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Collection on Mary C. Judson: Biography
Mary C. Judson
Mary C. Judson
Photograph from The Blue and The Gold, 1901

Mary Camilla Judson was born on June 27, 1828, in Monroe, Connecticut. She was educated in the local school, but by the age of fourteen, she had fulfilled all the educational requirements offered at that school. Luckily, a private institution was opened close nearby by a Yale graduate, and Judson enrolled quickly. She remained at the school until 1845 when her family moved to New Haven, CT. There, she had access to the Yale University library and attended many lectures given at the university. Judson was a student at Yale University in all but name.

In the spring of 1857, her brother, Charles H. Judson, invited her to visit him in Greenville, SC. Charles H. Judson was a Mathematics professor at Furman University, and he supervised his sisterís studies over the following three years after her arrival in Greenville. Mary Judson left Greenville in 1860 and taught at several schools across the North until 1874, when her brother, now President of the Greenville Female College, asked her to return to Greenville and help him run the college. After much thought, she accepted the position. Judson found the college in desperate need organization and new life. She organized the Judson Literary Society, implemented a calisthenics class, and tirelessly encouraged and supported all the students who came through the doors to achieve greatness.

Mary C. Judson was a pillar of strength at the Greenville Womanís College, and her passing on December 29, 1920, was keenly felt. Thanks to her many contributions and the stories shared by those who knew her, Miss Judson remains a noted figure in the Greenville Womanís College and Furman University history.