf Hotel; 9B-H827
2. Beautifully landscaped grounds extending to Gulf of Mexico, Edgewater Gulf Hotel; 9B-H823
3. A restful scene, Edgewater Gulf Hotel; 9B-H832
4. View from Old Spanish Trail, Edgewater Gulf Hotel; 2 copies

Various Locations
1. Home of Jefferson Davis [“Beauvoir”], between Gulfport and Biloxi; 36
2. State Capitol, Jackson from Holy Springs, Miss., Aug. 4, 1945; 16072
3. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow House, Pascagoula; 32532
4. Christ Episcopal Church, Holly Springs; one from Holly Springs, Miss., Aug. 6, 1947; one from Holly Springs, Miss., Aug. 1945; 9A-H2221; 2 copies
5. Holliday Inn of Greenville; one from Sherman, TX, Jun. 28, 1969; 2 copies


St. Louis
1. Washington University; 101
2. The Old Cathedral, Church of St. Louis of France
3. The Jewel Box, Forest Park; 133
4. Antelope Pens, Forest Park Zoo; 123
5. Bird House, Forest Park Zoo; 116
6. Scene in Peacock Valley showing Flamingos, Zoological Gardens; 121
7. New Hotel Jefferson from St. Louis, MO, Sep. 5, 1949; 5B-H722


1. Carroll College, Helena from Helena, Mont.


1. Del Webb’s Sahara Tahoe Hotel & Casino, Lake Tahoe from South Lake Tahoe, CA
2. Panoramic view of Hoover (Boulder) Dam from Greenville, SC 1985; 02130-4598

New Hampshire

1. Old Man of the Mountains, Franconia Notch, White Mountains
2. Echo Lake and Mount Lafayette, Franconia Notch, White Mountains
3. Notchway Motel, Franconia Notch, Franconia
4. His Excellency General Washington [First President General of the Society of the Cincinnati] [portrait by Gilbert Stuart], Cincinnati Memorial Hall, Exeter; 74750-C

New Jersey

1. The Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library, Princeton University, Princeton from Atlanta, GA 1981; 343
2. The Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, Princeton
3. Palmer Stadium, Princeton University, Princeton from Atlanta, GA
4. Hotel Claridge [view from boardwalk], Atlantic City
5. Hotel Claridge [aerial view of hotel, boardwalk and beach], Atlantic City; 2 copies

New Mexico

1. Central Patio, The Fred Harvey-Alvarado Hotel; H4476
2. Northeast Patio, The Fred Harvey-Alvarado Hotel; H4475
3. East Facade showing entrance to Indian Building Exhibits, The Fred Harvey-Alvarado Hotel; H4474
4. Interior of Fred Harvey Indian Building; H1926
5. A showroom in the Fred Harvey Indian Building; H4546
6. Navajo Blanket Weavers, [Fred Harvey] Indian Building; H1936
7. Indian Workroom, Fred Harvey Indian Building; H4240
8. Interior of the Fred Harvey Indian Building; H4545
9. Fireplace in the Fred Harvey Indian Building; H4543
10. Pueblo pottery vendors; H3140

Santa Fe
1. Saint Francis De Assisi Cathedral; B18732
2. Adobe House; B18730
3. “A Cowboy Cadillac” [view of a stagecoach] from Albuquerque, NM, Aug. 31, 1980

Various Locations
1. Glorieta Baptist Conference Center, Glorieta; one from Glorieta, NM, Aug. 21, 1981; one from Glorieta, NM, Jul. 17, 1984; 2 copies
2. Hall of Giants, Carlsbad Caverns National Park from El Paso, Tex., Jun. 17, 1963
3. White Sands National Monument
4. New Mexico Missions; postcard set
5. [door in adobe wall]; B19977

