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Charles H. Judson Papers: Biography
Charles Judson
Photo from the 1901 Bonhomie

Dr. Charles Hallette Judson was born on April 20, 1820 in Monroe, Connecticut. He was educated at Hamilton Literary and Theological Institute, now known as Colgate University, and the University of Virginia. Judson married Emily F. Bosher of Richmond, Virginia in 1847. They remained childless to her death in 1903.

Judson joined Professors James C. Furman, James Mims, and Peter Edwards as a member of the Furman University faculty in 1852. In fact, he was the first professor to be elected. Professors Furman, Mims, and Edwards had all come over from the Theological Institute and were made professors without an election process. Dr. Judson was named Faculty Secretary in 1852, as well, and was the chair of mathematics. He came to the university at its infancy and selected the plans for the first building and superintended its construction. While treasurer, from 1855 to 1895, he personally contributed nearly $50,000 to the permanent endowment for Furman University. Judson served as professor and professor emeritus of mathematics from 1851 to 1907. During the Civil War and for several years after, Dr. Judson steered the Greenville Female College through difficult times as a professor and, starting in January 1864, as President. Judson remained President until 1878, but much of his attention remained at Furman. He returned to Furman in 1869, where his duties included University secretary and treasurer. He was also the treasurer for the Board of Trustees. In 1902, Dr. Montague, President of Furman, accepted the position as President of Howard College. Judson was named acting President of Furman until the summer of 1903 when Edwin McNeill Poteat was elected.

Dr. Judson was also a trustee of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1880-1907; treasurer, 1860-1897, and clerk, 1853-1870, of the S.C. State Convention; and deacon of the Greenville Baptist Church (now First Baptist), 1854-1907.

On January 11, 1907 Charles Hallette Judson died after suffering three strokes.