New York

New York City
1. Empire State Building; one from New York, N.Y., Jul. 11, 1944; one from New York, N.Y., Jul. 11, 1944; 13; 2 copies
2. Empire State Building from New York, N.Y., Apr. 24, 1953; NY501
3. Statue of Liberty from New York, N.Y. 1944; 30
4. Statue of Liberty sent in 1943; 44
5. Chrysler Building; 50
6. Rockefeller Center; 109
7. Brooklyn Bridge
8. RCA Building; DT-75792-B
9. United Nations Headquarters from New York, N.Y., May 11, 1977; DT-50697-C
10. Herald Square, Heart of Shopping District; 228
11. Roxy Theatre from New York, N.Y., Apr. 10, 1947; 17626
12. Columbia University Library from New York, N.Y., Jul. 24, 1947; 18
13. The Zeiss Projection Instrument, Hayden Planetarium from New York, N.Y., May 30, 1946
14. The Washington Arch, Landmarks of New York City from New York, N.Y., Jul. 1943
15. Downtown Skyline, East River and Brooklyn Bridge from Boston, Mass., Jul. 14, 1953; 164
16. Port Authority Bus Terminal
17. New York City Skyline from U.S. Postal Service 1972; 7110-C
18. Aerial view of Columbia University and Morningside Park
19. View looking south from Radio City, 3 copies
20. Skyline of Downtown New York City as seen from Brooklyn at night from New York, N.Y., Apr. 29, 1944; 5A-H652
21. The Musicians, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio [Italian, 1573-1610]; M989
22. Thailand Pavilion [made for World’s Fair], Flushing Meadow Park; WF8
23. The Unisphere and the Empire State Building, New York World’s Fair 1964-1965
24. Trylon and Perisphere, New York World’s Fair; 55W
25. The Hotel Roosevelt
26. Hotel Roosevelt; 3 copies
27. The Roosevelt [Hotel] from New York, N.Y. 1944
28. The Roosevelt [A Hilton Hotel]; one from New York, N.Y. 1950; 2 copies
29. Hotel Chesterfield from New York, N.Y., Jun. 19, 1947
30. Main Lounge, Prince George Hotel from Baltimore, M.D., Dec. 4, 1943
31. The Vanderbilt Hotel from New York, N.Y., Jun. 17, 1946
32. Hotel Astor, Times Square
33. Hotel New Weston; 2 copies
34. Hotel Edison
35. The Plaza [Hotel]; 2 copies

Various Locations
1. School House Creek, New Suffolk, Long Island from Cutchogue, N.Y., Aug. 1, 1964
2. Greetings from Sharon Springs from Sharon Springs, N.Y., Jul. 19, 1965
3. Deerpath Lodge, Lake George; 2 copies
4. Aerial view of Indian Point, Hudson River Day Line Park from Hudson, N.Y., Aug. 17, 1947
5. Holiday Inn, Port Jervis

North Carolina

1. The Biltmore House [front]; 59778; 3 copies
2. Biltmore House and Gardens; C15486
3. Rhododendron in bloom, craggy gardens near Asheville
4. Grove Park Inn by moonlight
5. Purple rhododendron in bloom in gardens on great craggy mountains, near Asheville
6. Winding highway in the heart of the mountains [between Asheville and Chimney Rock] from Hendersonville, N.C., Jun. 25, 1944; 112
7. U.S. Highways Nos. 25 and 70 along French Broad River [between Asheville and Marshall]; A6
8. U.S. Post Office and Government Building; A-10

1. The Lake at Kanuga [Episcopal Conference Center for the Carolinas]
2. Lake Osceola from Hendersonville, N.C., Aug. 20, 1931; 333
3. The High Bridge over Green River; WP-119
4. Camp Pinnacle’s Miniature Golf Course
5. Old Mill [The Haunted Mill]; 2 copies
6. Restored Mill [The Haunted Mill]
7. Legend of Jump Off Rock; KH-18

Lake Junaluska
1. Youth Window, Memorial Chapel
2. Holy Scriptures Window, Memorial Chapel
3. Rose Window, Memorial Chapel
4. The Auditorium, Southern Methodist Assembly Grounds; N-659
5. Aerial view of Auditorium and children’s playground, Southern Methodist Assembly Grounds; N-426
6. Hydrangeas in bloom on Lake Shore Drive; LJ-24
7. Francis Asbury [Prophet of the Long Road] [portrait by Frank O. Salisbury], World Methodist Building; S4077
8. The Cross at Night [Southern Methodist Assembly] from Lake Junaluska, N.C.; LJ-11
9. Lambuth Inn (formerly Mission Building) from Lake Junaluska, N.C. 1951; LJ-26

Blowing Rock
1. Hound Ears Lodge Golf and Ski Club [winter]; 4 copies
2. Hound Ears Golf and Ski Club [18th green]; 3 copies
3. Green Park Inn; Env-O-Letter; 2 copies
4. Sunset at the Blowing Rock
5. Blowing Rock [Altitude 4350 feet]; 48
6. Glen Burney Falls near Blowing Rock; 83535-D

Various Locations
1. Dan’l Boone Inn, Boone; 6 copies
2. “Country Ham and Redeye Gravy” [watercolor by Joe Miller], Cheap Joes Art Stuff, Boone
3. Mary Great with Child [fresco by Ben Long IV], St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, West Jefferson; 2 copies
4. St. John the Baptist [fresco by Ben Long IV], St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, West Jefferson
5. The Mystery of Faith [fresco by Ben Long IV], St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, West Jefferson; 2 copies
6. The Lord’s Supper [fresco by Ben Long IV], Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Glendale Springs; 170533
7. The Lord’s Supper [fresco by Ben Long IV], Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Glendale Springs
8. North Carolina Memorial Hospital, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from Chapel Hill, N.C., Jun. 10, 1959
9. Spencer Hall, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
10. The Carolina Inn, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from Chapel Hill, Jun. 11, 1959
11. Council Chamber, Tryon Palace Restoration, New Bern
12. Alcove Bedroom, Tryon Palace Restoration, New Bern
13. Drawing Room, Tryon Palace Restoration from Greenville, SC 1978
14. High Hampton Inn and Country Club, Cashiers
15. Middle Lake, High Hampton Inn and Country Club, Cashiers
16. Whitewater Falls [near Highlands and Cashiers]; HC 7
17. Purple Rhododendrons in bloom along the Blue Ridge Parkway; K-129
18. Chimney Rock and Elevator Entrance, Chimney Rock; CL-7
19. Rake’s Mill Pond, Blue Ridge Parkway
20. Rhododendron along the Blue Ridge Parkway
21. Chimney Rock, Chimney Rock, NC: CL-2
22. Uncle Ben’s Unusual Country Store and Gift Shop, Fayetteville; 51769-C
23. Jessie J. Lossie [Cherokee Indian], Cherokee Indian Reservation from Asheville, N.C. 1971; CM-40
24. Fall color scene in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park; GS-76
25. Quality Motel Ambassador, Fayetteville
26. In the Land of the Cherokees from Hendersonville, N.C., Jun. 28, 1944; postcard set
27. Mount LeConte, Great Smoky Mountains National Park from Greenville SC 1979
28. Laurel Falls, Great Smoky Mountains National Park; 515
29. Great Smoky Mountains
30. A Sea of Clouds, Great Smoky Mountains National Park from Bryson City, N.C., Jun. 21, 1951; N-601
31. Mountain goats, Fin and Feather Preserve, Cedar Mountain from Cedar Mountain, N.C., Dec. 8, 1972
32. Greetings from Great Smoky Mountains National Park from Gatlinburg, Tenn., Jun. 26, 1964; GS-200
33. Roan Highlands, The Appalachian Trail [Tennessee-North Carolina]
34. Fawn in the Misty Forest, Grandfather Mountain, Linville
35. Looking Glass Rock, Pisgah National Forest, Brevard; WP-81
36. Maggie Valley [showing Ghost Town and Inclined railway at left], Maggie; K-195
37. Looking-Glass Falls, Pisgah National Forest; WP-14
38. Grazing deer, Grandfather Mountain from Charlotte, NC, Aug. 25,1984
39. Mt. Mitchell, Western North Carolina from Hendersonville, NC, Jun. 25, 1944; 108
40. Dogwood in bloom along a mountain stream, Western North Carolina; G-30
41. Tobacco drying barn; ST-102
42. Dogwood—State Flower of North Carolina, Cardinal—State Bird of North Carolina; KNC-11
43. Lake Cheoah and Hang-Over Mountain, Western North Carolina from Fontana Dam, N.C. 1963; F-65
44. Leaning Rock, Western North Carolina from Hendersonville, N.C., Jun. 25, 1944; 115
45. Old Covered Bridge, Western North Carolina; G-34
46. The Pennyfeather Shop, Highlands
47. Home of John B. Moore [writer of “Blossom Time”], located in Pleasant Valley [near Murphy]; E-7646
48. Ocracoke Lighthouse, Ocracoke from Ocracoke, NC 1973
49. Dixie Restaurant, Calabash; 65310-C
50. Holiday Inn, Durham
51. Sky Lift, Gatlinburg
52. Aerial view of Scotch Bonnett Fishing Pier, Topsail Islands Beaches; TI-593
53. Blockade Runner Motor Hotel, Wrightsville Beach
54. “Making Pottery”, “Unspoiled Cyprus” [collection], Van Every/Smith Galleries, Davidson
55. U.S. Bureau of Fisheries and Biological Station, Beaufort from Beaufort, NC 1950
56. Lake Dew, Ridgecrest from Black Mountain, N.C., Jun. 21, 1947; N-694
57. Officer housing, Salem College, Winston-Salem
58. Greetings from Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly, Ridgecrest from Ridgecrest, NC 1952; E-8807
59. The Hungry Fisherman, Charlotte; 66111-C
60. Orton Plantation, Wilmington; P56988


1. Netherland Plaza Hotel and Terrace Plaza Hotel, Cincinnati; 2 copies
2. Hotel Cleveland and Terminal Tower, Cleveland from Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 16, 1944; 25422
3. Hotel Statler, Cleveland; 2 copies
4. Part of loading and runway area, Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Cleveland from Cleveland, Ohio 1965


1. Greetings from Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City from Oklahoma City, Okla., Jun. 29, 1961; C-17100
2. Aerial view of downtown Oklahoma City; 2B-H864
3. Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City; LD-505-C
4. The Sherman House, Fort Sill from Fort Sill, Okla. 1964
5. Loading a 105-MM Light Towed Howitzer on the East Range [training], Fort Sill; HTT-403
6. The John Wesley Raley Chapel, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee
7. Shangri-la [Resort] on Grand Lake, Afton from Oklahoma City, Okla. 1981; 221397
8. A Native Oklahoma Indian Youth; OK 14
9. Oklahoma’s First Commercial Oil Well, Bartlesville
10. Oklahoma—Land of the Red Man from Oklahoma City, OK 1981; DR-56543-C
11. Oklahoma—Land of Indians and Oil from Bartlesville, OK, Jun. 27, 1970
12. The American Buffalo on the Oklahoma Prairie
13. Greetings from Oklahoma [Oklahoma Buffalo] from Oklahoma City, OK 1980; LD-173-C


1. Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge from Portland, Oreg., Jul. 26, 1965; K-1727
2. Upper Big Nestucca River from Portland, Oreg., Jul. 17, 1965; 80396-B
3. Mount Hood [with a view of Lost Lake] from Portland, Oreg., Jul. 28, 1965; K-1782
4. Shasta-Cascade Wonderland [Oregon-California] from Marysville, Calif. 1944; postcard set


1. Thomas Jefferson [portrait by Charles Willson Peale], Independence National Historical Park; 66406
2. Benjamin Rush [portrait by Charles Willson Peale], Independence National Historical Park
3. Robert Morris [portrait by Charles Willson Peale], Independence National Historical Park
4. Alexander Hamilton [portrait by Charles Willson Peale], Independence National Historical Park; 41384-C
5. Joseph Brant [portrait by Charles Willson Peale], Independence National Historical Park; 41392-C
6. John Adams [portrait by Charles Willson Peale], Independence National Historical Park; 41393-C
7. William White [portrait by Charles Willson Peale], Independence National Historical Park; 41383-C
8. Todd House, Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia from U.S. Postal Service 1975
9. Senate Chamber, Congress Hall, Independence National Historical Park
10. Congress Hall, Independence National Historical Park
11. Independence Hall, Independence National Historical Park
12. Bishop White House, Independence National Historical Park
13. George Washington [carved pine statue by William Rush], Independence National Historical Park
14. William Penn [portrait by Henry Inman], Independence National Historical Park
15. Marquis de Lafayette [portrait by Thomas Sully], Independence National Historical Park
16. Art Museum and Benjamin Franklin Parkway from Philadelphia, PA 1981
17. Independence Hall from Philadelphia, PA, Sep. 21, 1981
18. Liberty Bell from Philadelphia, PA 1981
19. The Betsy Ross House

1. Major-General George G. Meade Memorial; 12
2. Little Round Top and the Warren Monument; 15
3. Alabama Memorial; 18
4. North Carolina Memorial; 19
5. Soldier’s National Monument; 21
6. The New York Memorial and National Cemetery; 22
7. Hotel Gettysburg and Public Square; 27
8. Major General Winfield Scott Hancock Monument; 29
9. Gettysburg—The Nation’s Greatest Shrine [The High Water Mark, General Lee and General Meade]; 37
10. Eternal Light Peace Monument; 40
11. Entrance to Gettysburg National Cemetery; 80
12. Presbyterian Church, Showing the Lincoln Pew; 83
13. General Robert E. Lee on “Traveler” at Gettysburg; 106
14. Colonial Motel

Various Locations
1. National Memorial Arch, Valley Forge from U.S. Postal Service 1975
2. Continental Army Huts, Valley Forge from U.S. Postal Service 1975
3. Main Conservatory, Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square; D-22
4. Chrysanthemum Display in Main Conservatory, Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square; D-13
5. Spring blooms in Main Conservatory, Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square from U.S. Postal Service 1972; D-6
6. Hillside Garden, Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square; D-31
7. Topiary Garden, Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square; D-5
8. November Chrysanthemum Festival, Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square; D-24
9. The Cathedral of Learning at Night, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh from Pittsburgh, PA, Aug. 6, 1951; 660
10. Interior view, Recreation Hall, The Pennsylvania State College, State College from State College, PA, Jan. 29, 1950

South Carolina

Furman University, Greenville
1. James C. Furman Classroom Building; one from Greenville, SC, May 17, 1960; one from Greenville, SC, Jul. 18, 1960; 2 copies
2. Entrance Gate to Furman University; KG-14; 2 copies
3. James B. Duke Library from Greenville, SC, Nov. 29, 1982
4. Furman University Old Campus [Bell Tower] from Greenville, SC, Oct. 20, 19X4
5. The Bell Tower on Furman University Lake; FUR-19
6. Japanese Gardens [winter scene]; FUR-7

1. Rodeheaver Auditorium, Bob Jones University from Greenville, SC, Oct. 11, 1949; G-71
2. The Poinsett Hotel from Greenville, SC, Nov. 3, 1959
3. Seven Oaks Restaurant
4. The Peddler Steak House from Greenville, SC 1980
5. Bath House, Paris Mountain State Park; G-50
6. “Rainbow Falls”, Camp Greenville, Upper Greenville County; 121033
7. Snow scene through Camp Greenville’s Fred W. Symmes Chapel [atop Cleveland Cliff or “Pretty Place”]; 126221
8. Porcelain doll with carved swan and corn shuck wreath, Hill Skills Inc. [craft show], Greenville Memorial Auditorium [Oct. 20-23, 1983]; 84474-D
9. Carolina Wren carving, 9th Annual Hill Skills Crafts Fair, Greenville Memorial Auditorium; 57869-D
10. Hill Skills Since 1970 [new location: Timmons Arena at Furman University, Oct. 9-11 1998]

1. Columbia College; 13102-C
2. State House front at night from Greenville, SC 1968; 73656-B
3. The Keeley Institute [rehabilitation house] from Columbia, SC 1938
4. Hotel Columbia; C-252
5. Hotel Columbia; 47510-B
6. Hotel Wade Hampton; 8CK2631
7. Security Building and Loan Association [building as it would have looked in 1923 when it opened; later became known as Security Federal Savings and Loan Association and moved locations] from U.S. Postal Service 1973
8. Saluda Dam and Lake Murray, near Columbia from Columbia, SC 1931; C-57
9. South Carolina State House from Greenville, SC 1981; KSC-8
10. The State House from Columbia, SC 1985

Hilton Head Island
1. Dwarf Palmetto trees from Hilton Head Island, SC, Jun. 11, 1970; 32562-B
2. A visitor explores the Pre-Revolutionary Baynard home ruins at the Sea Pines Plantation from Hilton Head Island 1964; KR-H-1
3. Sunset on the Broad River [between Beaufort and Hilton Head] from Savannah, GA, Mar. 7, 1988
4. Lighthouse and Marina at Harbor Town, Sea Pines Plantation from Savannah, GA
5. View from the “Crow’s Nest”, Hilton Head Inn
6. Rod Laver Tennis Center, Palmetto Dunes Resort
7. 15th Hole of the Ocean Course, Sea Pines Plantation
8. Hilton Head Racquet Club
9. Harbour Town Golf Links, Sea Pines Plantation; 3 copies

1. Picture of Sword Gate, Henry’s [restaurant advertisement]; 9A-H504; 2 copies
2. Hotel Fort Sumter; 23461; 2 copies
3. Old Powder Magazine [relic of Revolutionary War from Moncks Corner, SC, Jul. 2, 1947
4. The Sword Gates Gateway of Simonton House from Moncks Corner, SC, Jul. 2, 1947
5. The Huguenot (French Protestant) Church; 70151-B
6. Roof tops of Charleston near the Battery from Greenville, SC 1980; 26563-D
7. Charleston Dining Room
8. Charleston S.C.’s Top Attractions [Magnolia Plantation and its gardens, The Audubon Swamp Garden]
9. Francis Marion Hotel; 16146
10. Fort Sumter National Monument [diorama in the museum]; 55483
11. Magnolia Plantation and gardens from Johns Island, SC; 26579-D
12. Showing part of beach at Isle of Palms
13. Isle of Palms; 27
14. Pavilion and hotel, Isle of Palms; 2 copies
15. Osceola Grave, Fort Moultrie; 116142

Various Locations
1. Ocean Forest Hotel, Myrtle Beach; folded postcards; 2 copies
2. New Patricia Hotel and Motor Court, Myrtle Beach from Myrtle Beach, SC, Jul. 30, 1964
3. Sparkling surf at Hurl Rock Park, Myrtle Beach; DT-9365-C
4. The Rice Planter’s Restaurant, Myrtle Beach; P12485
5. Patricia Inn and Court, Myrtle Beach from Myrtle Beach, SC, Jul. 22, 1963
6. Lake Arrowhead, Myrtle Beach from Myrtle Beach, SC; 31597-B
7. Sunset at Grandstand Amusement Park, Myrtle Beach sent in 1979
8. Spartanburg County Court House, Spartanburg; P26623
9. Gresham Hotel, Spartanburg; 3007
10. Main Building, Converse College, Spartanburg
11. Peach Blossoms Time in Spartanburg County
12. Dining Room, Hanover House, Clemson; 16675; 2 copies
13. Hanover House, Clemson; 16676; 2 copies
14. Fort Hill [house of John C. Calhoun], Clemson College
15. Hill top lookouts, Pawley’s Island; 6341
16. Greetings from Pawley’s Island from Pawley’s Island, SC, Jun. 6, 1945; 45202
17. “Moonlight” [by Elizabeth White], Pawley’s Island
18. Carolina Sea Shells, The Collection of A.M. LaBruce, Pawley’s Island; 87986-B
19. Monk watching sunset, Mepkin Abbey, Moncks Corner; 02130-4598
20. The Berkeley Motel & Restaurant, Moncks Corner
21. New Main Office Building of the South Carolina Public Service (Santee-Cooper) Authority, Moncks Corner from Moncks Corner, SC, Jul. 15, 1946
22. Aerial view of Crescent Beach; 1814; 4 copies
23. Edisto Beach State Park, Edisto Beach; one from Walhalla, SC 1967; 2 copies
24. Trinity Episcopal Church, Edisto Island; 11121-C; 3 copies
25. Tatum Gressette’s Place, Edisto Beach from Edisto Island, SC
26. The Jungle Road at Edisto Beach from Edisto Island, SC; 11056
27. Old Edisto Island Church from Edisto Island, SC, Aug. 11, 1973; 11122-C
28. Sea shells on Edisto Beach; 32714
29. Sea shells on Edisto Beach; 72524-B
30. Palmetto trees, Edisto Beach State Park
31. Hopsewee [birthplace of Thomas Lynch, Jr.], Georgetown; 42425-D
32. Prince George Winyah Church, Georgetown from Georgetown, SC, Jun. 11, 1945
33. Colonial Hotel, Florence; 2 copies
34. Tennis courts on Fripp Island from Savannah, G.A. 1977
35. Memorial Plaza, Orangeburg from Trenton, Mar., 5, 1945; 6A36-N
36. Williams Antiques Inc., Anderson; 134957
37. Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, Greer from Greenville, SC 1981; KG-25
38. Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, Greer; 166196
39. Blair Mills, Belton from Green & Columbia, R.P.O., Sep. 1931
40. Capt. Frank Juel’s Hurricane [boat], Little River
41. Recruit Applicants on Forming Day, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island from Parris Island, SC
42. Wave, Ocean Drive Beach; 64037
43. Beach, Grand Stand from Windy Hill Beach, SC 1963
44. Greetings from Windy Hill Beach sent from Windy Hill Beach 1964
45. Chapman’s Bridge [historic covered bridge over the Keowee River], connects Pickens and Oconee Counties; 56355
46. Middleburg Plantation, Huger; 29153-D
47. Saint Stephen’s Parish Church, near the Santee River; 29154-D
48. Low-Country Fossils, private collection of Doris S. Holt, Charleston Heights; 48995-D
49. Hunting Island Lighthouse from Savannah, GA, Dec. 1, 1987
50. Sea Island sunset from Edisto Island, SC 1973; 128843
51. Spanish Moss in the Carolina Low-Country; JB-700
52. Wisteria in South Carolina from Charlotte, NC 1998
53. The Peachoid [water storage tank in shape of peach, made by Board of Public Works in Gaffney 1981], Gaffney


Rock City Gardens, Lookout Mountain
667. Follow Highway 58 from Chattanooga up Lookout Mountain to Beautiful Rock City; postcard set
668. Entrance to Rock City; 3838
669. Views in Rock City Gardens [Lookout Mountain]; D-6168; 2 copies
670. “See Seven States” marker; 8A-H1037; 2 copies
671. High Falls, Stone Face, Sky Bridge and Lover’s Leap from Observation Point; 8B-H628; 2 copies
672. Lover’s Leap; 1B-H268; 2 copies
673. Balanced Rock; 8A-H325; 2 copies
674. Swing-along Bridge; 5B-H773; 2 copies
675. Fat Man’s Squeeze; 6B-H1888; 2 copies
676. Entrance to Fairyland Caverns in Rock City Gardens; 7B-H1956; 2 copies
677. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Fairyland Caverns; 7B-H1957; 2 copies
678. “Moonshine Still” [with gnomes]; 5A-H1250
679. Castle of the Gnomes in Fairyland Caverns; 12020

Various Locations
680. Sam Davis Hotel, Nashville from Nashville, Tenn. 1954
681. The Hermitage and Belle Meade Mansion, Nashville from Washington D.C.; B14118
682. Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis; P5627
683. Sunken Garden and Entrance to Morningside Park, Memphis from Memphis, Tenn. 1946; 32
684. New First National Bank Building, Memphis from Fordyce, Ark. 1966
685. Highlands Grill, Knoxville; 6176N; 2 copies
686. Jack Huff’s Motor Court #2, Gatlinburg from Gatlinburg, Tenn., May 20, 1964; 54196
687. The New Gatlinburg Inn, Gatlinburg from Gatlinburg, Tenn., Aug. 2, 1944; 74193
688. Helton’s Motor Court, Chattanooga; 77676
689. Lewis Motor Court, Chattanooga; K 4893
690. OKeDOAK Tourist Court, Chattanooga; 77273
691. University of the South Golf Course, Sewanee from Sewanee, Tenn., Jun. 23, 1942; 2482-29
692. The Battle of Stone’s River, Murfreesboro from Chattanooga, TN 1931
693. The Chester Inn, Jonesborough from Johnson City, TN 1981; 6045
694. Acklen Hall, Belmont; 41047


1. A Scenic Souvenir of Houston; postcard set
2. San Jacinto Monument and Museum; postcard set
3. General Sam Houston Monument; 5
4. Administration Building, Rice Institute; H-9
5. Rice Institute Stadium from Houston, Tex., May 5, 1953; 32
6. The Grand Old Battleship “Texas” at rest; 8B-H1222
7. Rice Hotel; H-17
8. Empire Room, Rice Hotel; one from Houston, Tex., Nov. 29, 1949; 2 copies
9. The Shamrock [Hotel] from Houston, Tex., Nov. 30, 1949
10. The Shamrock [Hotel]; 9B-H1316
11. Houston [downtown skyline] from Houston, TX; C34855
12. The New Sky-line of Houston; 7B-H1294
13. Bank of the Southwest; MW-4
14. Kelley’s Famous Corral Room [restaurant dining room]; 4C-K366; 3 copies

Various Locations
1. Ramada Inn, Dallas; S-32273; 2 copies
2. Turtle Creek, Dallas from Dallas, TX
3. San Jacinto Memorial Shaft at San Jacinto Battlefield; 6A-H1562
4. Judge Roy Bean holding court in Langtry; 5A-H2410


1. Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City from Salt Lake City, Utah 1955; SL 101
2. Monument to Mormon Pioneers in Temple Square, Salt Lake City; 164-D
3. Main Street, Salt Lake City; 75335-B


1. Stained glass windows, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
2. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
3. View of Capitol Square and surrounding buildings; 58D
4. Lobby, Jefferson Hotel from Richmond, VA, Jan. 18, 1964; 64717\
5. Richmond Auto Court; K 1466; 4 copies

1. Duke of Gloucester Street; 341; 2 copies
2. Raleigh Tavern; 337; 2 copies
3. Market Square Tavern, Outbuildings and Gardens; 49; 2 copies
4. Palace Green [southern approach to Governor’s Palace]; 48
5. Ballroom Garden, Governor’s Palace; 251
6. Capitol; 50; 2 copies
7. The Militia as seen in “Williamsburg—The Story of a Patriot”, Capitol; 544; 2 copies
8. Historic Berkeley Plantation; 535; 2 copies
9. Wythe House garden view; 511 B
10. Parlour, George Wythe House; 107
11. Williamsburg Inn; 55
12. Bruton Parish Church; 250
13. Wren Building, College of William and Mary; 340
14. St. George Tucker House; 52
15. Main Lobby, Ramada Inn-West; 88822-C

1. Rotunda as seen from lawn, University of Virginia from Charlottesville, VA, Jun. 12, 1944; C-1
2. Thomas Jefferson’s Bedroom, Monticello from Charlotte, NC 1975 and from Essington, PA 1975
3. Entrance Hall, Monticello from Essington, PA 1975; C11191
4. West Front, Monticello from Charlottesville, VA 1995; M126

Mount Vernon, Alexandria
1. The Dining Room
2. The Tomb of Washington
3. View in the Kitchen Garden from Washington, D.C. 1954
4. Martha Washington’s Sitting Room
5. Portrait of General Washington [by Charles Willson Peale], in the Mount Vernon Mansion
6. Miniature Portraits of George and Martha Washington [by Charles Willson Peale and James Peale], in the Mount Vernon Museum
7. Portrait of the Marquis de Lafayette [artist unknown], in the Mount Vernon Mansion
8. Portrait of Mrs. Lawrence Lewis (Nelly Custis) [by John Trumbull], in the Mount Vernon Mansion

Gunston Hall, Fairfax County
9. Palladian Room; 1118
10. Gunston Hall on the Potomac; SC633
11. Land Front of the Mansion; 246-D-36
12. Chinese Chippendale Room; 246-D-38
13. Mansion from Boxwood Garden; 246-D-34

Various Locations
1. Main Barracks, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington; 45320
2. Robert E. Lee Hotel, Lexington; 3 copies
3. The Homestead [name covered by a label], Hot Springs; 451220
4. The Homestead [name covered by a label], Hot Springs; 451216
5. The Homestead [name covered by a label], Hot Springs; 451214; 2 copies
6. The Confederate Cemetery, Appomattox Court House; 284-D-5
7. The McLean House, Appomattox Court House; 284-D-1
8. Old County Jail, Appomattox Court House; 284-D-2
9. Holiday Inn, Petersburg; 8CK-3058
10. Stouffer’s National Center Inn, Arlington; A95932
11. Roses of Picardy Motor Court, Petersburg; 3019N
12. Baptist Church, Scottsville from Scottsville, VA 1945
13. “Horse Shoe Bend” and James River Bridge, James River, Scottsville from Scottsville, VA 1947
14. Charles L. Cocke Memorial Library, Hollins College
15. American Red Cross workers [sitting in the form of A-B-C], American Red Cross Canteen, Lynchburg
16. The Tides Inn, Irvington from Irvington, VA, Aug. 12, 1974; 64864-C
17. Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge & Restaurant, Roanoke; TWX RV84
18. Nick’s Seafood Pavilion, Yorktown from Williamsburg, VA, Jun. 2, 1954; 74848
19. Souvenir Folder of Endless Caverns; postcard set
20. “The roses nowhere bloom so white as in Virginia” [possible state song][copyrighted 1905, and published by Nusbaum Book & Art Co., Norfolk]; 2 copies


1. Seattle and vicinity; postcard set
2. Mount Rainier and Edith Creek, Mount Rainier National Park from Tacoma, WA 1995; CT-2395

Washington, D.C.

1. Aerial view of the Library of Congress and Annex from Washington, D.C. 1947; M509
2. Court of Neptune [fountain], Library of Congress; R-67759
3. Grand Staircase, Library of Congress; R-67757
4. North Corridor [with mural “The Family” in the back], Library of Congress; R-66769
5. Mosaic Mantel [with mural “Law”], Law Representatives Reading Room, Library of Congress; R-66768
6. Mosaic of Minerva [goddess of wisdom], Library of Congress; R-65057
7. Artwork depicting Melpomene [muse of tragedy], Library of Congress; R-65056
8. Artwork depicting Lyric Poetry [in muse form], Library of Congress; R-45527
9. Mural of “Labor” [farmers clearing land], Library of Congress; R-70564
10. Mural of “The Pictograph” [in the Evolution of the Book Series], Library of Congress; R-48383
11. Artwork depicting “Religion”, Library of Congress; R-23825
12. Artwork depicting Adonis [lines from Shakespeare as inspiration], Library of Congress; R-70562
13. Artwork depicting Comus [lines from Milton as inspiration], Library of Congress; R-70563
14. Artwork depicting Uriel [lines from Emerson as inspiration], Library of Congress; R-70561
15. Artwork depicting Ganymede [lines from Tennyson as inspiration], Library of Congress; R-70566
16. Artwork depicting “The Boy of Winander” [lines from Wordsworth as inspiration], Library of Congress; R-67756
17. The Supreme Court Building from Washington, D.C., Jun. 27, 1950; C1858
18. The Capitol Building from Washington, D.C., Feb. 4, 1985
19. The White House from Washington, D.C., Feb. 4, 1985; 732
20. The Lincoln Memorial from Washington, D.C., Feb. 4, 1985
21. The Jefferson Memorial from Tallahassee, Fla., Aug. 3, 1965; PE-3
22. The Columbus Fountain [in front of Union Station, facing the Capitol] from Grand Cent. Annex, N.Y., Jul. 30, 1939
23. The Gray Line and Royal Blue Line Sight-Seeing Tours [coach tours] from Washington, D.C. 1939
24. Roger Smith Hotel; P26717; 2 copies
25. The Mayflower [Hotel]; K-8592
26. The Jefferson Memorial from Washington, D.C., Aug. 4, 1972; 44700-C

West Virginia

1. Valley Falls State Park from Berkeley Springs, WV 1972


1. Downtown view of Milwaukee River, Milwaukee from Milwaukee, Wis., Jul. 24, 1954; 29695
2. Greetings from Dellwood from Dellwood, Wis., May 25, 1948; 43339
3. Greetings from Friendship from Friendship, Wis., May 25, 1949
4. Snow makes the woods a fairyland of white at Camp McCoy; 110
5. Sunlight glitters thru a frosted woods near Camp McCoy; 105
6. Annual Garden, Botanical Gardens, Whitnall Park, Hales Corners from Denver, Colo., Jul. 27, 1951; P1648


1. Jackson Hole [shown people in Western clothes, horses, and the Teton Peaks in the background] from Moran, Wyo., Aug. 7, 1959; P27110
2. Mt. Moran, Jackson Hole; ES-123
3. Jackson [Hole]; ES-220
4. Jackson [Hole] [outside show]; ES-202
5. Stagecoach Station, Jackson Hole; ES-219
6. Jackson Lake and Teton Range; C35
7. Grand Tetons reflected in Jackson Lake with boat dock; ES-125
8. Grand Teton Peak [with the Little Chapel of the Transfiguration at Moose, WYO. in the foreground], Grand Teton National Park; ES-660
9. A meadow of Golden Balsamroot, Grand Teton National Park from Colter Bay, Wyo., Aug. 25, 1965
10. Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole; postcard set
11. Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park; P28537
12. Yellowstone Lake and Colter Peak, Yellowstone National Park from Yellowstone Park 1947; 5A-H524
13. Holdup bear in Yellowstone National Park from Glenrock, Wyo., Jul. 28, 1954; 964
14. Brown bears next to cars, Yellowstone Park; ES-252